3D Printing

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God damnit Bambu Labs. Print fails 5 hours into a 6 hour print.

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You only have to check the end, since it's physically impossible for it to be twisted somewhere in the middle of the roll during production. Think about it: both ends are fixed during the spooling process at the factory.

Once you do have a twist in your filament however, it's not uncommon for it to be pushed down further and further down the roll during printing.

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Out of the bag, into the AMS, started printing. Finger on the filament the entire time until I snipped it and inserted it into the AMS feed tube. Filament was tight when I inserted it or else I would have checked.

I'll be checking all of them from now on.

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I have come to the realization that the joy of a 3D printer is not having the ability to print anything you want, the real joy comes from being able to print anything you DESIGN.

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Lightbox assembled. Initial impressions

  1. I knew it was small, but… it's really small.
  2. It looks great considering the easy of creation.
  3. trivial to assemble and disassemble.
  4. packs up small & magnets are close enough to hold the stack
  5. I like the shadows cast by the overhead lights.
  6. Unsurprisingly it NEEDs lighting from the camera's side.

Nitpicks & future improvements in 🧵

three images. two on the left one tall one on the right. top left shows the lid with the LED strips wired up in series. bottom left shows a stack of 4 panels being lifted by the 2nd one down. the magnets are holding the rest up. the right image shows the meeting of 3 walls in the box without any obscuring items.

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  1. You can't use a turntable in it unless your piece is VERY small. It's just too short of a box & the lid will be in frame. If you remove the lid and do all the lighting externally (difficult with such a small box) you could. Again, I think this would be improved by the addition of a piece that can extend its walls.
  2. I kind-of wish it came with instructions for installing LED strips but…
  3. I was afraid I'd put too much light in the lid, because it's BLINDING to look at, but no.


masukomi, (edited )
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Forgot to mention: I printed this with Hatchbox "Magic Stone - Brown" filament (white with little brown flakes https://amzn.to/4b0afMO ). I'm really happy with the resulting light, but not-pure-white. Should be great for pics. The LED strips https://amzn.to/3Up5wyE are 5w w/ 4000K color temperature that I just soldered onto a USB-A adapter https://amzn.to/44n4yGJ. I used an adapter w/ inline power switch: https://amzn.to/3QbQ9XL

hellgy, French
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Je viens de publier un mignon modèle de petite brique de jus/lait qui a un vrai bouchon qui referme le contenant. Idéal pour stocker des paillettes ou des male tears


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This company is in Madison, Wisconsin... anyone know anything about them?

➡️ https://www.micronics3d.com/

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@rasterweb I'm assuming Oct-Nov 🤷‍♂️ I have no real idea, I just want in

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@dasbrueggeman It looks... messy. I've mainly avoided resin printers because of the cleanup and chemicals involved. But hey, I'm all for new and exciting printers! The "new" part here is the galvo though, right? The rest looks like existing tech. (Though to be fair I skimmed the video.)

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I just learned that Prusa are childishly blocking all links from @cults3d after I complained at their workaround that was a pain when I tried to share on Cults a link to Printables for an alternative to one of my designs.


Most of my public designs I've been sharing on both Cults and Printables for a while, but this makes me consider taking my designs off Printables. I probably won't, because I don't want to punish users for Prusa's bad behavior, but I'm unlikely to keep posting new designs there when Prusa is actively blocking normal use of the web in a user-hostile way.

Unlike Cults, who are active here, I get the impression that @josefprusa is a post-only account and I can't imagine that he cares what I think.


18+ RichiH,
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@mcdanlj @cults3d @josefprusa @3dprinting I never went through the trouble of getting the details, but FWIW, cults is also banned on reddit for some shady behaviours in the past.

Personally, I find their click-path which all force you into creating an/logging in to an account with them highly annoying.

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@RichiH @cults3d @josefprusa @3dprinting Yeah, Printables only nags you to set up an account to download, but doesn't actually require it.

I do wish that for free downloads @cults3d would do something similar, rather than require login. Could be prompt to log in but "click here to download without logging in" for free downloads. I know that they don't see free downloads as making them money, and they don't directly do that, but indirectly they help establish Cults as one of the places to find models, making it more likely that people will be there to also see the paid models, if that's their thing.

I understand that Cults have a "Fred Flintstone just downloaded your design" notification, but "Someone anonymous just downloaded your design" for not-logged-in free downloads would be great.

At least, I'd opt into "make my designs anonymously downloadable" if I had that option.

In any case, Prusa taking the user-hostile low road here is a real disappointment.

I take any decisions by the reddit 3d printing mods very lightly. I don't know exactly what happened that Billie Ruben is no longer a mod there, but I don't get the impression that the other mods there did well.

en0t, Russian
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Напечатал на принтере и очистил. Купил рамку, подобрал фон и обрезал по размерам. Приклеил. Поместил в рамку.

Итог к всеобщему вниманию.

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I printed a little book riser for our kids' IKEA shelf! I love little purpose-designed functional prints like this.

The same photo but with some books in the front row
The finished product with books in a back row, elevated, and books in the front row on the shelf itself

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@schm43cky @natosb this used a tiny amount of material (it's hollow, so just the walls and top are solid), I recycle my waste materials, and this is something that will probably live with this shelf for the rest of its life—I looked for wood first, but didn't have anything sitting around that fit the bill. Driving to the store to buy and cut wood seemed silly when I could throw something together like this. 😉

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Everything's fine! 😉 Seems I just had the urge to be a little unpleasant 😅

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This was one of my first successes at , on my first 3D printer, years ago.

It still gets daily use.

The design is not mine, it comes from Paste Pusher Animals by makeplace at Thingiverse


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I have finished constructing the Micro Jib!

The movement is SO smooth, and SO amazing. It's REALLY impressive to use.

The models are good, but equally important was the incredible job he did at making an easy to follow assembly guide.

Good make a HUGE difference


Some commentary in 🧵

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The total cost, including hardware & filament, ended up being ~$165 USD. I bought all the hardware from Ali Express which saved me a LOT of money.

It says you can print most of the parts with PLA or PETG, and a couple it suggests only PETG.

I would strongly recommend NOT using PLA for any of it. Do it ALL in PETG. Every notable PLA piece feels too brittle or.

🧵 4/?

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Use steel balls for weight. Rocks are NOT going to be heavy enough. I'd guess ~4kg to counterbalance a DSLR

Because the weight is placed so close to the pivot point you really need a LOT more than you think you will.


The motion is REALLY smooth, and it does a great job of keeping the camera level in both directions as you change height.

If this looks like a useful tool to you, I HIGHLY recommend downloading the plans and going for it.


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I’m glad that I have a good boss that has given me the week off after being out of town for 11 days to support a project at a chemical plant in Houston. This gives me time to catch up on all of the , , and bike maintenance that I couldn’t work on while I was there.

Also, this trip further reinforced why I’m very glad I live in .

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@chrishuck You missed the eclipse, then? Too bad.

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@kbob Yeah. It was the first real day of the job and we took a minute in the plant to look through the eclipse glasses I had with me. We could tell the light dimmed and you could see it, but it was definitely not totality. My partner said she had the perfect spot on our back patio.

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➡️ 3D model: https://cults3d.com/:1922720
💡 Designed by @oasis3dlab


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The kid and I 3d printed this crow years ago, probably around Halloween (it has button battery for glowing LED eyes). It's sized big enough that most of us do a double take when we enter a room and see it. So I put it out next to the feeder over the weekend to see how it would work on squirrels. The birds don't seem to mind and haven't seen a squirrel yet, but I’m always wrong about squirrel victories. ";^)
Maybe if the squirrels get bold I could fashion some sort of remote controlled crow voice box?

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@prijks yeah, we really need to hear what they're thinking about the situation at the feeder!

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Three days after installation, the squirrels showed up.

oliviersaraja, French
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Petite impression 3d pour décoration "zen" de la véranda.
Modèle: https://www.printables.com/fr/model/709300-buddha-budda
Imprimante: Bambulab X1C
Filaments: Three Bees PLA Chair
Buse: 0,4 mm
Hauteur de couche: 0,2 mm
Timelapse: https://youtu.be/ZDVZJ90PIsw

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L'impression mesure 249 mm, je suis pratiquement au volume max de l'imprimante. Il a fallu 13h13min d'impression pour en venir à bout, avec 2 périmètres et 5% de remplissage.

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From #fakerbeams to #Plasbeams! This is ten metres of fully #3DPrinting construction beams, plus some brackets and hinges to join them together.

You're looking at the skeleton of a huge, collapsible photo tent - the four 90cm beams are the uprights, while the pairs of 40cm beams will hinge in the middle and at the ends to allow the whole thing to fold up. Half a kilo of nuts, bolts and threaded inserts will arrive next week, and then I can start assembling this beast!

@3dprinting @3dprinting

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I’m #3dprinting some dungeons, and this is the first of an idea I have about selling ready-to-go oneshots.

Include the dungeon itself, minis for enemies, some scatter, and write a unique one-shot to go along with it.

What do you think something like that would sell for? Is there a market for that?

#DnD #trrpg #tabletop


pawelszczur, Polish
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Tor prosty, długość to 16LU (lego unit, 16mm) podwójny zwykły prosty, czyli 256mm (a z wypustkami dodatkowe cm), dzięki ułożeniu po przekątnej da się ;)

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Na zdjęciu numer 1 leci testowy wydruk jednego krótkiego toru wg poprawionego designu oraz 4 płytek łączących tory lub pozwalających budować coś obok nich ;-)

Zdjęcie numer 2, to tor, który drukowałem od spodu.

Warto podkreślić, że robiłem wydruk bez podpór na całej długości oraz z niestandardowym ustawieniem "bridge angle".

Czasami brakuje mi precyzyjnych ustawień bridgowania.


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Fancy a bit more insight into Manyfold development? Then try out first , a behind-the-scenes view of what we got up to last week!



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Did someone ask for 16 People's Flags of Milwaukee? I hope so... I used gold colored filament and it looks considerably better than yellow, so I clicked "fill the bed" and hit print 🤣

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First layer is nearly done, just 2 more colors to go...

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Manyfold v0.62.0 is released, sneaking a couple of weekend bonus features out, like this new image carousel!



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I'm proud to announce the first public release of #Thrixels, my system for #3DPrinting pixel art! After several months of work, I think it's finally ready to inflict on other people - please give it a go if you're interested, and let me know how you get on with it.


Boosts, suggestions, and any other feedback would be highly appreciated!

@3dprinting @3dprinting

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doesn't seem to work on natively. Work-around:
export QT_QPA_PLATFORM=xcb and it works on xwayland.

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I don't see many people talking about something that #3DPrinting can do that I find invaluable, and that's making jigs.

I needed to cut some small steel rods to 4 different lengths, each with a 0.5mm tolerance.

So, I made a jig with for holes for measuring, and 1 for holding it steady while cutting. Stick the rod in, draw with sharpie where it stops, transfer it to the holding hole. Then slide it along the guide rail into the cutting blade at the correct height.

easy, precise, safer.

the jig in action. clamped to a workbench beside the Dremel with a diamond blade which is also clamped to the workbench.

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Here's a 22 second video of the #3DPrinted jig in action.
⚠️ 🔊 loud(ish) metal cutting sound.

Note that I've added a thin TPU gasket to hold the rod in place more securely while cutting. And yes, I was wearing Hearing & Eye protection as well as a heavy-duty work apron.

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& in the US: Where the hell do you find metric sized magnets? All the magnet sites seem to be imperial only… except for "mounting magnets" ?!?!

I found 1 - ONE ❗- Company that actually has a "metric magnets" section: https://www.apexmagnets.com/magnets/metric-sizes

Feel like walking up and slapping 👏 whatever political ass-holes have been preventing us from switching to the metric system. 📏

@masukomi@connectified.com avatar

@kbob how.... 1990s 😉

thanks for the pointer.

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@MrDOS is checked but only saw a handful of metric ones and they were all in funky mounts

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