Arsenal FC

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Interesting to see that Tomiyasu goes into midfield in the build up, just like Zinchenko.


@havn Didn’t feel the team trusted him much in the center though unlike Zinny. Which is understandable.

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Yeah, I can see that. But very small sample size - so most interesting to me that he tried. ☺️

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Tips wanted:
Good RSS feeds to follow

I like and their readers - but I don’t have enough good feeds to follow! Does anyone here have any good recommendations?

Any subjects welcome.
(Same with boosts!)

Here’s three tips from me:

The best blog about , Arseblog:

Great blog, with interesting links throughout the day, by @jkottke, @kottke:

A similar by @jarrod, @HeyDingus:

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@researchbuzz You can just reply. 🤠

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@havn @researchbuzz

If you like board games, here is a thread about 4 that I bet you haven't played.


Fediverse bleeds red.


@hypoc We need to bring Thank you very much lady here too.

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Come on you Gunners!
Great to have you back. 🙌🏻

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I actually love this new refereeing (just don't touch the ball after the whistle!).

Hope they'll stick with it!

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Love it!
Great that both Saka and Vieira got a good experience with penalties.

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Amazing for the squad depth if keeps Partey. (But understandable if he’s sold, as he’s someone who can fetch some cash.)

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I think might be good this year as well…

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Arteta not messing around with those subs...

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Gabriel Jesus when needs him:

(From SemperFiArsenal on twitter.)

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#ArsenalFC is just SO much fun to watch! Both energy and quality.
#MastodonFC #UCL #Ballheimen

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Rice: Bargain of the summer! 🥰

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