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@Tim_Eagon @cheriecreationstruck And loud AF. They wake us up many mornings, alas.

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@jalanhenning @cheriecreationstruck They certainly let you know that they are there when they fly over my house.

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Common Redstart ♂︎ (Phoenicurus phoenicurus, 🇩🇪 Gartenrotschwanz, 🇵🇱 pleszka).


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No Platypus seen this morning, but to my delight I was joined by a pair of Azure Kingfishers

South Pine River, Samford Eco-Corridor

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@strykeroz Saw one on the beach at Bribie last week. It was wonderful!

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Hello from a little Yorkshire Chaffinch

strykeroz, avatar

Angel of death (of rats)

A juvenile Black-shouldered Kite hovering over grassland searching for prey below

There were two working this area of sky this morning adjacent to the South Pine River

Mostly white and pale brown bird of prey with dark wingtips and orange talons, facing the camera with wings outstretched and head looking down and legs hanging down below. Background is pale blue sky

strykeroz, avatar

Breakfast buffet

Backlit by the bright morning sun, a mixed group of finches enjoying grass seeds from grass dripping with dew

Here, the foreground bird is a Red-Browed Finch while out of focus in the back is a Double-Barred Finch

Samford Eco-Corridor

Two small birds sitting in long grass eating seeds. The foreground bird is facing right away from bright low sun so is partially in silhouette. The background bird is out of focus.


Crow intelligence in action: the crows here will eat animals that have been visibly wounded/hit by cars/etc., but will NOT eat animals which do not have visible marks (ie potentially rat poisoned).

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Their jackdaw European cousins in our garden have been successfully trained to wait for the smaller birds to "feed" them.

We got a dangling food cage they're too big to enter, and they quickly gave up on breaking into it. Eventually they realized that if they leave it alone, they can just sit on the ground under it and wait for the other birds to enter and drop food down to them 😆

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rat poison is a huge problem for nearly every carnivore (and most omnivores) of rat-size or larger, and it's a relief at least some of them are learning how to avoid it.

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Gathering grass for a nest.

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Kingfisher ♂︎ (Alcedo atthis, 🇩🇪 Eisvogel, 🇵🇱 zimorodek)

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Bee-eater (Merops apiaster, 🇩🇪 Bienenfresser, 🇵🇱 żołna)

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Not a great day birding in the Berkshires (western Massachusetts), but I did get some nice shots of male and female red-winged blackbirds.
#birds #wildlifePhotography


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Birds that went extinct in the USA in 2023

#birds🦉 #ornithology🪶 #conservation🌎 #extinction🦤 #USA🇺🇸

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I’ve had the pleasure of watching this guy grow up outside my window. So, I figured I’d use him to see how my new sketchbook handled marker. #goldfinch #birds #sketch

Partially colored goldfinch in marker
Rough outline of a goldfinch in pencil
An American goldfinch perched on a bird feeder

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Yes Grackle friend, I was a little late filling the seeds this morning. I slept in give me a break.


another woodpecker's family
dzięcioł duży / great spotted woodpecker

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Low angle. Es lohnt sich für ein Foto auch mal im Schlamm zu liegen.
Sehr fotogene Bachstelze.

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