amyfou, avatar

Dammit Max. They made me roam the campus for much longer than that.

grvsmth, avatar

@amyfou For the last year they sent him nasty emails pressuring him to finish.

SirTapTap, avatar
niclake, avatar

Today is one year since Pixel crossed the rainbow bridge. Please give all your furry friends some extra love today. #caturday #cats

niclake, avatar

I wrote about him last year if you’d like to read it.

niclake, avatar

From my blog: “Pixel taught all of us how to love everyone unconditionally (but still hiss at a motherfucker who needed to be hissed at).”

This seems extra apt today for .

kyonshi, (edited ) avatar

it took us a long time searching before finding our cats today.

they still are in the hiding under furniture phase and during the night found a hard to reach (and find) spot under the sofa. the only thing I saw was a moving paw as our new black cat moved further in.

kyonshi, avatar

so far the newly bought cat tree we have is mostly used by... child 2's plush toys, which are having adventures all over the place

SirTapTap, avatar

Got a neurotic cat with the "flail every claw in every direction constantly" reflex when picked up, permanent or think there's any way to calm him down?

He's a lot happier than when he moved in, but picking him up is still an extreme no and he goes into feral mode when it's vet time.

I can get about 1-2 seconds holding him from the back (least dangerous place, but not safe) before it kicks in.

SirTapTap, avatar

Might just oven mit and sweatshirt up and try and habituate him to the proper 4 leg scoop, but I'm not sure if that'd help or just traumatize him

AskPippa, (edited ) avatar
SirTapTap, avatar
vwdasher, avatar

My supervisor is currently in an important meeting and cannot be disturbed.

#Cats #Cat #catsofmastodon #caturday

CatBuddha, avatar

Tigger One wants you to fall into his eyes...

emarktaylor, avatar

Via Jon Russell | thejonrussell.eth @thisjonrussell
All fun and games until you hear the pre-hairball hurl starting under the bed at 3 AM.

Via Cats That Heal Your Depression @Catshealdeprsn

samhainnight, avatar

@emarktaylor Having to remove the mattress to clean up the hairballs, cat poo, and dead mice from under the bed. Every night. I’ll pass, thanks.

HipPriest, avatar

Willow is definitely my cat recently. Follows me everywhere. Now she's knackered.

(Other cats are in the doghouse for bringing in a dead bird and shitting in the bath)

anathema_device, avatar

@HipPriest ❤️

littlemiao, avatar

This is one of my top favorite miaoling photos of all time

littlemiao, avatar

A magnificent yawn to go along with her magnificent ruff

CAPETOK, Spanish avatar

Detenido por vender fruta de contrabando. 😹😹😹
#Cats #Catstodon #CatsOfMastodon


jf_718, avatar

Boxcat wishes you a happy pride. Also: go away, this is his box.

MaryAustinBooks, avatar

Look at my handsome house panther! When he has his eyes open and the light actually captures his face, you can tell he isn't really a tiny wormhole.

SirTapTap, avatar
SirTapTap, avatar
screw_dog, avatar

Sancho looking a bit derpy
#cats #CatsOfMastodon #TongueOutTuesday

mjfuhlhage, avatar

And now your moment of Looie-loo, who insists it is still .

drgeraint, avatar

@mjfuhlhage Looie-loo is right! It's always Caturday on the Fediverse.

(Reading that back, looks like it should be a @dgar song)

dgar, avatar

@mjfuhlhage @drgeraint

PsychedeliaCrochet, avatar

This is the most absurdly cute picture. Twinkles the striped tabby is spooning his best friend, Caramel.


SirTapTap, avatar

congratulations, you are being groomed!
please do not resist.

shanoreily, avatar

I’m being watched. Since it’s Emily, it’s a bit unnerving. Dinner isn't for more than an hour, so this spectating is likely to continue for awhile.

darkoneko, French avatar

chat noir dans le jardin, profite du vieux tapis dont je m'en sers pour tuer l'herbe avant de planter des trucs.

(et un carré de plantes à fèvres, au fond)
#cats #chat #miaou

TheOtterDragon, avatar

@darkoneko :blob_cat_aww:​

littlemiao, avatar

This is one of Ketzeleh’s concerned expressions. She isn’t comfortable on my bed 😿. I had to keep luring her back with treats and a ribbon toy.

Sylkykat, avatar

Miss Lucia looking out the window with her chin resting on the sill.

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