@TerribleMaps@en.osm.town avatar

shows Europe is divided into 4 regions based on origins of the word . Source: buff.ly/3JTk43k

@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@chjara @TerribleMaps tfw I was too young to drink beer when I went to Scotland.

@HirschKauz@en.osm.town avatar

Happy to see my little country on this map - but tell me, is the color of Italy correct? ;-)

@researchbuzz@researchbuzz.masto.host avatar

'Winamp has announced that on 24 September 2024, the application's source code will be open to developers worldwide.

Winamp will open up its code for the player used on Windows, enabling the entire community to participate in its development. This is an invitation to global collaboration, where developers worldwide can contribute their expertise, ideas, and passion to help this iconic software evolve.'


shaft, (edited ) French
@shaft@piaille.fr avatar

J'ai découvert hier que le bâtiment à l'angle de la rue des Bretons et l'avenue du Président Wilson à Saint-Denis abrite le "Celebrity Center du Grand Paris" de l'église de Scientologie.

Ça doit être récent vu que je passe là tous les jours et c'est la 1ère fois que je le remarque

Si je croise Tom Cruise, je lui pète la gueule (du haut de mes 1m70, je doit faire une tête de plus que lui)


Edit : C'est leur cousin de l'« Église de Scientology » en fait. (Le fameux cousin très ressemblant mais avec une moustache et des lunettes). Il y a aussi 2 grands panneaux « Scientology » en haut de deux côtés du bâtiment

@gub@framapiaf.org avatar

@shaft ah ouais je connais. Scientology ils font des NAS.

@shaft@piaille.fr avatar
@audiomo@vivaldi.net avatar

A federated recording app / platform would be a cool thing. Like a federated version of now that would be great for

@miketheman@hachyderm.io avatar

Are you coming to US this week in Pittsburgh? I am!

I put together a helpful custom 📍 with the recommended local places from the PyCon US website to help me navigate - hope it helps you too in some way.


@hugovk@mastodon.social avatar

@miketheman Thanks for this! Two things:
Reocmmendations typo in title.
You can remove Dave and Andy's Homemade Ice Cream.

MiMar, German
@MiMar@norden.social avatar

sind gerade auf der Insel Amrum
und ein Teil bei sieht irgendwie nicht richtig aus..
Bin etwas ratlos was passiert ist 😟 , kann jemand helfen?

Ich meine diese ganzen Linien hier...

wuffel, German
@wuffel@social.tchncs.de avatar

👋 von der

Super Wetter, tolle Leute überall, und heute Abend gibts virtuosen modernen Tanzlärm mit den "Analogue Birds" in Sallahn


Hey, das ist fast so cool wie das vom 16. bis 21. Juli, für das ihr euch ja wohl inzwischen angemeldet habt ...OOOODER? Das ist auch hier in der Gegend. Perfekt für nen dynamischen Urlaub!
👉 F e d i c a m p 2024 👈



@wuffel @fedicamp damit hatte ich jetzt nicht gerechnet, danke 🤩

@mocksita@social.tchncs.de avatar

@wuffel @fedicamp
Danke für den tollen Tipp, ab morgen werde ich mich auch auf der tummeln - und mir schon mal den Platz fürs anschauen - Vielleicht treffen wir uns diesmal am analogen Fedilagerfeuer...

@metin@graphics.social avatar

Get a first taste of what will probably become the next level 3D maps / street view, using Gaussian Splatting to map environments in 3D.

In this demo, the detail level gets crude when zooming in, but that will become refined.

Use mouse-buttons to zoom, pan or rotate…


#map #maps #3D
#cartography #topography #world #WorldMap #cities #landscape #environment #data #tools #science #IT #graphics

@JetlagJen@geekdom.social avatar

What can I use to make a simple from a list of coordinates?

I have a world that I've been working on for a while. I've built a network of secured routes between nether portals and I'd like to make a sort of tube map of them. I've done it on paper previously, but I don't want to redraw the whole thing every time it outgrows the page.

It doesn't need to be fancy or pretty. I just want to stick the place names and coordinates in and get a plot / chart / map out for reference.

@JetlagJen@geekdom.social avatar

@RPBook only if the spreadsheet program can plot against a proper scaled X axis. It's been a while since I tried, but last time I did, that wasn't a thing. It expected the X data to be evenly spaced, eg like every year through a period.

@RPBook@historians.social avatar

@JetlagJen ah, OK.

ilanthar, French
@ilanthar@ludosphere.fr avatar

Toujours en train de placer les noms sur la carte du monde d'Eldoran...
En attendant, sachez qu'Eldoran possède trois lunes et tourne autour de 2 étoiles.

Still placing names on Eldoran world map...
Meanwhile, you can see that Eldoran has three moons & evolves around 2 stars.

#carte #map #rpg #jdr
#fantasy #worldbuilding

Vue d'Eldoran (sur la droite) et des ses satellites, comprenant la lune Séléné et ses "filles", deux autres lunes tournant autour d'elle, la rouge Cybèle et la turquoise Ipocrène (dont la révolution est polaire).

alex, French
@alex@social.nah.re avatar

Passage à sur la structurante Ludres-Nancy. L'intersection entre le parc des expos, la D674, France 3 Lorraine et l'ancien bâtiment Boulanger est une onde rouge. 6 feux, tous aux rouge.


Attendre le premier feu au vert.
Traverser une section.
Feu rouge. Attendre qu'il passe au vert.
Traverser une section.
Feu rouge. Attendre qu'il passe au vert.
Traverser une section.
Feu rouge. Attendre qu'il passe au vert.
Traverser une section.
Feu rouge. Attendre qu'il passe au vert.
Traverser une section.
Feu rouge. Attendre qu'il passe au vert.
Continuer sur la structurante (enfin, juste un coup de peinture sur le trottoir) qui est pas entretenu (arbres et plantes sur le mur, trottoir complètement défoncé), et qui longe le cimetière du sud.

@byteseu@pubeurope.com avatar
@Vivaldi@vivaldi.net avatar

🎙️ We kicked off the first Live audio Community Talk with our cherished Community members recently.

🎧 In case you missed it, grab your beverage, kick back, and listen as Vivaldi hosts @marialeal and @devina, talk to them about "What makes Vivaldi unique?" 👇🏻


@erilun06@vivaldi.net avatar

@Vivaldi @marialeal @devina
When is the next one?

ChristopheLeBas, French
@ChristopheLeBas@vis.social avatar

👀 Today, i tried something special : playing with lidar datas from IGN (Institut national de l'information géographique et forestière) 🎚️

First of all, you can see here a standard lidar file. Nice and creepy ^^ 😨

@ChristopheLeBas@vis.social avatar

With QGIS, we can create a 3D view, and a video. You have it here. 🎥

There's 600 images generatded by QGIS then assembled with GIMP. Quite... hardtime again.

I don't know why i have map 3d map, and a second map just in the back. If someone can help :)

A gif of the colorizer lidar point thanks to cloucompare

@vpicavet@mastodon.social avatar

@ChristopheLeBas The second one is the 2D layer corresponding to your LIDAR data. QGIS displays all 2D layers by default, in a 3D view. Without any elevation it is at elevation 0, so below your 3D data. You can disable the 2D layer, or specify a DEM to use as elevation so that the 2D layer will be projected onto the DEM, theoritically at the same place as the PointCloud data.

@mhedney@historians.social avatar

btw, I failed to brag -- my ongoing historiographical and conceptual work means that my bibliography on and all sorts of other stuff -- every thing I've seen or encountered since 1995 -- to just over 22,000 records. Of these 14,800 are flagged as being about maps in some way. Here's a wodge of entries for my academic grandfather. I still need to work to get this stuff organized consistently and online!!

mathdatech1, French
@mathdatech1@hostux.social avatar

Mapping all hedges in France, using high resolution images

Understanding the spatial distribution and temporal changes of landscape features such as hedges is crucial. Using high resolution images, we mapped all of them.



sylvainavelo, French
@sylvainavelo@masto.bike avatar

Pour qui serait tenté·e par le fameux badge "Multicountry", 5 pays en une seule sortie vélo (comme @Tacitus 💪 ). J'ai repéré il y a un moment ce qui me semble être le plus court parcours possible en Europe.

C'est dans les Alpes, 160km entre le col de Splügen (2116m) et la rive bavaroise du Bodensee. ça commence par 300m de D+ entre Montespluga en Italie et le col. Puis c'est presque que de la descente le long du Rhin. 🇮🇹 🇨🇭 🇱🇮 🇦🇹 🇩🇪


D'autres idées ?

@byteseu@pubeurope.com avatar

The Uneven Distribution of UNESCO World Heritage Sites https://www.byteseu.com/49215/

@byteseu@pubeurope.com avatar

Bathymetry of submarine cables & earthquakes from 1923 – 2023 [terence on X] https://www.byteseu.com/46224/

@simple@dice.camp avatar

I've been learning to make maps with Dungeondraft for the past few days.

The experience has been equal parts "AAARRRGGHH WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!???" and "HOT DAMN, THIS IS SO COOL!!!!"


@GregCocks@techhub.social avatar

Philadelphia’s Hidden Etymologies [map]

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Philadelphia_placename_etymologies <-- Wikipedia page

[fascinating stuff, I love place and people etymologies, especially displayed with such good cartography – and I don’t even know Philadelphia!]
“This is a list of the sources of some of the place names in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…”
#GIS #spatial #mapping #map #cartography #etymologies #etymology #Philadelphia #Pennsylvania #city

map - Philadelphia’s Hidden Etymologies

@felt@mas.to avatar

Quick Tip 01!
Need a world map? Type WORLD into the Coordinate box.


@felt@mas.to avatar

For more QGIS tips and tricks, go check out our QGIS Corner series on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLulpFBGeM9D4TPdXnldfLS6iXRxsqzLob

@blueghost@mastodon.online avatar

Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) is an audio format, data is compressed with no loss of information or quality.

FLAC is a format option for archiving audio collections such as CDs.

Ripping a CD to FLAC allows an exact copy of an audio CD to be created if the original is lost or damaged.

Supported devices: https://xiph.org/flac/links.html#hardware
Supported software: https://xiph.org/flac/links.html#software
FLAC: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FLAC

Website: https://xiph.org/flac

RespectCyclists, German
@RespectCyclists@mastodon.social avatar

!!Achtung Sondertermin 1. Mai!!

Der offizielle - zur -Demo


Treffen: 11:30 Falkplatz, Max-Schmeling-Halle
Abfahrt: 11:45
~12:00-12:15 Rotes Rathaus
~12:30 Bülowstraße
~13:00 Johannaplatz

Wenn ihr unterwegs dazustoßen wollt, macht @criticalmaps an!

Unsere Route:

@mygruni @fedibikes_de @fedibikes_berlin @fedibikes

@andi_al@mastodontech.de avatar
@RespectCyclists@mastodon.social avatar
@amadeus@mstdn.social avatar

Could an possibly read the host or state?
What about if it is running in a with ?

@x42@mastodon.social avatar

@amadeus the GUI is not encumbered by DSP constraints. Then again almost all authoring tools do not use the system’s theme. LV2 plugins can use the host‘s colour theme. This looks better compared to than just generic light/dark modes. Sadly not many plugins support this.

@amadeus@mstdn.social avatar

@x42 Thanks for the insight! Yeah, too bad.

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