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Ich hab gestern die -Kiosk--Episode mit @sebastian angehört, in der er den großen Überblick über Arten von automatisierten Tests und die Philosophien dahinter gibt. Große Hörempfehlung!

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I'm writing an article that deals in part with the career of MIT civil engineering prof John B. "Bud" Wilbur, class of '26. Did you or any of your mentors/elders know him? Please get in touch!

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@annaleen I very much wish I did but my grandfather would have gone to college with him!

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@jessamyn was he in civil engineering?

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Why are people actually thinking that this is a good idea to keep recommending me this and asking me about it kurva drat 💢

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@kreyren Lmao, agreed. How is a whole electrolysis setup supposed to be easier than basic scrubbing?

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I'm hiring for strong software engineers who care deeply about reliability and performance, and who want to work on big distributed systems.

Specifically if you're in Canada or the USA please do apply.

(I'll have other roles for European countries open soon)

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@dee «We highly value those who are kind, intellectually curious, who default to transparency, possess a high bias towards action, and who are also kind (this is important)» ❤️

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Elecia White, Embedded Software Engineer, co-host of the Embedded podcast and author of Making Embedded Systems, 2nd Edition will be leading an O'Reilly Expert Webinar session on "Introduction to Embedded Systems" on May 23,2024.

If you're curious about Embedded Systems development and how to get started, this is a webinar you don't want to miss.

Sign up here( )


An #aerospace #engineering company called Planesanity has designed a glass pod with a pair of seats inside that can be installed on existing aircraft, giving passengers a 360-degree view during flight. #avgeek


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What you know about the resistor color code? What you know about the resistor color code?!


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drcaberry, avatar

What you know about the resistor color code? What you know about the resistor color code?!


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#primates #healthcare #chimpanzees #MedicalTests #engineering

'PulseApe [is] a primate-friendly trapeze bar fitted with EKG sensors to capture the chimps' heart activity while they play and swing. This EKG-in-disguise is now part of the Zoo's primate-health repertoire.'

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I hold an undergraduate degree in #engineering from the flagship land-grant institution of a Southern state in a drinking town with a football problem.

You want to blame universities for #CriticalTheory, post-#ColonialStudies, and #IdentityPolitics, but I’m your #NullHypothesis.


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I don't know why component manufacturers even bother publishing catalogs on their websites because they almost never have the parts in inventory.

"Oh, our hydraulic actuator meets all of the requirements of your project? You can have it in 15 months."

I feel like I could design my own and spin up a manufacturing line for it in less time.

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@chrishuck sure.

My point was that it's another case, not of "providing service for money" but "providing service for money at a quality so low and pricepoint that is just barely cheaper than what it costs you to do it yourself".

Its a question of what you expect from other businesses.

And that line seems to be "barely functional".

How they operate a business that way, idk, but it seems to work.

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@bmaxv My biggest gripe with modern business is nobody having anything in inventory. It’s all “Just in time” delivery. They all think every company is a John Deere or CAT that buys things by the thousands and plans a year’s worth of production. I’d wager more customers have the one-off demand. If a supplier tells me they don’t have what I need in stock, I generally move on right away.

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🌞 400,000 ‘solar balconies’ boost German home energy harvesting capacity

"The solar balcony generates only a tenth of the power output of a rooftop solution, but it is portable if the homeowner wishes to relocate.

👉 Unlike a rooftop system that requires professionals for installation, a balcony solar system consists of panels and a mounting structure, and the assembly can be completed by anyone using the instructions provided."

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🤯 World’s largest 3D printer can build a small house in 80 hours

"A single-story bungalow could take a few months to build, but this printer can complete the project in less than four days.

"The university, with a longstanding relationship with the US government, wanted to demonstrate that a 3D printer could print a home with a lower carbon footprint – as the construction industry produces about 37% of greenhouse gas emissions"

#Housing #Engineering #ClimateCrisis

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safety first

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"In the mid-1960s, Robert Kahn began thinking about how computers with different operating systems could talk to each other across a network.
It is for this work on packet communication technologies—as part of the project that became the ARPANET and in the foundations of the Internet—that Kahn is being awarded the 2024 IEEE Medal of Honor."

#IEEE #MedalOfHonor2024 #Engineering #Technology #Communications #Arpanet #Internet #Networking

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Reader, my grad school lab group has a paper due Monday and I am the sole contributor thus far. Just added figure 5 and I'm at 3 pages. #engineering #gradschool

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PAPERWATCH: Paper due tomorrow and still only one author LoL


Smootasaurus, avatar

(Paper due today)


About a third of the way into the brilliant HOW INFRASTRUCTURE WORKS by @debcha and I appreciate the wonder at energy storage, a subject in which I've been lucky to make a career.

Also very much appreciate her eloquent debunking of the desirability of off grid living. At first the independence sounds like freedom, but in reality it's just doing more work by yourself. (And only so long as your tech functions!) True freedom is what we build together.

#infrastructure #Engineering

debcha, avatar

@bluegreenandfree Thank you! [And re: energy storage: I feel like I have a lot of conversations that are eg ‘but lithium!’ and I keep saying, “we need to store energy, and there an infinite number of ways to do that — electricity in batteries is just one possibility” Especially when we are talking longer-term energy storage.]

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Re: ChatGPT/CoPilot coding:

Boilerplate code is not a thing. Most "boilerplate" code is already covered in a library or package, and it should be used there. Otherwise, there are situational edge cases to be covered.

And unit test code is not boilerplate either. The point of unit tests aren't just to verify, but to explain problems when a failure happens. Unit tests without this are test theater.

AI coding without severe coaxing cannot do this.

nf3xn, avatar

@madopal We have recently discovered that AI is great at generating trivial unit tests that pass because they don't test anything. But you do get lots of tests, so that's nice.

madopal, avatar

@nf3xn Checking boxes FTW!

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𝗔 𝘁𝗿𝗮𝗶𝗻 𝗰𝗮𝗿 𝗱𝗲𝘀𝗶𝗴𝗻 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗱𝗮𝘆 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗻𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁

"Actually, the business case of the doesn’t quite addup," explains alumnus Annabelle Out. That’s why Annabelle designed a carriage interior for both day and night trains as part of her graduation project for the firm Royal HaskoningDHV. via

📷 © Annabelle Out

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My Dad and I achieved the unthinkable.

With the power of radio, we made a hot dog talk:

ocramius, avatar

@geerlingguy ham radio > hotdog radio

ednl, avatar

@geerlingguy You made it onto the Imgur frontpage, haha!

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Alert: long post ✏️

Transmission lines get hotter as the amount of power they are transmitting increases.

Currently, the operator doesn't have real-time information about line temperatures. So, they estimate a safe value, and transmit power based off on that value. ⚠️

However, these magic ball sensors help improve transmission, by reporting exact line temperatures. 🟩

Knowing the precise temperature, the grid operator knows how close the line is to maxing out on its capacity. 🔶

These “magic ball” sensors — which cost about $30,000 each — may sound expensive, but they have already helped to increase the amount of power that could be delivered on a line by up to 42.8%, in one case!! 📈📈📈

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A really good article on , and , reminding us not to pretend that we know the problem better than the people who experience it. We need to listen to them without preconceptions.

I think it is a very important foundation of .

If you're interested in engineering organizations working directly with the , I can recommend

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