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📷 Camellia, March 2024.

#FediversalPictures #Flowers #Bloomscrolling

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📷 Camellia, March 2024.

#FediversalPictures #Flowers #Bloomscrolling

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:-) The Camellia tree was only spot of color last winter. I posted something almost every day.

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@DemocracySpot Such a gorgeous flower—& photo. I always love your photos—especially the flowers.

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Picked #RedWeigela #flowers & #roses to make small #fragrant #bouquet for Mom. The roses smell divine!

I got the vase for free. It's part of set of 3 glassblown art vases. Got them from a free pile from local estate clear out, a few years ago. I'm good at scoring lots of #freebies & rarely buy anything new.

#bloomscrolling #florespondence #Saanich #VictoriaBC #NatureGifts #GardenGifts #YYJ #Spring #Wsanec #VancouverIsland #PacificNorthwest #PNW #botanical #CutFlowers #floral #GrowItGiftIt

Bouquet of red & deep pink roses with red weigela flowers in a green & white glassbown artisan vase.

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Frugal is not the same thing as cheap. I'm very frugal with obtaining useful things & quite mindful about how I spend money. I won't buy things just because they're on sale - if it's not anything I need. I won't skimp on quality for some items but will look for things that are used before looking at anything new.

Frugality is a lifestyle for me. My parents taught me how to live frugally & with lower environmental, personal impact.

Life is all about our personal choices. I choose frugal living.

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@msquebanh Getting only good things and only when needed has been nothing but wonderful for me.

It's a very different way of living.

But it also means that I'm not constantly throwing junk out.

When I throw something out a few months after buying it, it feels like I'm throwing cash into the bin.

Awful feeling.

I'll always try hard to avoid that.

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My first white butterfly of the year.

Seems likely they are more "flighty" in the spring and early summer when the flowers are a bit sparser. But if you're patient you'll eventually come across one feeding calmly.

#butterfly #butterflies #pollinators #flowers #FlowerPhotography #insects #InsectPhotography #nature #NaturePhotography #macro #MacroPhotography #MastoArt #photography #AltText

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@Rihilism groovy shot..

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Thank you! That's very kind of you say.

I'm self-taught so it's been a marvelous learning process the past 3+ years. I'm just happy I get to share that experience with others who enjoy nature as much as I do.

Have a lovely day!

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Pink Peony in the Garden - from last year's garden, another view of a lovely pink Peony. I love them 😎

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Well, the nasturtiums sure are happy with my neighbor's inability to adjust their sprinkler system! Living on overspray irrigation! #garden #flowers

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Do you eat your nasturtiums?

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@EugestShirley Yes! Though, it's tough to eat many of them fresh, like they recommend. I have been tossing them (cooked!) with eggs for breakfast, and that's pretty good. I suspect you could basically cook them like a leafy green.

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Preserved some of the flowers from my bouquet I got few wks back.

It’s a work in progress …

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"There’s [a] downside of resuming mowing after May. are... clever creatures that can learn where flowers are in their environment (your garden). called “flower constancy”, & is critical to how & bumblebees survive. When the wild patches are cut...all the energy & effort the bees have put in to learning where to find these is wasted."

As ends, here’s why we should keep patches of lawn permanently wild

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I have always fancied columbine. I'm a sucker for new varieties I see at nurseries. These and a couple of others have naturalized at my place.
#Flowers #BloomScrolling

Two showy purple flowers with yellow and violet cup-like centers, hanging downward, with green leaves in the background.

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@arkadiusz Amaizng

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#flower #flowers #garden #garten (migrated from my old account 05.03.2024)


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Beautiful! 🤩

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Had to share!

#morningwalk #Flowers

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@msquebanh wow! Those look absolutely amazing

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@stephanie They're real stunners in the garden!

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