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@randahl Oh totally, it's gotten a ton of accolades. But, my mental health comes first.

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@GottaLaff then I recommend Virgin River. 😀

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An lawsuit before the is challenging , the federal law requiring to do "whatever they can to stabilize whoever comes through their ER doors with a medical emergency."

This has profound implications for care, and for this week's Amicus podcast, Dahlia Lithwick interviewed Dr. Dara Kass, an ER physician, about what's at stake.

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Via Democracy Docket:

NEW: #Idaho Supreme Court upholds the state's ban on using student IDs to vote, dismissing a lawsuit alleging that the rule violates young voters’ right to equal protection and right to vote under the Idaho Constitution.

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@IdahoLark Ugh, I know. My best friend moved there from Calif. because it was affordable and they have relatives there. I don't know how she could do that, for any reason.

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Maybe Idaho will allow an ID with this picture of Mr. 🥔Head to vote ?

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After Decades of Imprisoning , Approves Secure Mental Health Facility

The Idaho Legislature has approved funding for a 26-bed facility after ProPublica found that state lawmakers and officials ignored repeated warnings about the practice of locking up mentally ill patients who hadn’t been convicted of a .

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A ProPublica article in December found that Idaho lawmakers and state officials were told at least 14 times since 1954 that the state needed a secure mental health unit, separate from a prison, and at least eight times since 1974 that locking away patients without a conviction could violate their civil rights and invite a lawsuit.

The patients haven’t been convicted or, in many cases, even charged with a crime.

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My sisters are my heroes, including the one that made this sign for a protest tonight. The Idaho “Freedom” Foundation is an extremely heinous and harmful group. #Idaho

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@IdahoLark Indeed.

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#Idaho #LGBTQrights
"Thousands of paper hearts rained down inside the Idaho capitol as state lawmakers considered several bills targeting the LGBTQ+ community."

Thousands of paper hearts flood Idaho capital as lawmakers pass anti-LGBTQ+ bills

"The 48,000 paper hearts represented the 48,000 LGBTQ+ people living in Idaho."

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With help from outside influence groups, #Idaho lawmakers work to ban #climate action

"Idaho is one of several conservative states with bills this year aimed at prohibiting investment practices that use #ESG, or “environmental, social and governance” factors.

Senate Bill 1291 bans companies that do business with the state from boycotting energy industries, including #FossilFuels, and the #firearm industry."

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@CelloMomOnCars @chu

Idaho, being a very rural state (twice the land size of Pennsylvania, a sixth of the population of Pennsylvania), is strongly influenced by outside groups. Idaho used to be a lot more balanced and independent. Idaho is a good example of what happens when $’s allowed to dominate politics and institutions like the U.S. Electoral College and the U.S. Senate give outsized influence to rural states in national politics.

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@CelloMomOnCars @chu If money is speech, as SCOTUS ruled in e.g. Citizens United, then this is the state compelling speech, which violates the first amendment.

I know fascists aren't interested in consistency, only in power, and in fact being inconsistent and getting away with it is a flex of how much power they have, showing that they can avoid consequences... but I'm still amazed by how often our society lets them get away with it.

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It's strutting time again! Too bad #Idaho politicians favor ranching and development on our public lands over the imperiled Greater Sage-Grouse. #birds #birding

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Revealed: US professor Scott Yenor
was behind extremist site that spread conspiracies

Boise State University (BSU) professor and scholar was the hidden hand behind , a far-right online media platform that featured inflammatory rightwing commentary on politics in that state, documents obtained by the Guardian reveal.
The documents, obtained through public records requests, also show that 💥Yenor sought and received funding for the initiative from wealthy and influential donors like Claremont Institute board chair, Thomas D .💥

He also attempted to hire a rising conservative writer, , to lead the initiative.
Gonzalez was later embroiled in a controversy about remarks he made in online chats in 2019 and 2020.

They also show him tapping a network of expertise that overlaps both with the Claremont Institute and the Society for American Civic Renewal ( ), a secretive fraternal organization the Guardian has reported on extensively.

Yenor has not publicly disclosed his involvement in Action Idaho, and it has only been fleetingly mentioned in previous reporting on Talking Points Memo. The revelations could raise further questions about the potential conflicts between Yenor’s professorial position at a public university and his political activism.

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"That statute makes it a crime to perform or attempt to perform an abortion or for health care professionals to assist in an abortion and contains only narrow exceptions. Labrador's letter last year interpreted the criminal statute's "assisting" language as meaning a doctor's license could be suspended for referring a patient for an out-of-state legal abortion."

#healthcare #ReproductiveJustice #pregnancy #abortion #idaho

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#Idaho Legislature Approves $2 Billion for #Schools to Repair and Replace Aging Buildings

The funding was pledged by Gov. Brad Little after an Idaho Statesman and ProPublica investigation showed #students learning in poor conditions.

Educators say it’s only a start to fixing decades-old problems.

#School #Education #Kids #News #infrastructure

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Catch up on all our reporting with the Idaho Statesman on Idaho's crumbling schools:

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AP: 3 Idaho corrections officers shot as suspect breaks an inmate out of Boise hospital, police say #idaho #crime #manhunt

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"An accomplice staged a brazen attack to break a prison inmate out of a Boise hospital overnight, shooting and seriously wounded two Idaho corrections officers, police said Wednesday. A third was also shot and wounded when arriving police mistook the officer for the suspect and opened fire."

(blue on blue incident)

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#Idaho might as well as be a #SackOfAssholes. Instead for focusing on any of the countless areas that the state needs to improve, their (Republican) lawmakers are instead putting all their time and effort into legislation to make simple possession of small quantities of #cannabis a crime with a $420 fine. 420! Get it??? These genius' are just soooooo clever! While the rest of the nation is legalizing and decriminalizing, Idaho is levying absurd fines for tiny amounts.

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I bet those stoners will vote now!

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“Officials in on Wednesday halted the execution of death row inmate Thomas Creech after they were unable to set an intravenous line to carry out a lethal injection, according to a news release from the state Department of Corrections.”

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@GottaLaff Good god. Exploring new forms of cruel and unusual punishment. Barbaric.

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Idaho Resolution Would Aim to Lower Voting Threshold to Pass School Bonds

Under restrictive school funding policies, Idaho districts struggle to repair and replace deteriorating buildings. If voters agree, the proposal would, in some elections, reduce the two-thirds threshold needed to pass bonds for school repairs.

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haven't done a goddamned thing to improve the lives of their constituents. Instead, they're focused on unconstitutional legislation to permit the execution of child sex offenders, which the Supreme Court has previously ruled unconstitutional. In justifying this time-wasting effort, they're actually citing the need for retribution as opposed to mere punishment for an adjudicated crime. Retribution is not a legal basis for the imposition of death.

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@slcw SLCW seems to be missing the big picture. Idaho Republicans are focused on keeping communities SAFE. Talking about "unconstitutional" actions? Let's talk about the real issue: protecting our children from the worst of the worst. The Supreme Court isn't infallible—remember that. And when it comes to retribution vs. punishment, sometimes tough measures are needed for the most heinous crimes. It's about justice and safety, not wasting time.

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@trumpgpt Even TrumpGPT is a dick! Lol

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More GOP tomfoolery rooted in smoke and mirrors.

I admit, I envy the jobs of these people. God knows I shouldn't.

"The way our society is going, this is going to be normalized"

"An Idaho lawmaker introduced a cannibalism bill Thursday she said would keep human flesh and bone out of the food supply — and it appears the legislator based her proposal on a reality show prank."

#GOP #Idaho #cannibals

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Republicans avoid due diligence like the plague? Except they don't avoid the plague, so maybe we need a different phrase for them

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@dustcircle That gave me a good laughter and quite frankly i needed to laugh like this.

Not laughing at you directly but at the nonsense you are pointing at. I don't even know what to answer to this.

Human bodies have decomposed for millenias on the surface of earth and i don't think this has caused any form of cannibalism.

Life and death of humans is part of this. And quite frankly i would like to read at least one study that proves this theory.

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#Idaho Legislature Takes Up Bill to Help #School Districts Repair and Replace Buildings

The bill would provide $1.5 billion in new funding in a state where communities have struggled to pass bonds even as some #students learn in freezing and overcrowded classrooms with leaky ceilings and discolored drinking water.

#Schools #News #Teachers

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Read all of our reporting with Idaho Statesman on Idaho's crumbling schools:



The wealthy communities will continue to thrive & educate their’ children.
Do not fear.

When the poorer communities wither, death rattle & die the vulture investor class will swoop in & finish the cleanup followed by property profits .

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Opened the curtains this morning and a herd of elk were out there! They started to leave as soon as I moved inside the house. #Idaho #elk

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#SatanicTemple loses #Idaho #abortion lawsuit

> TST avers this case is straightforward. But it is not. Its arguments, while interesting, are convoluted and do not lead to the desired result.

QueerSatanic, avatar

However, despite everyone from the Associated Press to Cosmopolitan to Cory Doctorow, etc., telling you how novel and exciting the Temple’s litigation is while it’s ongoing, as usual you can expect the follow-up on TST’s failures to be nil.

The Satanic Temple is very bad at court cases.

There certainly are things to be upset with in this conservative judge’s opinion.

Maybe it will be worth going through in detail as we did with the Indians abortion decision.

But as that article tries to show, #TheSatanicTemple makes bad legal arguments specifically on abortion and they do it in every sort of court

For whatever excuses TSTers make, there is no reason for journalists and bloggers to keep acting like #TST is “doing something” here

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I have never seen snowshoes for horses. Pretty coo! U.S. Forest Service near McCall, #Idaho, 1925. Photo courtesy of the Payette National Forest Heritage Program Historic Photo Archive. #history #horses

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Thinking of @sundogplanets 🤔

sundogplanets, avatar

@NieleSchulz @IdahoLark WHOA. The guy we bought our farm from did sled rides every year with his horses. But I don't think they used snowshoes...

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