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The #Biden admin has a plan to shut down the #border. But it needs #Mexico's help.

The admin hopes to unveil a series of executive actions that President Biden can sign but will likely have to wait for the outcome of Mexico's June 2 presidential #election.

#Immigration #policy #law

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President Joe #Biden directed top aides to develop plans to stem illegal migration months ago, & they are eyeing a presidential authority in USC § 212 (f), which would let the president unilaterally “suspend the entry” of specific groups of migrants whenever the number of attempted border crossings grew too great.

#Immigration #policy #law

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, , all experiencing extreme record breaking heatwaves accompanied by widespread wildfires and smoke danger. (Image 1 showing increased risk of heat-humidity stress days as we continue to heat)

Instrument readings:

+1.63ºC 12-month running mean above preindustrial (Berkeley Earth/ERA5 datasets)
+1.3ºC latest 5-year average above preindustrial

+1.5ºC imminent

FIRMS map showing fires burning in Central America May 19, 2024
Map showing smoke detection across Central America May 19, 2024

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Comunicado del

"Comunicado en medio de la falsa electoral, la guerra capitalista contra los pueblos"

👉 Con la llegada de la “Cuarta Transformación”, su política de gobierno incrementó la militarización hacia los pueblos y comunidades indígenas, especialmente en territorio zapatista. Los grupos paramilitares y el crimen organizado operan con toda impunidad como garantes de la imposición no solo de megaproyectos de muerte como el Tren Maya, el Corredor Interoceánico y el Proyecto Integral Morelos; están al servicio del Estado y el gran capital para llevar a cabo el despojo del territorio, la Madre Tierra y la vida. (...)

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"Ten cities in #Mexico have registered record-high temperatures, including the capital, authorities said on Friday, amid a searing #heatwave that has prompted blackouts nationwide and pushed the power grid to the brink."

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"Threatened howler monkeys have been dropping dead from trees in #Mexico’s southeastern tropical forests in recent weeks.

The country has been grappling with soaring and deadly temperatures for weeks. Mexico’s health ministry reported a preliminary count of 26 people who have died from #heat related causes between the start of Mexico’s heat season on March 17 and May 11."

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" ’s drought, heatwave and shortages have gotten so bad that even police blocked traffic in protest Wednesday.

The officers stood blocking six lanes of traffic, saying their barracks hadn’t had water for a week, and that the bathrooms were unusable."

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La ola de calor que esta afectando a Mexico no es ni excepcional ni inesperada. Es tan poco excepcional e inesperada, que sin duda se repetira con mayor intensidad en los proximos años - no solo en Mexico, sino en todo el mundo.

Estas ahora comunes olas de calor son producto directo de la polucion emitida por los combustibles fosiles. Mientras sigamos contaminando nuestra atmosfera, las olas de calor seguiran incrementando en frecuencia e intensidad.

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Si están en o en tiren paro. Ha llego un flujo grande de hermanxs migrantes que necesitan de nuestra ayuda. San Martín México, Casa de la mujer

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A gentlemen at the hotel just down the beach from ours spent his days on vacation making some really great sand art. I figured it was worth sharing with more people than just the folks walking down that stretch of beach. -- Round 3

a 3d sand sculpture of a hammerhead shark on a white sand beach

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Cinco de Mayo is Indigenous history. The battalion that helped defeat the French in Mexico was composed of Nahuas from Puebla called the Zacapoaxtlas. And the president, Benito Juárez, was a Zapotec who helped protect Mexico from Euro re-invasion, showing heroic examples Native resistance to Еυrope

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Today is Cinco de Mayo, a day of festivities that has morphed from a relatively quiet commemoration of the Mexican army’s victory over French troops in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, into a U.S.-centric, taco-infused, margarita-fueled celebration. But this year, Atlas Obscura is marking the occasion with this deep dive into Mexican culture.

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: As we near May 5 & a holiday massively co-opted by the , many of you/us should reconsider that sombrero & learn the history of . It celebrates an epic battle w/the French won against all odds & was revived by activists from the 1960s/70s Movement because they viewed their struggle against the systemic they faced in the in the same light.

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Migrant crossings on the - have dropped significantly in the first 3 months of the year, acc/to official figures, from a peak of 301,981 in Dec to under 200,000 a month from Jan - Mar. That could ease political pressure on , but are likely to continue attacking him by pointing out that border crossings remain relatively high.

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#Trump at a rally in Waukesha, #Wisconsin, again contended without evidence that the #protests at college campuses over the #war in #Gaza were an effort by the left to distract attention from the surge of migrants at the #border. “Some people are saying they do the colleges so they can get your eyes off the border,” he said, repeating an assertion that he made on social media last night.

#Gaslighting #ConspiracyTheories #politics #law #VoteBlue #BidenHarris2024

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Why haven't we learned better lessons from decades of hopeless violence at the #border?

In our magazine, author Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera looks at #Mexico's war on drugs, and uncovers its real goals: land ownership and the control of natural resources such as oil, natural gas, #water, lithium, and more.

#news #politics #WarOnDrugs #drugs #USpol #books

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Extra dramatic sunset tonight 🌇
#cdmx #mexico #photography

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@jerclarke Wow!

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“I ran to a corner, jumped, and shouted, ‘Help! Open the door!’ And I didn’t see any personnel even attempting to open them, leaving us locked in as if we were criminals.”

Previously: An investigation of a deadly fire that killed 40 migrants in a locked detention cell in shows that keys and fire extinguishers were readily available, but withheld.

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@TexasObserver @skry Kit knew how to CW.

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@swelljoe @skry We tend to keep the upsetting content out of the post and include the CW in the post, so people can decide whether to click through. But this was a case where we did add a technical CW after posting because the quote itself is a bit disturbing

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Vendedor de frutas, Ciudad de #México 1984.
#Photo by Stephanie Maze.
#CiudaddeMéxico #photography #streetphotography

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Violent Journey 1965 El asesino de tontos
Directed by Servando González

After the Civil War, a boy, runs away from his home, wanders the countryside, and meets various odd characters along the way.

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Violent Journey 1965
Directed by Servando González Hernández


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Gente de - si quieren algo con qué darle lata a su ayuntamiento, acaban de publicar la NOM 004-SEDATU-2023 ESTRUCTURA Y DISEÑO PARA VIAS URBANAS.

La gente de la Liga Peatonal ha hecho un choooooorro de trabajo para que esto sea posible. 😎

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Amigos from abroad
Any personal/or in group activity can be done inside any private place (you pay for it, for your confort and safe)...

But in a public place anyone can walk, jump, shout, sleep or stay matter what: Mexico is for the mexicans and we can do what ever we want bc is in our law and constitution and our land..we arent putting in risk or attacking someone else

This issue went in Durango México and they didn't respect the free public transit


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Amigos ex pats
If you buy a condo in Mexican territory please learn Spanish and behave correctly with your neighbors and as a citizen of a country that has their own customs.


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@spideymang qué ganas de ir a pto vallarta y pagar un mariachi para esa calle, nomás porque sí

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One of the focuses of the recent Mexico biodiversity expedition was finding these interesting Ditmars' horned lizards. I found the first one, of only two found on the entire trip. This was not a range extension, per se, but more of an infill between known ranges in the sky island region of northern Sonora.

There is a tradition that you have to kiss the first one you find and then a bottle of tequila is opened for the occasion. Out of four trips, this was the first one I ever found.

They are fascinating little creatures. Their main predators are ravens and small canids like coyotes and foxes, so they are not particularly afraid of large animals like us or cows or deer. They are quite docile and even a wild one will take a grasshopper offered to it without trying to run away.

Alt text (because the site keeps crashing): first photo is a small horned lizard sitting in the palm of my hand. Second photo is me fake-kissing the same lizard while holding it.


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I'm guessing they probably weren't the Ditmars horned lizard though. There are quite a few other species. This one, so far as we know, is specific to this region. But who knows! Maybe this species lives much further south than we realized.

On one of the expeditions last year, there was a weevil expert named Kevin from Veracruz.

Me gustaría conocer otras partes de México! Sólo conozco Sonora porque esta muy cerca de Arizona. Algún día...

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@Mikal you are right, the ones here must be Mexican Plateau horned lizard. There's even a picture of one from that very place I'm talking about in wikipedia.

Come anytime and if I'm here I can show you around (:

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: Ex-vice president hospitalized after embassy raid

> Ecuador's detained former Vice President Jorge Glas was hospitalized on Monday, barely three days after his arrest during a highly controversial raid on the Mexican embassy in Quito, where he was seeking refuge.

> Glas fell ill at a prison in Guayaquil, prison authorities said in a statement on X, formerly Twitter.

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