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"Neil Peart couldn't drum his way out of a wet paper bag"
RIP Joe Flaherty

#rush #NeilPeart #GeneKrupa

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I just found out that @craigmaloney passed away this morning after a two year battle with cancer.

Back when I first got into Linux your local LUG was where you went to hone your skills and meet new friends. That was over 20 years ago. We bonded over Linux and heavy metal.

A bunch of us visited him a few months ago and we decided to do a weekly listening party of every #rush album and had folks join in. I know it meant a lot to him. Rest in peace friend.

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GENE HOGLAN Would Love To Jam With RUSH's GEDDY LEE & ALEX LIFESON - "I Will Take The Pepsi Challenge Playing NEIL PEART With Any Drummer On The Planet"; Video

#GeneHoglan #Rush #GeddyLee #AlexLifeson

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My Rush-worshipping child. #rush

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@godlessmom 😂 👍

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Watch Pro-Shot Video Of MIKE PORTNOY Performing RUSH's 'YYZ' At 'Bubba Bash 2024'
Mike Portnoy (DREAM THEATER, THE WINERY DOGS), Frank Bello (ANTHRAX), Jason Bittner (SHADOWS FALL, OVERKILL), Jon Dinklage ("Clockwork Angels" string ensemble), Joe Bergamini (drum instructor, author), John Wesley (PORCUPINE TREE) and Seven Antonopoulos (OPIATE FOR THE MASSE...

#MikePortnoy #Rush #YYZ #BubbaBash

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@TheMetalDog the legend playing the legends! :)

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@TheMetalDog If he's not adjusting his glasses while playing, he's fixing his hat!

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: – Moving Pictures (1981). Withstanding the prog backlash of the early 80s, Rush reinvented their sound with (relatively) concise songs, keyboard layering, and hooks irresistible to FM radio. "Tom Sawyer," "Red Barchetta" and "Limelight" brimmed with new energy, as Geddy Lee's vocals matured, Alex Lifeson's guitar grew concise, and Neil Peart's drumming reached its apex. For the prog diehards, Side 2 was a cinematic tour-de-force.

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@gogmagog I'm betting whatever did win is something nobody spins today. Now I'm curious....

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@gogmagog Oooh... I'm a big Kraftwerk as well, so that's a double snub. At least the Police winning isn't embarrassing.

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@TheMetalDog It's what they said from the beginning and people still won't let it go.

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Yes, and after reading "My Effing Life", I understand why that is so at a deeper level.
🤘 😎

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With Neil Peart they became Canada's most legendary rock group. Lifeson and Lee (author of a new memoir, "My Effin' Life") talk about their particular blend of musicianship; how tragedy upended the band; and what might constitute Rush's next chapter.

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@TheMetalDog Will Paul let them play "Chicken Pot Pie?"

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So that you know... the last time I thought about this earworm was... last night during dinner.
🤘 😎

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GEDDY LEE & ALEX LIFESON Are Open To Playing Live As RUSH Again
It could happen, though there's nothing planned.

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'Power Windows': Rush Expand Their Sound
One of Rush’s richest and deepest albums, 'Power Windows' is full of details that reward multiple listens.

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@TheMetalDog ok so my first Rush album was Grace Under Pressure, and its still my favourite so that biases me a bit. But my favourite stretch is Signals>P/G>PW>HYF>Presto>RtB.

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🤘 😎

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"A Conversation Between () And 's , Patron Saints Of Heady Hard Rock"

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@fahrni They usually have a 7 day free trial, wait until all episodes are out and take it 💪💪

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@BillSaysThis Smart man! 👍🏼

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@TheMetalDog I had no idea Riki Rachtman was in Toto.

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Oh man.
🤘 😎 😂 🤘

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Listening to of full blast. :canada:​

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Happy Birthday to the greatest drummer of all time, the legendary of . He would've been 71 today. We miss and love you. Rest easy my friend.

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The most humongous nerds that have ever existed:

Look at them.

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@negative12dollarbill @futurebird I don't understand the problem.

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@robneppell @futurebird

Geddy: I'm a vampire, no seriously!

Alex: does this outfit make me look like Nigel Tufnel and if so is that a bad thing?

Neil: Anyone seen my bike helmet, wait did we have a photo shoot? That was today?

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Happy 70th Birthday to the legendary Alex Lifeson of . Thank you for all the amazing , life shaping music you've blessed us with for over 4 decades 🤘😎🤘



Ted Tocks Covers


Slightly updated from five years ago.

Happy 70th birthday to of .

Birthday greetings along with some personal reflections which are always close at hand when it comes to this band.
So much of my love of music began with Rush.

"Living in the limelight, the universal dream
For those who wish to seem
Those who wish to be, must put aside the alienation
Get on with the fascination
The real relation, the underlying theme"


Ted Tocks Covers

Da Doo Ron Ron

Originally posted on June 8, 2018

On this day in 1977, went to #1 on the U.S. chart with this hit song from .

This feature shares the story of how my love of music evolved. From and The Crystals, to Shaun Cassidy and ultimately . An unlikely path? Maybe?

Music is a journey.

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And we're marching to
The guillotine will claim her bloody prize
Sing, oh choirs of cacophony
The king has kneeled to let his kingdom rise


Happy Canada Day!

Here is a unique setlist for your Canada Day enjoyment. Today’s post features the top five Ted Tocks Covers posts discussing songs by Canadian Artists.

Featuring #TheTragicallyHip #JoniMitchell #Rush #5440 and #TomWilson

Have a safe and happy #CanadaDay and enjoy the music whenever and wherever you can.

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HEAVY BIRTHDAYS 63rd D.D. Verni (OVERKILL) - 1961 80th John Kay (STEPPENWOLF) - 1944 70th PAT TRAVERS - 1954 51st Mark Cronin (HANGNAIL) - 1973 HEAVY RELEASES 40th RUSH's Grace Under Pressure - 1984 36th CHEAP TRICK’s Lap...

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