Living and visiting Washington's San Juan islands.

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@alan That plane has an interesting history. There's several of these BYU beat... flightpaths.

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An auspicious start to the Dungeness crab season in the . We caught our daily limit of 10 crab. 🦀

Hand holding a Dungeness crab over water.

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I just stumbled upon another local instance similar to our own, right "next door" in the called Hello over there @jeff, @LeeOnOrcas, et al.! I also appreciate this line in their description: "Local conversation, globally federated with the rest of the world." Nice concise explanation of the concept of a local server. I might steal that!

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Please consider signing this petition from ReSources for Sustainable Community to support building a on :


season in the is startlingly short. I'm always happy when it arrives. Here's our first batch from on

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