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awards travel assistance to people who are:

  • coming to Pittsburgh for a conference, speaking or just attending
  • living in Pittsburgh but needing assistance to afford to speak elsewhere in the US

Our funding is purely from individual donors and some small donor-advised funds.

Help us show what has to offer.


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@codeandsupply Small thing: it’s kind to people using screen readers to use camel case for hash tags. In this case: A screen reader will handle the camel case as distinct words instead of trying to pronounce the whole thing as a single word.

minioctt, Italian

Questa non è un’ode all’MSX (me la terrò in serbo per una prossima volta), però cazzo se è buono l’MSX. Ora che lo guardo un pochino meglio, per molti versi sembra decisamente più allettante del NES, e mi sa che rischia di diventare la mia piattaforma #retro preferita, dal punto di vista dello #sviluppo #software. (Riguardo il gaming invece, si continua ad andare semplicemente dove stanno i giochi volta per volta, il resto conta meno di zero.) 🥶️

Lo stereotipo che i giochi #MSX scrollano di cacca in parte è vero, e certamente il NES sotto quel punto di vista rimane migliore, però per il resto… l’audio è oggettivamente migliore (ha più roba dei 4 canali), il video negli altri ambiti è più potente e flessibile con anche diverse modalità (e con MSX2 diviene tutto ancora meglio), e per il resto… l’MSX è uno standard per home computer, non una console, per cui si gode di più memoria senza bestemmie, supporto di prima classe a dispositivi come mouse e tastiera, o anche espansioni più oscure. 👹️

Volendo quasi quasi programmare per questa piattaforma quel recente giochino che ho in mente, perché credo di riuscire a fare qualcosa di artisticamente più valido con le limitazioni d’epoca (ma sento che il NES rischia di essere un mal di testa troppo grosso), ho provato a cercare qualcosa… E inizialmente mi stavo un po’ scoraggiando, non riuscendo a trovare materiale soddisfacente, ma continuando a scavare ho trovato MSXgl; sembra una #libreria multimediale eccellente, permette di #programmare in #C con astrazioni comode per quasi ogni cosa. La documentazione non è perfetta, molti dettagli non sono detti quindi un po’ ho dovuto guardare i sorgenti dell’engine e degli esempi, e un po’ cercare in giro… ma è comunque sorprendentemente ottima. 😻️

Per iniziare a prendere familiarità col tutto, ho fatto giusto questo po’ ora: una ROM che mostra due linee di dialogo senza senso all’avvio, e poi cambia scena e inizia a riprodurre una musica. Ovviamente, gli assets sono quelli di #esempio, non ho ancora iniziato a produrre nulla, anche perché devo prima capire quale modalità video è la migliore per questa mia applicazione… 🧐️https://octospacc.altervista.org/2024/05/18/msx-more-like-sex/

#C #esempio #libreria #MSX #programmare #retro #software #sviluppo



gambling on the msx

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🎵 Friday morning deployments, oh yay~ 🎵

emill1984, Polish
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Ciekawe ile jeszcze potrwaja problemy z zasilaniem - bo przyznam, ze bez ich strony i prognozy to troche jak bez reki

emill1984, Polish
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zyskal funkcje latwego budowania Wiki i "Bazy Wiedzy"

Moze bym w koncu gdzies spisal cala pracowa dokumentacje.. ? 😆

kubikpixel, (edited ) German
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Hach ja, die Schweiz ist ja neutral und hat deswegen nichts zu verbergen... oder... oder?!??

»Russische Software beim Bund: "Das würde unseren Ruf ruinieren"«

🙄 https://www.srf.ch/news/dialog/cybersicherheit-russische-software-beim-bund-das-wuerde-unseren-ruf-ruinieren

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@kubikpixel Dein Zitat ist aber auch nicht wirklich offen….
Suggeriert für mich eher, dass dies eine Aussage aus einem Bundesamt ist. Ist es nicht, weil in dieser Textstelle um Hintertüren geht.

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@rc2225 nicht mein Zitat, das ist der Artikeltitel 🙄

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Java updates for 2024Q2

Three weeks ago, the quarterly (security and stability) updates to various Java source code repositories were released. This means, new packages for OpenJDK versions 8, 11 and 17 are now in my Slackware repository. It took a while but hey, here they are.
For OpenJDK 8 I still use icedtea to compile the Java sources because it is convenient. The more modern


#Slackware #Software #icedtea #java #jdk #jre #openjdk

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One of the most legendary things I've seen in an office was done by a project lead.

His team was meant to refactor a huge obsolete system.

He managed to create a huge complicated diagram along the office wall of the current system, its various parts, and its sub-systems.

He then said, "This isn't worth it." Then he left the office. I was later told that he quit.

His team found it hilarious. They knew they were doomed. 😅

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Nothing more batshit than (like , for example) popping up notifications that you could 'Host a webinar!' and making you click "Maybe Later" instead of "The fuck is this?!".

I need a response dialogue like "I never want to hear a single thing out of you ever again. I am forced to use this godawful software for my job. Do not limit my response to polite noncommittal declination. If I could burn your binary I would."

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@depereo yes

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Hey, any web dev people here?

How would one implement an image / video / zip downloader that first hits S3, and if unsuccessful, then hits IPFS as a fallback.

Like, that type of thing needs to already exist in some form, right?

#software #website #conservation

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@ArneBab @jupiter why not use IPFS before your S3 budget runs out?

My point was that IPFS isn't going to have your file unless people have been downloading it with IPFS, or you are paying a pinning service to host it.

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@schizanon have you tried how user experience differs between both? @jupiter

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Why is writing a working CardDAV/CalDAV server apparently so difficult? I’ve never seen an implementation that is not buggy and messes up my data. Or is it not the server and rather the clients?

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For example, contact photos disappearing or becoming a pixelated mess, random contacts appearing that cannot be deleted, reminders in calendar events getting ignored or reset to the 15min default, etc…

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Can you teach "taste" in design? I'm not sure I can, but I know it when I see it (or fail to).

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It's time.

Thanks – to the countless software developers and contributors who rarely, or never, receive a personal thank-you.

Some of the most challenging projects can trigger unfairly negative responses, when positive updates are offered. To the few developers who are bold and generous enough to take on these extraordinary challenges: a very special thank-you. You know who you are.


😅BBC: North Yorkshire Council to phase out apostrophe use on street signs😭

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@ai6yr currently writing a proposal to rename my street to

Robert'); drop tables streets;--

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clonbg, Spanish
@clonbg@masto.es avatar
@villares@ciberlandia.pt avatar

@clonbg very interesting!
I wish they would adopt a more modern vocabulary of "denylist" and "allowlist"...

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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: NEVER, I repeat, NEVER write your next 200,000 words novel in Google Docs. Otherwise you might get rugpulled.


It's not just Google, of course. When you trust your data to ANY service, you can get rugpulled at any moment without warning. Remember, they have the de-facto control over the data, and you don't.

@Wuzzy@cyberplace.social avatar

What I dislike about the Wired story is they focus too much about an AI having screwed up. That's not the real problem here.

The problem is the whole concept of cloud storage: The corporation has full control over your data.

Whether this decision was made by AI or a human doesn't matter at the end.

The solution is simple: Just store your data on your own devices. And make backups. And never trust corporations.

Yeah, the Wired story also failed to brutally mock her for failing to . 😈

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This guy gets it: "There’s also this oily smell of AI and machine learning in the tech atmosphere, where I no longer feel relevant and I seem to have stopped caring about new tech when I noticed that 8 in 10 articles are about some new LLM or image generation model. I guess I like the smell of wood better." https://alinpanaitiu.com/blog/woodworking-escape-from-software-absurdity/

@ninavizz@mastodon.social avatar

@kentbrew YES!! I've also got new hardwood floors being installed at my house, and just the smell of the burning wood from the sawblades makes my heart flutter. :)

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« As beautiful as code can be – regardless of your definition of “beautiful” – software is always somewhat defined by its utility. On the other hand, art exists per se, without any kind of intrinsic utility rather than its mere existence, and the sensations it generates […] A piece of , following this reasoning, must be useful, and hence is not actually .

But it might as well be classified as artisanal, in the sense that it conveys utility and beauty … »


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@esamecar Today’s app…1 million apps 😝

kubikpixel, German
@kubikpixel@chaos.social avatar

»Autopilot-Technologie - Software für Kamikaze-Drohnen made in Switzerland:
Günstige Mini-Drohnen sind mittlerweile ein fester Bestandteil moderner Kriegsführung – auch dank Schweizer Software.«

Leider wird Technik immer auch von Militärs missbraucht und Menschenfeindlich eingesetzt, auch wenn es unter guten Gewissen erforscht/etwickelt wird.

🪖 https://www.srf.ch/news/schweiz/autopilot-technologie-software-fuer-kamikaze-drohnen-made-in-switzerland

@kubikpixel@chaos.social avatar

Wie schon oben erwähnt, die KI wird von Militärs verwendet und ist mMn nicht bloß nur ein Testlabor sondern volle Absicht, egal von wem.

»Grenzen der Kriegsführung - Israels Krieg im Gazastreifen als Testlabor für Künstliche Intelligenz:
Militärprogramme wie "Gospel" und "Lavender" versprechen im Offensivbereich hohe Effizienz – wegen hoher Opferzahlen sind sie aber umstritten. […]«

🪖 https://www.derstandard.de/story/3000000217909/israels-krieg-im-gazastreifen-als-testlabor-fuer-kuenstliche-intelligenz

@kubikpixel@chaos.social avatar

Die KI wird gerne als DIE Lösung angepriesen aber deren Ungenauigkeit und deswegen Menschenfeindlichkeit meistens ausgeblendet.

»Interview mit Rainer Rehak: „Die Nutzung solcher KI-Systeme muss als Kriegsverbrechen eingestuft werden“«

🪖 https://netzpolitik.org/2024/interview-mit-rainer-rehak-die-nutzung-solcher-ki-systeme-muss-als-kriegsverbrechen-eingestuft-werden/

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#Agile #Software #programming
This is the way

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We are making progress with our new ArtNet-based lighting control system!

The most important ArtNet frames are now implemented. We have also successfully tested the implementation of our new layering concept: Multiple animations (for example flashing and a "Welcome" animation) can now be prioritized and stacked on top of each other. In the video, the flashing has a higher priority and thus overlays the "Welcome" animation.

There are still bugs hidden here and there, but we are looking forward to presenting a first complete version soon!

Video shows multiple RGBW light stripes, which show a turn indicator animation at the beginning and the end and another simultaneous animation in between.

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