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Wait a minute... how did I end up with so many games with cats in?! 🤔

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Speaking of #tabletop #accessibility , did you know I have tips and resources on different parts of the process - from the web in general (posts, sites, people selling stuff) writing to layout to PDF formatting? And if you need more detailed help or have a project coming up, you can contact me~!

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Miniatures for the Star Fleet Battles . Guaranteed to infuriate purists

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Does anyone know of any good RPGs that dip into
themes and aesthetics? I want to find a game to DM for my group.

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@hpkomic I feel that any TTRPG can slide into the slasher theme without much effort. "It's a baking RPG! I don't even have a stamina stat!" 😆

hpkomic, avatar

@SKleefeld Oh I am sure I could run a 5E slasher game or whatever, but I am more interested in seeing what gameplay systems exist, especially if they are designed around the concept.


Truncated Octahedron tiling

You know cubes tile space. You may know rhombic dodecahedrons tile space. But did you know truncated octahedrons tile space?

Each cell has 14 neighbors, either (2,0,0) away or (1,1,1) away. These are almost the same distance away (only 15% different).

One advantage is that it works intuitively with cube facings - you can move directly in the 6 cube directions.

Another advantage is it maps well to graph paper ...



... The valid positions are either all even coordinates or all odd coordinates.

So, your graph paper has a scale of 2 for each line. You can either be on an intersection (all even coordinates) or on a square center (all odd coordinates).

Either way, movement is intuitive. Either move 2 in an orthogonal direction, or (1,1,1) in a diagonal direction.

I'd say this all compares favorably with the better known rhombic dodecahedron tiling.


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@isaackuo - what a conincidence! This week my friend Mike Fourman has been using a 3d printer to create truncated octahedra, then using these to tile space. They're really cute.


Hmmmm... :thinknyan:


Are there any particular games that are actually affordable to get into, or preferably even 3D-printer available?


I've been looking at but that's prohibitively expensive - was my second choice and seems a lot more reasonable, but I'd still like to check around.

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@pierose Battletech is a good choice if you don't want large armies, you can play most games with 10-12 miniatures.

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Frage an die Bubble (wenn es sowas hier gibt). Hat wer von Euch einen selbstgebauten Spieletisch?

Mein Eßtisch wird mir zu klein und das dauernde wegräumen bervt auch ein wenig.

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Anyone on Mastodon I should follow for Star Wars Unlimited stuff?


Amost missed posting for National GM Day, March 4th!

Whether you're running the world's most popular RPG, a scrappy indie gem, or a system of your own devising, may your tables be full of good times and memorable moments spent with friends old and new. Thanks for keeping our hobby thriving.

Take a point of inspiration, benny, fate point, hero point, adversity token, what have you!

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So in the Mage: The Ascension setting, as in the other World of Darkness settings, the “sleepers” are largely unaware of magic or that the technology that trickles down from the vastly more advanced technocracy is really the current reality-compatible paradigm of magic… which makes me wonder: what about people who, like in the real world, study and practice magic even though it does not have reality-altering effects and only directly affects the practitioner’s state of mind? Do the Traditions belittle them? Do they try to discourage them from drawing attention to magic? Do they see them as future hopefuls that should be encouraged so that they might one day “awaken”?

I only have one book… the 1994 GURPSified one

anjune, avatar

@RogerBW Not sure where that’s coming from now

RogerBW, avatar

@anjune Everybody thinks they have the answer and all that's needed to make the world perfect is for everyone else to follow their way of doing things. It's not actual race racism, it's mage racism, we are simply better than you and if you disagree you are wrong. Same with vampires, same with werewolves, etc.

Of course you don't have to play that way but that's definitely the attitude the original books take.

carceri, French

Does anyone have any hobby channels to suggest?

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I just ordered my own copy of this game after playing it at a night at our local gaming bar and really enjoying it. I tend to play a lot more video games than board games because the learning curve is so steep for so many and it's hard not to feel flustered or embarrassed trying to remember so many complicated rules, especially while playing with either someone else who is as clueless as you are, or someone who's an expert at that game and tired of having to re-explain the rules to you. But this game is a nice balance of "complicated enough to provide a fresh experience each time" and "not so complicated you'll get stressed out trying to learn all the rules." The artwork is also super cute, especially for a lover like me!

kitclaw, avatar

@toplesstopics I keep meaning to try this one!

I find I have to watch a YouTube video on games before I play them (the complicated ones at least) or I just get frustrated

toplesstopics, avatar

@kitclaw yeeeah I keep telling myself I will but then I dont get around to it, lol. Most of the new games I've been introduced to are through the board game nights at the bar. Some of the dudes that go there will bring massive tote bags with like 20+ board games in it...seriously, lol. But if you can get to the bar early enough to join a game while it's forming, in general they're pretty friendly about inviting new players.


I just failed my will save, I can't resist you.

#HashItOut #TabletopGameFlirting #TableTop #TableTopGames


I rolled a nat 20 on my initiative babe, how you doing?

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The current status of the of my . The (s) and the cabling for the (s) are still to be done. But soon after that, I plan to ceremoniously run to the system for the first time. 🥳
I already have a 1000 watt setup to intercept (s) that have become more frequent recently. We may have to invest in a system in the future. 🤔 (s)

amadeus, avatar

@bste Oh, thank you so much! 🫶 I so look forward to be making music in that space soon. ✨🌟

bste, avatar

@amadeus phenominal! great colors and tons of space, but of course you already know that! love!

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Another day another round of ...

This time it's the world that see jobs being cut just a few days before the holidays. owner axes one fifth of their workforce. Ghoulish behavior for a toy and games producer which is going to rake in big bucks during the holiday season.


Every rare time I play with friends it reminds me that I need more tabletop games with friends in my life.

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@HeathAllyn You have friends?



Does anyone have a rec for me on ? I'm looking for a game that can be played in single player mode during the winter holidays, something chill with artwork that is nice to look at. Thanks! :blobclipboard:


@daisy is it uncooth to recommend your own game? Group of us made this as part of a game jam years ago. It is sort of a choose-your-own story with gorgeous art. (There is also a link to a free online version in the description )


@deetlebee Not at all, I'm glad you shared this with me 😻 The art is absolutely gorgeous, wow! 👏 I'm gonna check out the online version, thank you 🥰

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Reçu aujourd’hui mon exemplaire de relecture de #SansCœur (ou, comme j’aime l’appeler, la « version beta »).

C’est la première fois que je bais proposer un ouvrage en couleurs, donc je vais aussi devoir faire quelques ajustements (c’est un peu trop sombre…)

Une version noir & blanc sera également dispo, pour les budgets plus modestes :)

Comme vous pouvez le voir, le livre est désormais très proche :)

#JDR #JeuDeRôle #Tabletop #TTRPG #IndiePublishing #proofreading #LastTweaks

Photos d'un exemplaire de relecture du jeu de rôle de dark fantasy "Sans Cœur".
Photos d'un exemplaire de relecture du jeu de rôle de dark fantasy "Sans Cœur".
Photos d'un exemplaire de relecture du jeu de rôle de dark fantasy "Sans Cœur".


@PirouEmpyreal merci beaucoup 😘


@PirouEmpyreal et bien je dois admettre que tu sais vendre ton bébé. C'est mort pour le black friday mais je le met dans ma wishlist parceque la proposition de jeu me donne méchamment envie de le faire jouer 😈 💸 🔥

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Mindbug was a delightful little 2 player game. It give you the feeling of a collectable card game. You are both drawing cards from the same deck. It is one of my favorite kinds of games where you must craft your strategy on the fly with the resources you are given. I suspect like with most two player games, it will produce the occasional squash match that is over quickly.

Mjack, avatar

Picked up a copy of Richard Garfield's new little game called Mindbug.

Looks like a way to give the collectable card game feeling without being a collectable card game. Looking forward to a test run tonight.

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Cursed D&D subclass: a barbarian that can sustain its rage indefinitely, but only the DM knows their health.

They confirm hits but don’t tell you damage and just calculate it behind the screen.

ed, avatar

@Haste I LOVE this idea!

BishopFox, (edited )

True or false: organizations are more likely to have mature crisis management programs inclusive of testing exercises and different data scenarios to ensure optimal operation.

Discover the answer for yourself when you download the report focusing on the financial services industry.


@BishopFox tabletop exercises are a pain to build from scratch, but worth it


@Cali Could not agree more - they pay off in dividends.

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