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It looks like France, or this particular brand (Balitrand Home Store, which is super expensive) misses the 1950s, where the man of the family, smart and dandy, is in charge of the barbecue, while his wife and their friends enjoy drinks and admire his skills.

But this isn’t representative of most of us, is it? 😳 Even by the standards of the posh and wealthy French Riviera.

What do you think?

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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Psst. Hey, you. Yeah, yeah, you, the one reading this.

Wanna read some great stories too? Or know someone who does? Because this volume of short stories is free on Kindle until June 1st. https://www.amazon.com/Accidental-Time-Travelers-Collective-ebook/dp/B0CNWWK2MP

Full disclosure, I'm the author of one of those 12 tales. Spread the word, RT liberally, read discussions, et cetera.

Have a nice day, keep being amazing.

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I'm watching for the first time to prep for the collab.

This Rick Sanchez guy has an awfully big nonsexual harem of waifus. I understand why it'd collab with a game all of a sudden.

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And nonsexual is no longer part of this.


Here’s a piece of my IRL adventure from one of the settings of my epic. Just one more bit of research I mention back on .

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This lacks some critical instrumentation.

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The great thing about working from home is that I can immediately play video games after work.

Time to start

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@dopey_kun Do you use your personal computer to work?

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@dopey_kun That really sucks. Time to bust out the Gameboy!

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Five stars: A Quantum Love Story by Mike Chen (2024) begins with the explosion of a particle accelerator somewhere near San Francisco in the near future. Carter is a technician at Hawke, and although this is our first time through the loop, he knows what to expect. He's been tracking it in notebooks, although the notebooks reset every time but the act of writing it down helps him remember. This time, though, he decides to take a different path, and he runs into Mariana Pinada, setting in motion something that will eventually save the world.



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@mvilain @bookstodon @mikechen Give your money to your local indie bookshop and get yourself a copy. :)

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@pussreboots @bookstodon @mikechen Already bought it and the audiobook from Amazon. [sigh]


Reading, and very much enjoying, 'The Dent in the Universe by @ewdocparris

"It can't happen if it didn't happen, but it can happen if it hasn't happened yet.



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🙏 👹


Astrophysicist says he's cracked the equation for
By Sanjana Gajbhiye, 22 Mar 2024

…''[Prof. Ron] Mallett’s theory comes with a significant constraint. “You can send information back, but you can only send it back to the point where you started operating the device.”

In this sense, the is like a one-way message service to the past. You can’t travel to a point before the machine existed''…


🔗 https://Earth.com/news/astrophysicist-says-hes-cracked-the-equation-for-time-travel/

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I did every route in and saw the true ending. The other routes were easy, but I was lucky for getting Mayuri first try because of what they call "flags" for the true ending. So after Mayuri, I easily got the other character's routes except Kurisu. Then, with the help of a guide, I got Kurisu's ending and the true ending right after. I loved to see all story variations, to unlock everything and see that famous true ending! El Psy Kongroo!


@mforester @helligbird I think there are a lot that could work and avoid the issue you found. But perhaps it is just me.

Anyway, you probably saw these already but I think there are a few here that could work well for your needs.


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@rakuno @helligbird I haven't seen these and they are gorgeous. Thank you. 🙂

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It's very subjective when a suddenly starts getting interesting and gripping. To me, it only happened in chapter 6 in . Chapter 5 was OK, but before, it was a real slog. I've been playing the game for months on-an-off like a boring relationship you can't end. It's nice that the story finally picked up for me, but why only after 10 hours? I recommend the game, but damn, it took me a minute.


@mforester @aceattveg @helligbird Yeah. Thank the gods for the skip option to be a normal (and expected!) feature of Visual Novels.

Still going through iterations blind would have driven me crazy.

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@rakuno @aceattveg @helligbird well, if you end up somewhere you've been before you can just skip through or abort and reload. I don't think there are that many choices. I remember them more like dedicated branches, where you get to learn about a specific character in depth and all of them were well written and worthwhile.

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this is the crossover i need

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New post: Been on Mastodon since 2022, reinventing myself here. writer and fan. Enjoy writing/reading & . Am out there in the gender spectrum. If you know me, you know me.

Formerly hosted with WordPress, looking for a new web location that isn't interested in taking my data for AI. Please let me know if you have any leads.

That will do for now. Thanks for reading, be well all.

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I am hosted on https://yoshino.garden/ you can take a look and see it would be a fit for you.

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How many years will it be until we are capable of time travel into the past?

Assume humans dont go extinct first.


@freemo it's always fun to think about it. I deeply enjoyed the 4 seasons of 12 Monkeys. Many other people did. I don't want you to miss out!

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@mjambon I watched it... I liked it more than most shit on tv... wasnt like something im raving about, but i enjoyed it. The original movie is a classic too.

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Your periodic reminder that if Marty McFly from traveled back in time the same length from when it was released in 1985 until now, he would have needed to travel to 1946. Would've been a much different show, I think.

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Still super-proud of this Skylark Duquesne video, which is just me playing the bass for six & a half minutes. Best song I have yet written about

mpi_grav, German
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“Can information travel to the past? Wormholes that function as time machines are a theoretical possibility within the laws of physics”

An article in El País by Ana Alonso-Serrano, researcher at the Humboldt University of Berlin and at the @mpi_grav in Potsdam.

➡️ https://english.elpais.com/science-tech/2024-02-12/can-information-travel-to-the-past.html

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