We Are Lady Parts

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oh my god oh my god 🥰🥰🥰

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Peacock's "We Are Lady Parts" returns for its second season, with all six episodes available to stream beginning May 30.

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@Hotchka omg ! Very exciting!

CortoMunchausen, Spanish

Acabamos de vernos del tirón y ha estado guay.


Huge thank you to @LMac1970 for telling me about We Are Lady Parts. I vaguely noticed it when it was broadcast on TV but didn't watch it.

Now I've binge-watched the whole lot on catchup and it is Fucking. Excellent.

If you're in the UK and haven't yet seen it go to All Four and start watching now. There are only six episodes, you'll be done by this evening and you can thank us then!


@losttourist Aw cheers! Glad it’s not just me! 👍🏻

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@losttourist @LMac1970 Completely agree with this. Such a joy when I was still on furlough

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