Yakima, Washington

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This map of historic built on remix.com makes me want to make a similar interactive online map of the historic lines here in . Map via: https://www.facebook.com/yakimavalleytrolleys

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@alan Oh wow that is SUPER cool!


@alan Beauty! I think folks should makes these maps to show people what public transportation their towns have lost, but could have again.

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Growing your own small business is no easy feat. Chantel Ramirez of Wild Wickzology became interested in candlemaking as she became a new mother, looking for ways to stretch her creative skills. Eventually, her hobby became a fully-fledged business with a focus on sustainability and non-toxic ingredients.

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> / , Yakima County / Washington

A brush fire is burning along Yakima river,

I82 East Bound is closed at exit 44 (Wapato), please take Exit 40 to get off the freeway.

Cam > https://www.alertwildfire.org/region/oregon/?camera=Axis-Elephant&s=09

Watch Duty > https://app.watchduty.org/i/5323#allow-back


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