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Get redmoom @fdroid app #fdroid and save your 👁️👁️

#health #eyes #bluelight


MrSoup, (edited )

Good for phones with older versions of Android. I’ve used it and is a lot customizable in gradience and schedule.

Now Android got the built-in “Night Light”. Still not a reason to downvote your suggestion.


I use it on my Android TV to reduce the brightness further during nighttime. I don’t change the color temperature, though.

fdroidorg, avatar

This week in #FDroid (TWIF):

  • Kiwix was archived, as the last version without proprietary components is unusable at the moment. But the developers are working on a fix.
  • The Stork IM developers have announced that they are working on a completely new app to replace the old version
  • Apps come in dozens, we have 12 new and 12^2 updated apps this week

fdroidorg, avatar

This week in #FDroid (TWIF):

Some of the apps in our repo were affected by vulnerabilities back in October. Most have been updated, but some not. We have a list, where you can check if your apps are still affected.


  • Celestia, a 3D interactive planetarium was added
  • Hypatia got a new scanning feature
  • wallabag was updated again

Kit, avatar

@fdroidorg this is a bunch of gibberish to the average user

Kit, avatar

@fdroidorg "Guys the apps on our platform are unsafe. Please ask the developers to fix it for us"

fdroidorg, avatar

We have a new blog post about the Mobifree project and our role in it.

In short, it's a human-centered, ethical alternative, that champions privacy over profit and believes in collaboration, sustainability and inclusiveness.

fdroidorg, avatar

This week in was published again.

We would be happy, when some more users install 1.20 of our client for more testing before we mark it as suggested for all users.


  • aFreeRDP, LibreOffice & OpenOffice document reader and Green were updated again
  • Frigoligo is a new wallabag app
  • Principia is a new sandbox building game
  • Tailscale was completely rebuilt
  • Conversations and Quicksy were updated
  • ente Photos with self hosted support

wolfytuga, avatar

@fdroidorg @grote
I have version 1.20 on both devices Android 8 and Android 10 (see first picture):

  • On Android 8 I have all the changelogs as shown on F-Droid page for that app (on both examples it shows the changelogs as expected);
  • On Android 10 it shows only a portion of them (it doesn't show on Conversations but on Delta Icon Pack it's there). The weird part is the fact it actually shows some of them but not all...
    I only notice this difference on 1.20, sorry!


grote, avatar

@wolfytuga @fdroidorg For Conversations, if you expand the versions list at the bottom, can you send screenshots of that showing the installed version? Also, what happens when you press that MORE button above the screenshots on Android 10?

principia, avatar

Principia being available for #fdroid has also been mentioned in the most recent This Week in F-Droid blog post!

> Principia, Physics-based sandbox building game, was added too, and the developers wrote a blog post to announce it.

njoseph, avatar

About 10 years ago, before fitness trackers and smartwatches were a thing, there were apps that simply plotted the path that you traveled on a map (e.g. #Strava).

If you want to track an activity that involves moving around, such as walking, jogging, running or cycling there is an app on F-Droid called #OpenTracks. It tracks the distance, elevation and time for each activity. It can show the traveled path on an #OpenStreetMap app like #OrganicMaps and also plot graphs.

#FDroid #Android


@njoseph OSMAnd can also track you, it's a bundled module that you can enable.

fdroidorg, (edited ) avatar

Last week on we've had some exciting news.

Our F-Droid client was updated to 1.20.0. This version improves the handling of repositories, and @grote wrote a dedicated blog post about that:


  • Thore gave a talk about F-Droid in Zürich, which also included some metrics about the most downloaded apps.
  • news about some trading apps
  • wallabag was downgraded
  • we did a rebuild of Freedoom for arm64
  • idTech4A++ and OsmAnd~ were updated

amarok, avatar

I still have 1.19.1 and there's no update of the F-Droid client available 🙁 Will it come later to the official repo?

fdroidorg, avatar

@amarok @grote 1.20.0 is released but not yet marked as suggested version to give us some time to react on possible bugs.

However, you should see it under versions in the details of the F-Droid app.

It should become the suggested version in one of the next index updates.

mondstern, German avatar

Schade, das viele bei kein support haben.
Das können nur wenige, z.b. und

principia, avatar

Principia is now available on #fdroid ! It has been in the pipeline for a while but I woke up today to see that their build of 2024.02.29 had finally been pushed to the repository. You can find it here:

And there is also a news article written about it:

Queenero89, Spanish avatar

Con la app FastLyrics, disponible en F Droid, puedes leer las letras de las canciones que estés reproduciendo en el teléfono.

La app lee la notificación del teléfono, donde aparece el título, y la muestra al momento.

Más rápido imposible.

Queenero89, avatar

@tuneintodetuned Ah!

Yo uso Poweramp. Es de pago (unos 3 euros), pero es bastante buena, con bastantes opciones de personalización. No incluye de serie para mostrar letras.

tuneintodetuned, avatar

@Queenero89 Hacía mucho que no sabía nada de esa app. En su momento también me gustó mucho.

frigoligo, avatar

Another day, another way to install . It is now available on !

Official repo is coming soon (hopefully in a few days).

cryptgoat, avatar

(and Basic) 1.20 is here! 🥳
You gotta update manually for now.

You can now select your preferred repository for each app (see screenshot). Thanks to the @fdroidorg team especially @grote for the new release.

Now, can somebody please implement an option to share the link to an installed app instead of directly sharing the full APK? 😬

rugk, avatar

@grote @cryptgoat @fdroidorg Thanks a lot! Awesome! (This was always so confusing… 🙃)

grote, avatar

Not merged, yet though. Tell @eighthave how the old behavior was confusing and how this is an improvement.
@cryptgoat @fdroidorg

powerampache, avatar

I have made the decision to abandon the pursuit of reproducible builds for .
Despite efforts since late April, the CI build consistently fails.
I removed the feature, and now CI builds fine.
The app will be on the store hopefully in a matter of days.

If anyone has any experience with Reproducible Builds for , any assistance within the next few days is appreciated (before the app is actually on the store).
Thank you.

tom, German avatar

Kennt ihr ?

Ist eine App die einem Orte anzeigt wo noch Informationen für das Projekt fehlen.
Ich gehe derzeit in der herum und versuche möglichst viele offene Fragen wie

> Wie viele Stufen hat die Stiege?
> Hat der Spielplatz eine Überdachung?
> Aus welchem Material ist dieser Weg?
>Wie hoch ist hier der Bordstein?
> Welche Art Fahrradständer ist hier?

usw. zu beantworten.

Ich muss sagen dass ist sehr niederschwellig gemacht - prima! Dort wo etwas nicht beantwortet werden kann, kann ein Kommentar (auch mit Foto) hinterlassen werden.

Einzige Voraussetzung ist ein Account bei OpenStreetMap (kann in der App angelegt werden) und los geht's.

Ich muss sagen dass ich die Seestadt damit bis in den letzten Winkel kennenlernen werde. Einige Winkel hab ich schon die letzten Tage kennengelernt, wäre ich sonst nie hingekommen.

Nebenbei gehe ich zu Fuß und kann helfen OSM noch besser zu machen als es schon ist.

P.S.: Es gibt auch einen "Team Modus".

StreetComplete gibt's natürlich auch in

Wanda, German avatar

Kennt sich jemand von Euch mit den Datenschutzbedingungen usw. der Kikom-App aus? Bei uns müssen die jetzt alle Eltern nutzen, Zettel soll es gar nicht mehr geben.

Ich selbst wäre da ziemlich angepisst, wenn man mich zwingen würde, eine App zu installieren, die es nicht auf #fdroid gibt...

Man kann sie zwar auch über den Browser nutzen, aber ich denke, die meisten unserer Eltern benutzen/besitzen gar keinen PC.

#Datenschutz #kikom #instikom #Fedieltern #kiga #kita

llionesista, Spanish avatar

¿Algun lector pdf recomendable para android al que no le tengas que vender tu alma para que funcione?
Si conoceis alguna opcion en , mejor.

fdroidorg, avatar

@llionesista All the software in F-Droid is soul-payments free. 😁

fdroidorg, avatar

This week in (TWIF) just landed.

We've had interesting behavior with phones that did not tell the truth about their capabilities, and fun debugging armv7 / arm64 builds of SimpleX.

Also, we have 4 new apps:

  • Kitsune - for your library
  • Open Biking - Bluetooth application for generating training on an indoor bike
  • Self Attendance Tracker - Attendance Tracker for students
  • mensen - App for Dresden’s canteens


when was the last #fdroid sync?

fdroidorg, avatar

@nuclearfog you probably know that builds and signing take some time and that it's a continuous process (

But for your question: the last index update was 4 days ago

Billie, avatar


Does already support targetSdk=34 ?

Billie, avatar


Just for reasons... things I do on a rainy weekend...

Since I already updated the targetSdk to 33 for and the , I am currently updating to also target the 33.

Just wondering if I should go straight for sdk version 34, but not sure already supports it.

Usually, I feel more safe to stay 1-2 versions behind the latest available.

fdroidorg, avatar

@Billie Any SDK is welcome, even 34.

jedie, German avatar

Gibt es eine bessere Lösung für mit und co?

Listet per auf,kann aber noch kein deutsch.

findet das berruntergeladene model Datei nicht.


@jedie eSpeak funktioniert bei meinem lineageOS 21. musste OSMand neu starten, damit es den Wechsel von RHvoice kapiert hat.


@jedie für was brauchst du mbrola?

fdroidorg, avatar

This week in #FDroid (TWIF) was published a few hours ago.

The current topics include the redesign of how to enable the archive repositories, and that it's not ideal yet.

Also, we have 3 updates:

  • Aurora Store is ready for manual update and will be the suggested version on the next index update
  • Grazer Linuxtage had to rename their application ID, so you probably have to re-install it
  • NewPipe is finally reproducible again, and 0.27.0 fixes a lot of bugs

ButterflyOfFire, avatar

@fdroidorg Thank you 🙏

retiolus, avatar

I could add analytics on my Android app #osm2gmaps, with my own #Matomo server that I already have, but I don't want to.

But I just would like to know how many persons downloaded it, but I can't with #FDroid 😭

fdroidorg, avatar

@retiolus The privacy users can count on. You're welcome! ;)

mxmehl, avatar

A new @fdroidorg board of directors has been appointed, steering the governance of this great community which is so crucial for user freedoms!

My term as part of the founding board has ended, as planned, to make room for new blood. All the best for the new board members Juliana Sima, Peter Serwylo and Sebastian Crane (who serves as Chair), as well as the continuing directors @mlemweb, Andrew Lewman, @kirschner, @johns, @downey, and 's technical lead @eighthave!

uvok, avatar

I'm 99 % sure I found a music player for Android on some time ago, specifically allowing pitch correction (flat / sharp; semitone is the word I'm looking for) , and playback speed modification, which was handy for practicing guitar. But I have no idea what or was called anymore. Any idea?

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