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Warner Bros. Studio Tour London celebrates Prisoner of Azkaban's 20th anniversary with "Return to Azkaban" | Wizarding World (www.wizardingworld.com)

"From a first-time appearance of the Divination classroom to surprise Boggarts and the Monster Book of Monsters, the Studio Tour is celebrating 20 years of Prisoner of Azkaban in the most fantastic of ways this summer - with plenty of new additions to look forward to....

Gary Oldman Says His Harry Potter Performance Was "Mediocre" (www.gamespot.com)

Oscar-winning actor Gary Oldman starred in the Harry Potter movie series as Sirius Black, and the actor credits the role with making him a better father. But Oldman didn’t love everything about the Harry Potter series. On the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Oldman said his performance in the films was “mediocre.”...

Harry Potter’s stunt double: ‘Breaking my neck made a man of me’ | Interview (archive.is)

The routine had already been rehearsed. A fight with the snake Nagini was supposed to send Harry Potter flying. And it certainly did that. David Holmes, Daniel Radcliffe’s stunt double, felt the impact, and it hurt. But that was the nature of stunt work. He was always taking a knock, and showing off another bruise....

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