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Have to post this one. Back when better TV was on. #Max

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@mikemathia nice! Thanks for reminding me of this show, it’s on the viewing list now :)

mikemathia, avatar


Of course. That's my dude.

If you need an additional resource, reach out, I'll give you access to them. :)

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Trying to watch 'AQUAMAN: THE LOST KINGDOM' on and it's already clear this one is not as good as the first one. Eh, at least I'm not paying for it. 😐

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@jacklaridian Opportunity cost...

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“‘I would absolutely not fly a Max airplane,’ said Ed Pierson, a former Boeing senior manager. ‘I’ve worked in the factory where they were built, and I saw the pressure employees were under to rush the planes out the door. I tried to get them to shut down before the first crash.’

‘I would tell my family to avoid the Max. I would tell everyone, really,’ said Joe Jacobsen, a former engineer at Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration.”

Vonskinnback, avatar

@aral just capitalism killing people again...

fogelnet, avatar


This should help folks avoid them

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Two new episodes of "Sort Of" are out in the US on

OMG do I love this show.

hpkomic, avatar
paul, avatar


I know, right. Made me mad. This was a great show. Great cast, great writing and photography.

A rare gem.

jann, avatar

WTF #Max!!!?? 🤬 #Julia

'Julia' Canceled After Two Seasons at Max - Variety


@jann Two seasons is a win unfortunately these days. Julia was fun.

genecowan, avatar

@jann Max is just fucking with us now.

TimStarling, avatar

PHP core devs when they write on the internals mailing list:

"We should cease defiling our beautiful language with compact() and extract() and variable variables! PHP is too great to permit such abominations!"

PHP core devs when they write code:

ptr ## __ptr
ZEND_MAP_PTR_DEF(type, name) \
type * ZEND_MAP_PTR(name)

CHECK_RGBA_RANGE(component, name, argument_number) \
if (component < 0 || component > gd##) { \

TimStarling, avatar

@Girgias Sure, to be fair, the ZEND_MAP_PTR macro is by Dmitry whose code tends to be brutally pragmatic, and I don't see him on the lists asking for rough edges to be filed down even if it would make his job easier. I can relate since I lean more towards the pragmatic end of that axis (elegance being the other end), although I wish he'd write a comment every once in a while.

Girgias, avatar

@TimStarling Same Tim same.

Frankly, adding comments feels like the main thing I tell people to do when doing code reviews.

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Max's Looney Tunes Cull Continues as Warner Bros. Removes Classic Shorts and Movies - IGN


Watching Inhumans on

mikemccaffrey, avatar

@markramseydotcom Is it any good? The only reason I'd watch it is Anson Mount.


@mikemccaffrey it's meh 🤷

a_fuzzy_viking, avatar

**HBO Max trying to market defeaturing as "New Features." What the absolute fuck. **
Aligns directly with @pluralistic comments on enshitification of the internet.

majorlinux, avatar

If it isn't a price increase, it's a plan decrease.

Max is thanking long-time subscribers by taking away 4K - Desk Chair Analysts

breadbin, avatar

@majorlinux I smell a streaming bubble. A bursting bubble.

majorlinux, avatar

@breadbin Same here.


anyone else enjoying 'Scavengers Reign' as much as i am? it feels like i've been waiting years for a show like this—like a fully animated weird/horror sci-fi in pure Moebius animation. it's beautiful so far!


harriorrihar, avatar

@Chancerubbage @sethkinkaid

Well, for something to be completely Moebius, maybe it would have to be Moebius. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Chancerubbage, avatar

@harriorrihar @sethkinkaid

That birb flying about in that shot, very reminiscent. Mushrooms coulda been anybody though.

TheSpaceshipper, avatar

The first three episodes of the long-awaited Scavengers Reign animated show are now available on Max. Reviews are good.

Don't complain that there's no original sci-fi if you don't watch this original sci-fi story whose art direction seems halfway between Moebius and Ghibli. 😊

#scavengersreign #max #TVshow #animation



@TheSpaceshipper I'll keep tabs on it for when it jumps to a service I subscribe to!


@TheSpaceshipper Just watched 2 episodes. Really good. I love original stuff like this.


If you've always been curious about the #MeshBody development in #OpenSim from Ruth 2.0 to the new #Max project, @Ai Austin has you covered in his blog: Tate's Blog wrote the following post Sun, 15 Oct 2023 11:59:49 +0200

History of the Development of Max

History of the project, current Ruth2 and Roth2 avatars, testing models,
managing artists and the community social media channels. Further
resources for the Max, Maxine and Maxwell mesh avatars is available at
Timeline 2017 – Shin Ingen creates original … Continue reading →

View article

View summary

#^History of the Development of Max

History of the project, current Ruth2 and Roth2 avatars, testing models, managing artists and the community social media channels.

Further resources for the Max, Maxine and Maxwell mesh avatars is available at

Timeline- 2017 – Shin Ingen creates original Ruth 2.0 and Roth 2.0 avatar meshes in ZBrush.

Max, Maxine and Maxwell

The new underlying avatar created directly in Blender by Ada Radius is called “Max” which can be morphed into female and male variants called “Maxine” and “Maxwell”. The avatar armature is refined via research on the character folder in SecondLife/OpenSim viewers

RuthAndRoth GitHub Organization

In 2019 Fred Beckhusen created the GitHub RuthAndRoth “organization” as a shared community umbrella to improve open source community management of the project. Ada Radius, Ai Austin and Serie Sumei continue to act administrators.

Github Organization:

There are several code and resource repositories available:- Ruth – the original Ruth 2.0 RC#2 and RC#3 and Roth 2.0 RC#1 resources with Git archival branches for the releases.

  • Ruth2 – Female mesh avatar – Ruth2 v4.
  • Roth2 – male mesh avatar – Roth2 v2.
  • Extras – attachments and resources of interest for open source avatars.
  • Skins – open source skins.
  • Reference – archive of Second Life and OpenSimulator avatar-related reference files.
  • Max – repository for the new Max, Maxine and Maxwell avatars.

A simple management approach to code and resource contributions and preparation of releases is taken at present. There is a “Contrib/ which any creator may establish and into which they can commit their own contributions. Hence they can make them available to the community for testing and feedback.

Repository issues can be raised for discussion and a repository “Wiki” allows for useful documentation. Social media channels, in particular via Discord, are available to discuss developments, issues, testing, etc.

An OpenSim community region on OSGrid called “RuthAndRoth” is available to allow any user on any grid that implements the “Hypergrid” protocol to get in-world prepared resources and boxed releases. There is a Second Life marketplace also called “RuthAndRoth” for boxed release items. An avatar “RuthAndRoth Resident” exists in both OpenSim (on OSGrid) and Second Life to “own” the canonical version of each released item.

Resources and Social Media

Note not all of the resource below by any means will contain Max, Maxine or Maxwell relevant content at this early stage, but the links are here for possible future use.- GitHub:
- Github Organization:
- Github Repository:

  • Social Forums and Discussion:
  • Second Life:
    • Second Life Group: “RuthAndRoth” (free to join) – Group name place holder.
    • Second Life Group: “Ruth and Roth Community” (free to join) – Most active and recommended for use.
    • Second Life Marketplace Store: RuthAndRoth
  • OpenSim:
    • OSGrid Inworld Location: hop://
    • OSGrid OpenSim Group: “RuthAndRoth” (free to join)
    • OpenSim Kitely Market: RuthAndRoth Store (products not currently listed)

Contributors to Max- Ada Radius
Ai Austin
Curious Creator
Kayaker Magic
Linden Lab
Serie Sumei
Sundance Haiku
Tom Ernst aka Owl Eyes

Contributors to Ruth2 v4 and Roth2 v2 Development- Ada Radius
Ai Austin
Chimera Firecaster
Duck Girl
Elenia Boucher
Fred Beckhusen
Fritigern Gothly
Joe Builder
Kayaker Magic
Lelani Carver
Leona Morro
Linden Lab
Mike Dickson
Noxluna Nightfire
Sean Heavy
Serie Sumei
Shin Ingen
Sundance Haiku

Previous Core Contributions to Ruth2 and Roth2 Avatars- Original Ruth 2.0 RC#1, RC#2 and RC#3 and Roth 2.0 RC#1 meshes modelled in Zbrush by Shin Ingen with rigging and vertex weight maps by Ada Radius.

  • GitHub Repository management and testing by Fred Beckhusen, Outworldz LLC (Ferd Frederix), Ai Austin and Serie Sumei.
  • Revised mesh, rigging and vertex weight maps by Ada Radius.
  • Improvements to feet meshes by Sundance Haiku and Curious Creator.
  • Fingernails and toenails by Sundance Haiku.
  • UV map is CC-BY Linden Lab.
  • HUD mesh, textures and scripts by Serie Sumei using modifications to original scripts by Shin Ingen and nail enhancements by Sundance Haiku.

#RuthAndRoth #Ruth2 #Roth2 #Maxine #Maxwell #OpenSimulator #SecondLife #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #LongPost

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Pick your Tropical Storm vacation. Cat 2 near Mazatlan? Or a tropical depression fading out near Acapulco?

W6KME, avatar

@ai6yr N6XEW will be there this week too. Exciting times...

ai6yr, avatar

@W6KME LOL Can't wait to hear about that one.

weathermatrix, avatar

Today's storm in Canada is really something to behold with a tail of clouds extending all the way back to TSs & TS in the Eastern Pacific.

zoom_earth, avatar

Tropical Storm has formed near southern Mexico.

Follow updates here:

zoom_earth, avatar

Tropical Storm this evening near southern Mexico

Animated satellite imagery

zoom_earth, avatar

The sun rises over Tropical Storm near southern Mexico. Winds reaching 60 mph.

Animated satellite imagery


Today, I had the wonderful pleasure of having the original developer of the software come and speak to my students! I know nothing about max, , or / (my avenue into code had nothing to do with music) but I followed along and made this little . He was incredibly generous with his time and expertise and he rolled into the room rocking a laptop running Linux which impressed more than a few students. Seriously such an inspiring visit!

Kroon125, Dutch

In Amsterdam werd een bijeenkomst gehouden tegen het Oekraïense nazisme en de wapenlevering aan Kiev.

van den berg is er ook bij. Bron ''RIA Novosti''

Deelnemers gingen naar het stadsplein met posters "Stop fascisme en nazisme in Oekraïne", "We zijn de oorlog beu", "Laten we voedsel kopen, geen wapens", "De NAVO provoceert een oorlog tegen Rusland en Oekraïne."


Hotchka, avatar

has renewed for a third season. The Season 2 finale streams August 24.

Hotchka, avatar

@smooz I've not heard good things about the second season, though.


@Hotchka oh no! I’ll have to wait and see myself. 😬

Studio_Gal, avatar

the show "Barry" is problematic for me, my daughter & SIL swear by it but its style of violence & humor is just not doing it for me.

#HBOMax as was



I loved it, but I get it. I normally avoid watching violence, but Barry was, for me at least, like watching a very well-done, live-action roadrunner/coyote cartoon.

Studio_Gal, avatar


I have evolved a little bit, having accepted the video-game violence of "The Last of Us" (took me a few episodes to understand that what I was watching was literally originally conceived as a game); but the Barry violence is too testosterone-y for me. But my daughter & her husband swear by it, and I've learned (starting w/Breaking Bad) to listen to my kids when they tell me something's good!


Watching Harley Quinn on

mikemccaffrey, avatar

@markramseydotcom is this your first time? It is so good.


@mikemccaffrey yeppers

cgrymala, avatar

I really wish the dev team over at Discovery would stop breaking things in the app on .

Now, in order to use captions, you have to go back to the Roku home, turn captions off on your Roku, then go back into the Max app and turn captions on in the app when you start the episode.

You have to repeat that whole process for each individual episode you want to watch. If you start an episode with captions already turned on, they won't work.

dtgeek, avatar
joule, avatar

I mean, I was on that Legacy plan, now they're offering me 4.99 a month? Should I? Honestly, I would rather pull my hair out if I was forced to watch an ad on the platform. There's nothing else to watch on Max now! like, omg, a million TV shows and still, nothing.2.Watch...

joule, avatar

meh.. I cancelled.

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