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I have accepted a job starting late this year, but may be about to receive another offer much sooner. I definitely want to do the later one, how bad would it be to accept the first then leave?

I have already been offered and officially accepted a gig which represents a continuation of a move towards work in a new sub-field for me that I really want to move in to, but it’s just a short term contract like the many I’ve been doing over the years and afterwards I’ll have to return to scrounging for the next gig...

What are some of the most demanding physical job tests?

Many jobs, especially in law enforcement, the military, and firefighting, require candidates to pass rigorous physical tests as part of the hiring process or to maintain employment. These tests are designed to evaluate strength, endurance, agility, and other physical capabilities needed for the job. The passing scores are...

How can I stream while remaining anonymous?

I want to create a live stream using AI voice changer and deepfake technology. I don’t mind the avatar being realistic or anime. I don’t need a VPN, and it’s fine if the streaming platform recognizes me as long as my personal information isn’t revealed to the viewers. I’m looking for recommendations on the appropriate...

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