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Bringing the cancer of the MODERN WEB (TM) to one of the last bastions of the old web (aka the real web!). How Kafkaesque. (

This girl acts like Wikipedia owners don’t realize this shit. It’s about principles. Modern web is simply cancer that is eating out the planet from the inside, one TCP segment at a time (although with HTTP3 and QUIC we gotta call it a datagram!)....

First draft grammar of Xeph, a non-pure functional language, a superset of ASDL. Input is needed. (+ guide on reading EBNF) (

Please tell me what you honestly think of it — this is not a ‘labor of love’ exactly, I only spent a few hours on it. But I think its a strong foundation for what comes next. The implementation, I hope, will be an orgy of love!... -> A Perl script that preprocesses C with garbage collection! (

Automatic garbage collection in C is possible with libraries like libgc, but with, you can just preprocess your file into generating heaps, and these heaps can be used for memory allocation. The type of GC is used, mark and sweep + reference counting. Every memory allocation MAY have a trace, and this trace can be...

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