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Compromised Microsoft Key: More Impactful Than We Thought | Wiz Blog (

This really doesn’t make me love cloud identity management. It’s exactly the scenario (kind of nightmare one) where you attack the cloud infrastructure and get access to many different customers and apps… potentially in a way completely undetectable by you. At least with local identity providers they have to compromise...

Need recommendation of SSH client with host management

I’ve been working on a project that I need constant access (and executing commands) among at least 3 hosts in work. I’ve been using SSH’s Host function to manage which host I’m connecting to. However, I find it increasingly annoying that I can’t see which host I’m connected to via the tab on my terminal emulator...

Patch Tuesday Megathread

Hello c/sysadmin, and welcome to the Patch Megathread! I’m editing this post and leaving it up as a single catch-all sticky post for patch days for the time being, since we’re not seeing enough activity to warrant new threads IMO. If someone wants to help moderate / curate content and actively create new patch day posts,...

"Among other things, Suncor employees have also been told in recent days not to use social media on company devices or let people tailgate behind them into an elevator." (

Suncor is replacing employee computers after a cybersecurity incident last week shut down debit and credit processing at Petro-Canada gas stations across the country, among a series of other security measures at the Calgary-based company....

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