People should direct their anger towards capitalism, rather than being upset with artificial intelligence

In the whirlwind of technological advancements, artificial intelligence (AI) often becomes the scapegoat for broader societal issues. It’s an easy target, a non-human entity that we can blame for job displacement, privacy concerns, and even ethical dilemmas. However, this perspective is not only simplistic but also...

Where is the update?

I don’t mean to sound like entitled or anything but I happily and immediately paid $20 for this app when it came out. And there were a ton of updates and now it has completely stopped. And while that worked for sybc before with Reddit. It’s not acceptable here with how often Lemmy is upgrading and changing. This app is...

Joe Biden’s Last Campaign (

For better and worse, he is a more solemn figure now. His voice is thin and clotted, and his gestures have slowed, but, in our conversation, his mind seemed unchanged. He never bungled a name or a date. At one point, he pulled out a white notecard inscribed with some of Trump’s most alarming comments: his threat to terminate...

Who else has silly cues for their dog?

Back when I was training folks on how to work with their dogs I had a mantra that “training should be fun for everyone”. While part of that was advice on how to engage their dogs with training games, the other piece of that was that the humans should be having fun with the training as well. Part of that was having cue words...

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