Founder effects identify languages of the earliest Americans (open access) (

Abstract: The known languages of the Americas comprise nearly half of the world's language families and a wide range of structural types, a level of diversity that required considerable time to develop. This paper proposes a model of settlement and expansion designed to integrate current linguistic analysis with other...

The invention of writing on Rapa Nui (Easter Island). New radiocarbon dates on the Rongorongo script (

Abstract: “Placing the origin of an undeciphered script in time is crucial to understanding the invention of writing in human history. Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island, developed a script, now engraved on fewer than 30 wooden objects, which is still undeciphered. Its origins are also obscure. Central to this issue is...

A new pterosaur from the Middle Jurassic of Skye, Scotland and the early diversification of flying reptiles (

Abstract: “The Middle Jurassic was a critical time in pterosaur evolution, witnessing the appearance of major morphological innovations that underpinned successive radiations by rhamphorhynchids, basally branching monofenestratans, and pterodactyloids. Frustratingly, this interval is particularly sparsely sampled, with a...

In Canada, è stato trovato il fossile tridimensionale di una pianta che non somiglia a nulla di ciò che conosciamo (

Nella provincia del New Brunswick, in Canada, è stato trovato il fossile tridimensionale di una pianta. Lo stato di conservazione è buono. Il fossile risale a circa 350 milioni di anni fa, nel periodo carbonifero. La forma della pianta è completamente diversa da quella delle piante attuali. Secondo la ricostruzione, la...

Stable isotope chemistry reveals plant-dominant diet among early foragers on the Andean Altiplano, 9.0–6.5 cal. ka (9,000 to 6,500 years ago) (

Abstract: Current models of early human subsistence economies suggest a focus on large mammal hunting. To evaluate this hypothesis, we examine human bone stable isotope chemistry of 24 individuals from the early Holocene sites of Wilamaya Patjxa (9.0–8.7 cal. ka) and Soro Mik’aya Patjxa (8.0–6.5 cal. ka) located at 3800...

Analyses of the brown stain on the Parthenon Centaur head in Denmark [Open Access] (

Abstract “In 1688 two sculptural fragments, a head of bearded man and a head of an unbearded youth, arrived in Copenhagen, sent from Athens as a gift to King Christian 5. They were placed in the Royal Kunstkammer, their provenance given as the Temple of Artemis in Ephesos, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Almost a...

Global Music Composition bibliography (

Here’s a Global Music Composition bibliography I’ve been working on the past couple years. Initially grew out of Thai Music Composition bibliography, the entries of which haven’t all been added to the Global bib. I’ve compiled them as an aid for composers (especially those with ethnic heritage’s outside of Europe/North...

What’s next for bioimage analysis? [Nature Methods] (

The July 11th editorial in the journal, Nature Methods offers an overview of a suite of articles focused on the future of image analysis. The editorial and the technology feature are both available to read for free, while the other articles are paywalled. Here’s an index of the articles for anyone who might be interested:...

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