Can the act of assigning a score to someone constitute a decision? (

This, in essence, is the question the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) had to answer in Case C-634/21. And the Court’s answer is yes, following in the footsteps of the Advocate General’s opinion on the case. Rendered on 7 December, this ruling was eagerly awaited as it was the first time the Court had the...

Wie der Sächsische Rechnungshof versucht, die Zivilgesellschaft an die Kandare zu nehmen ( German

Das staatliche Neutralitätsprinzip schützt eigentlich einen staatsfreien politischen Prozess, in dem sich „die Willensbildung vom Volk zu den Staatsorganen hin vollzieht, nicht umgekehrt von den Staatsorganen zum Volk hin“. So hat es das Bundesverfassungsgericht in seiner Grundsatzentscheidung über die...

Taking Revenge for Dissent: Hungary’s Chief Justice to Fully Eliminate Judicial Autonomy (

Hungary’s latest judicial reform in May 2023 came in response to EU decisions to suspend the country’s access to funds due to serious rule of law concerns. The reform aimed, among other things, to strengthen the independence of the Kúria, the Supreme Court of Hungary. Experience to date shows that while on the level of...

Trick and Treat? Hungary's Game of Non-Compliance (

Almost a year has passed since the European Union decided to block the payment of EUR 27 billion in union funds to Hungary under several instruments. Access to the largest part of the frozen funds - altogether EUR 13 billion - depends on whether Hungary complies with its undertakings to strengthen judicial independence. The...

The Pilnacek case – A challenge also for the European rule of law (

With the “Pilnacek” case, the debate on corruption in Austria – ongoing since the „Ibiza affair“ (May 2019) but largely inconclusive so far – is heading for a new high point. The affair showcases massive political influence on the Austrian criminal justice system and proves that it is challenging to bring the problem...

Perils and Pitfalls of Israel´s New ´War on Terror´ (

Over the last weeks, we were forced to realize that the way our – i.e. German – public opinion (and politicians) react to the ruthless assault of Hamas on 7 October differs markedly from the intuitions of the broad public in the Islamic world (and large parts of the ´Global South´ in general). Whereas our media (and...

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