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"Amazon Prime customers in the US now get free GrubHub+ delivery"

I try to order through the restaurant directly, using their preferred delivery mechanism.

I worry that GrubHub, DoorDash, etc., adds to the cost of food, cuts into the restaurant's take on an order.

This a fair take?

Details here...
#Food #Amazon #AmazonPrime

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@davemark Not all restaurants now have dedicated delivery people, they outsourced this to grubhub, uber and others.
with these services i can now order from places which are much further away from my home. I just pay delivery fee + usual tips. so I'm in for these, but still rarely use.

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Let the kosher food truck revolution begin!

"The #kosher #food truck has emerged as a substitute for traditional brick-and-mortar eateries that the small #Jewish community of 6,000 couldn’t sustain. It follows the ways of similar food trucks that have popped up across the country and beyond."

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I bought The Green Roasting Tin recently, and have tried a few recipes from it mainly to save time in cooking more complex foods, but still have plenty of veggies etc.

So far, I'm impressed!

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metin, avatar

… My wife will disagree though. 😅

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Everything is prepped to make the gumbo. I just have to... make the gumbo.

MsHearthWitch, avatar

And it's burbling... I deserve all the gold stars.

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@MsHearthWitch ⭐️ ⭐️

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Growing up in Southeast Asia means that on the hottest day of the year, all I want to eat is the hottest (temp) food I can get. So, pho for breakfast it is.

In general all breakfast foods should have reached boiling temp for me, and be eaten with as much chillies as possible; never ever sweet

Lizette603_23, avatar

@skinnylatte I know right????? I use a lot of Korean chili flakes, but even though they warm, that's not the same. I too want hot drinks and hot food in hot weather.

Lizette603_23, avatar

@skinnylatte I had my dna mapped a few years ago and found according to them something like 2% dna "association" with Japan. They never defined that for me. That was years ago, they more than likely do very different kinds of mapping now.

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After 6 years of wondering ‘why am I much more depressed in SF than in Singapore / Malaysia / Indonesia’, I’ve done everything, seen everyone, done all the therapies, but I’ve just realized that the difference is ‘I don’t eat noodles for breakfast every morning’ in only one of those places.

So, I rectified that today and it’s looking like my theory has legs. And noodles. And happiness.

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@skinnylatte Today in support of this hypothesis I ate noodles for breakfast.

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skinnylatte, avatar

My breakfast / lunch picks.

Note my idea of breakfast may be quite different!

  • pho at pho2000
  • banh mi or bun bo hue or chao long at Mong Thu
  • kwayteow radna at Lapat’s
  • relleno negro stew at Los Yucatecos
  • bbq pork shoulder and rice, or khao soi, at Sai Jai Thai
  • the brunch at Lapisara (try the laab burger)
  • the $9 Latin fried rice and roast chicken at Cantoo
  • salted egg yolk croissant, or banana bread, at sweet glory
  • sandwiches at Salty’s

skinnylatte, (edited ) avatar

(Yes, I know about Saigon sandwich. I’m explicitly not listing them for a reason: I don’t like that style of banh mi, but it’s the best banh mi for everyone else and you should def still go there)

  • house special no 7, at Hai Ky, soup on side
  • banh mi at Hello Sandwich
  • burritos at Marcella’s
  • bagels at Angel Deli
  • tacos at Chuy’s Fiestas II
  • fried chicken and grits at Brenda’s
  • any wraps at Van Ness Cafe
  • momos at Red Chilli
  • tandoori tangdi kebab and haleem at Shalima
skinnylatte, avatar

15 years ago I was making travel / food videos for fun. I want to do it again, but I’m scared of becoming a ‘YouTube creator’

#Food #Travel

GeePawHill, avatar

@skinnylatte I certainly enjoy your food threads, TILs by the dozen, and also your photography threads, TILs by the dozen.

As a content creator myself, I have to say, I have come to believe there is almost no way to do it that doesn't imperil right livelihood.

I have seen some people do it, but they are very rare, and very gifted, and very lucky. I once thought I could, and now don't think I can.

skinnylatte, avatar

@GeePawHill I think I’d like to do it just for fun and to teach and share but I would be afraid of relying on it for income

skinnylatte, avatar

This is the first tempeh I’ve had on the west coast that tastes like tempeh to me. I feel like when most people here say they don’t like tempeh they really mean they haven’t had decent tempeh.

This brand is from Eugene, OR and available at Rainbow Grocery in SF and other retailers

Indonesians should look away from the price to avoid excessive shock to the system

#Food #Tempeh #TootSea #Indonesia

skinnylatte, avatar

(I don’t know what the tempeh situation is on the east coast but since there are many, many Indonesian grocery stores there I imagine it’s better)

The difference between Indonesian tempeh : Surata tempeh : Whole Foods / Trader Joe’s tempeh is like amazing artisanal cheese : pretty decent deli cheese slices : Kraft cheese (in this analogy the expensive Whole Foods tempeh is the Kraft cheese)

Sort of one note and bland and flat

skinnylatte, avatar

Just like tofu isn’t something only vegetarians eat in most of Asia, tempeh also isn’t only for vegetarians in Malaysia / Indonesia. Most people would be shocked / surprised to hear it has vegetarian / vegan connotations

Obviously it can be used by veg people, but they are not often prepared in veg ways there

MsHearthWitch, avatar

My house smells like pot roast and freshly baked bread. It's so wonderful.

#Food #MySlowLife

westerling, avatar


Although I have to say, I got as far as "my house smells like pot..." and I was like WHAT and then I saw "roast" and all became clear. 🤣

MsHearthWitch, avatar

@westerling I mean, I do live in BC...

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after two pretty borked sourdough loaves, i finally got my act together and got the right consistency for a perfect rise.

vga256, avatar

@billgoats i’ve been playing with the recipe a bit to get the massive rises i see in our local bakery’s loaves. i’m not there yet, but i’ve learned my lesson with making it too wet

paulrickards, avatar

@vga256 Looks great!

derPUPE, German avatar

don‘t post pics in today

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MsHearthWitch, avatar

Chicken lettuce wraps for dinner. Super simple and absolutely DELISH.

Thinking for lunch tomorrow I'm gonna use the leftover chicken on rice, topped with the cucumber.

elfkin, avatar

@MsHearthWitch That looks so fresh and crunchy. 🤤

MsHearthWitch, avatar

@elfkin It isssss. I can't wait to eat it ALL THE TIME this summer.

Nonya_Bidniss, avatar

Best Ever Simple Lentil Soup - I printed this recipe years ago and can no longer find it online. I added some smoked turkey this time.

liztai, avatar

Had fantastic Ughyr food with a pal today.

Roti with chicken
Scallion pancakes
Lamb skewers

jrr, avatar

@liztai which one is this? Would love to try.

liztai, avatar

@jrr it's called Mee Tarik. Has several branches around town :)

JanetteSpeyer, avatar

A delicious dessert twist on tahini. I am used to eating halvah but I’d love to try this. #sweets #dessert #food

Posted into GLORIOUS Desserts @glorious

LibrarianRA, avatar

McDonald's Fries - June 1974
#McDonalds #FrenchFries #Advertisement #Food

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America's favorite ketchup delivery device.

andycarolan, (edited ) avatar

I loved the food from this place yesterday. Maybe they will open one in my home town... if not, I will need to move closer to one! 😅

The Vegan options were so good. Also, a full list of allergens were easily available on the ordering screens.

[Edited to crop out image of meat in store window]

PCurd, avatar

@andycarolan we have several in Reading - founded by the same people as Pret, I think. It’s our usual choice when we want a drive-thru but don’t want to be so unhealthy. Sadly it’s not an actual drive through but you can park outside and order from a counter!

andycarolan, avatar

@PCurd Oh that's interesting! They have some awesome food on the menu don't they!

grrlscientist, avatar

"veganism is the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet"

skinnylatte, avatar

Today’s baking adventures: I made pizza dough, Persian tea raisin spiced cookies, and made a riff on pain de mie using spelt flour and labneh

Sadly I don’t have a Pullman loaf tin


Japanese Coffee Jelly is a simple dessert made with strongly brewed black coffee, sugar and cream. It's easy to make and makes a refreshing treat in the summer, or whenever you need a pick-me-up!

Recipe link in the replies! ⬇


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