joel, (edited )
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So, yes, I have an now, and here's why...

Day 56 of


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C'est la vie.

Honestly, if i had to carry a corporate-assigned phone with me, I'd rather it be an iphone than some scarily-modified android machine.

I'd never buy a single accessory for it, though. If it breaks in a fall, and they couldn't be arsed to give you a five dollar Spigen case, that's bloody well on them.

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@joel I have the SE too and it’s nostalgic for sure. It’s so small. You will survive as your work only phone 😂

The good thing is you can test out iOS only apps now.

dziq, Polish
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Czy ktoś kojarzy jak wygląda backup i jego przywrócenie w kontekście posiadanego planu eSIM? Czy po przywróceniu ustawień telefonu, przywróci się również eSIM?

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What could be the problem when my #iPhone 15 keeps dropping down to Edge, while my older iPad Pro stays at 5G just fine, when roaming in CZ? Both use a mobile subscription from the same operator, #Telia in Finland. Rebooting the phone helps for a while.

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Possibly it was a problem only in the train. Now it stays at 5G or 4G just fine.

Riduidel, French
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Un ensemble d'éléments pour transformer votre iPhone en téléphone beaucoup plus simple, pour arrêter d'être soumis au flux constant de notifications. Je me demande si l'équivalent existe pour Android ... https://dumbph.com/turn-iphone-into-dumb-phone #iphone #attention #notification #contrôle #tutorial

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Chez toute la famille, j'ai pris l'initiative de couper les notifs sauf sur les applications de messagerie et SMS.
Je vois tellement de gens être noyés de notifs. Quelle horreur.

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Papierfalten in gut: Ein Ständer fürs iPhone.

  • Pro-Tipp: Man muss nicht weißes Papier nehmen, es geht auch spacegrey und champagner-rosè. Auf Umweltschutzpapier bitte nur Fairphones!
  • Pro-Tipp2: Wenn man vorher das Apple-Logo aufs Papier druckt, kommt es einem automatisch wertiger vor.


#iPhone #Tipp #Lifehack #Blogit

srueegger, German
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Wo zur Hölle meldet man in der App eigentlich einen Bug?

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I've just appended '_nomap' to the name of my WiFi (SSID) because apparently that's the only way to stop every passing from capturing the SSID and sending it with its location back to Apple, who use it to create a global database which tracks devices that offer WiFi or have a WiFi hotspot.

Every person with an iPhone is a roaming mule and doesn't give a shit about anyone's or the potential harms creating such a database enables. Remember that.

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@markhughes Google's been doing this (with the same lame _nomap opt out) since 2011, Microsoft also do it unless you have _optout and Huawei require _nospy
Might be time to just turn off SSID broadcast..

paul_denton, French
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Bidouille: j'ai validé il y a quelques mois le micro sur mon iphone pour doctolib et depuis, impossible de me faire entendre de mon médecin en téléconsultation sur mon macbookpro sauf à éteindre mon téléphone. J'ai beau regardé dans les réglages, je ne vois pas que le micro est relié à Doctolib, je suis en train de m'arracher ce qui me reste de cheveux. Si quelqu'un a une idée? (par pitié, ne me dites pas de virer Doctolib, j'ai déjà essayé)

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@paul_denton tu as d'autres applications où le micro fonctionne correctement ?
Si non : c'est peut-être tout simplement que ton tél est choisi comme micro pour tout l'OS, vérifie le périphérique choisi dans les Réglages Système dans Son/Options dʼentrée.

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Et voilà, au moment de se connecter, le son ne fonctionne pas grrr c'est pourtant bien le macbookpro qui est mentionné pas mon Iphone 💀

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I cannot, for the life of me, get my head around the #iPhone’s storage restrictions, iCloud or otherwise. Yesterday I deleted a 1Gb audiobook and half a dozen podcasts. Today I put a 500Mb audiobook on it and now it’s not even letting me refresh my mail, that’s how full it apparently is. No other apps updated or anything. Don’t understand the math.

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The view from my hotel room in Kampen, where I’m staying for a few days to play at a wonderful chamber music festival. In the picture the huge cathedral that towers over the town.


It's insane thinking about how has nailed touch scrolling right out of the bat from the first phone, and phones still have not figured out how to do it right. Not just on touchscreens but on trackpads too, only has managed making something as "simple" as touch scrolling as intuitive, magical, and true to life (instant response, the exact amount of weight and inertia as you'd expect from what you just did with your finger) SYSTEM WIDE (and not app-dependent) while laptops still makes you feel like you're better off with a mouse. I use an Apple Magic Trackpad on my PC and it feels great and was one of the best investments I've made, but it will never be as good as it'd be on and that feels like a crime. Since no one has figured it out, I unjokingly wish the EU or CCP make it compulsory for Apple to teach everyone else in the industry how to implement this seemingly simple thing, so right.

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The shadow of Mordor

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Now released: Version 1.1 for iPhone, iPad, and macOS, with new rain and wind chart options, and localizations in French, German, and Italian. Thanks so much to the testers that helped me refine the translations. Any mistakes are my own, please let me know if anything doesn't seem quite right!


A screenshot of Looks Like Rain, a weather app for iOS, showing the wind and rain charts in Italian and English.

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I've never seen the in Northern California before. It was faintly visible with the naked eye, but pure magic with my iPhone! A mix of 3 and 10 second handheld exposures.


matt, (edited )
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What operating system is your phone running?

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I got an old eXperia from my mother and it turned out that //e/OS had a ROM for it.
It worked really well until the back started to fall off 🙄

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@Jkp "It worked really well until the back started to fall off" -- made me laugh :face_laughing_with_sweat_drop_fb:

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This is 2.5 years old. Is 89% maximum battery capacity about what I should expect? 📱🔋

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@danielbowen My 1.5 year old is at 88% already. The always-on screen and me being an iOS developer probably worsen the battery health more quickly.

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I'll admit I love my iPhone 15 Pro.

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@simoncox LOL does it still work well? Is it supported still?

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@pch Yep works beautifully! You have a better camera and better battery but that’s it. It is running the latest iOS and works with my watch perfectly. 😀 as yet absolutely no reason to upgrade! Just got myself a new 12 South Journal cover as my Book Book cover wore out and finally fell to bits!

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Another small exclusive today.
Provenance is still coming to and , regardless of Nintendo's takedown request about Yuzu .

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