OC Microshift Appreciation Thread

This afternoon I switched installed an Advent X drivetrain on my commuter. The derailleur was easy to work with, the shifter feels solid, and best of all, the price is very reasonable.

I appreciate that they are trying their best to not let the big two dominate completely. Some of the Marin's we sell come with Microshift and I'd love to see more brands follow suit.


I appreciate not only that they are given the big two some needed competition, but also that they are filling in the gaps that are being otherwise neglected: solid performance mechanical shifting with a moderate number of speeds.


Great point. With my shop discount, it was only about $130 for derailleur, cassette, shifter, and a new chain. 10 speed, 11-48t, perfect for a 1x do-it-all commuter (perhaps even excessive.)

Doom_Cough avatar

I ended up with Microshift budget stuff on my rebuilt Walmart hardtail, and it's all been great. I think I ended up with a cassette on my fatbike too as I lost my old modded XT after I went SS for a few years.

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