Canada Politics

'We have to do it right': Canadian government won’t rule out changing immigration targets to address housing challenges, Fraser says | CTV News (

Canada’s housing minister says the federal government isn’t ruling out changes to its ambitious immigration targets, but maintains the country should also focus on what it can do to increase housing supply when it comes to addressing current housing challenges.

Air Canada Introduces New “Vomit Free” Seating Class For Additional $50 | The Toronto Harold [satire] (

Mississauga - Following last week’s incident where an Air Canada passenger was forced to sit on a vomit covered seat, the air line says they’ve taken steps to ensure that won’t happen again as long as flyers are willing pay. The airline has introduced a new seating tier called “Vomit Free”, that wi

Country with massive housing shortage not sure what to do with all these empty office buildings | The Beaverton [satire] (

OTTAWA - As employees continue to express their desire to work from home, owners of downtown office buildings aren't sure what they will do with all this unused space. Also in unrelated news Canada has a huge shortfall in terms of housing supply that is on the verge of causing a financial crisis.

Poilievre pitches 'common sense' as Conservative policy convention kicks off, delegates energized | CTV News (

The Conservative Party's moment has come to sell Canadians on its 'common sense' plan, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre told his caucus on Thursday, as they gathered in Quebec City for the federal party's three-day policy convention where controversial policy pitches risk impacting the party's broadening appeal.

LeBlanc says he'll meet with Han Dong soon to discuss his future with the Liberal Party | CBC News (

Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc said Thursday the government plans to meet in the coming days with Han Dong — the MP who left Liberal caucus to fight a claim that he meddled in the detentions of two Canadians — to discuss his future with the Liberal Party.

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