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Cats are finally getting their Hollywood meow-ment, according to the Hollywood Reporter, with moggies taking lead roles in shows like "Ripley," "A Quiet Place: Day One," "The Marvels" and "Argylle." James Hibberd talks to directors Matthew Vaughan and Steven Zaillian about casting troubles and the influence of Taylor Swift, and to animal trainer Jo Vaughan about how she gets our feline friends to do what they're told. Just for fun, tell us which of these you think is the most iconic movie cat. For the sake of this poll, we're not considering animated cats, nor other felines, so sorry Simba, Baby and the Cowardly Lion, you're out of luck.

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It was a resounding victory for Jonesy, Ellen Ripley's plucky companion, but there were many cats people would like to have seen represented in the poll, including Pyewacket from "Bell, Book and Candle," DC/Darn Cat from "That Darn Cat" (who was played by the same cacttor as Tao in "The Incredible Journey" Jake from "The Cat from Outer Space" and Thomasina from "The Three Lives of Thomasina." "Star Trek" was well represented in the suggestions — Booker's cat, Grudge, from "Discovery," Spot from "The Next Generation" and Isis from the episode "Assignment: Earth." As @ilfazzo pointed out, one of the cats in our poll was not, in fact, a cat, but actually a flerkin, which got us wondering, which other characters are played by cats, but aren't actually cats? 🤔

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@CultureDesk oh, you can't leave out Disney's The Cat from Outer Space! It's the only movie I can think of whose main character is a cat!

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@CultureDesk Goose is not a cat, she's a flerkin.

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@ilfazzo Hmm, good point — perhaps we shouldn't have included her. Trying to think of other characters that were played by cats but were actually not cats...

sisu42, avatar

@CultureDesk Spot, Star Trek:The Next Generation.

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@sisu42 This is the second "Star Trek" cat to enter the chat (after Grudge from "Star Trek: Discovery").

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That Darn Cat

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@SteveThompson Yes, someone else mentioned D.C. — we didn't include him in the poll because he was played by the same actor (Syn Cat) as Tao in "The Incredible Journey" but perhaps D.C. was a better performance, or we could have included both...

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