Every time I see this, I stop and read the whole thing. It endlessly fascinates me.


Omg I had this book as a kid and I spent sooooooo many hours just looking for tiny details on it, ah the nostalgia!


Aha! I knew I recognized this. But on the last one I didn’t see the poor guy shoveling poo, so I thought it was a different one. But nope, there he is, still shoveling poo


What book is this, exactly? I think I had it too. Wanna get it for my kids!


Stephen Biesty is the illustrator and he did a series of these. This one is Castle Cross-Sections, but they’re all fantastic. If you like this style of book, also check out David Macaulay’s books including Pyramid, Cathedral, and City.


I dunno, I don’t remember the title. I think it was in the same series that had like, airplane cutaways and stuff though

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