Fuel Cells - Bloom Energy to Receive up to $75 million in Federal Tax Credits for Fremont Manufacturing Plant - Hydrogen Central (hydrogen-central.com)

Bloom Energy Inc. (NYSE:BE), a leading provider of clean energy solutions, was recently awarded up to $75 million in tax credits by the Department of Energy, Department of Treasury, and the Internal Revenue Service under the Qualifying Advanced Energy Project 48C initiative.

AVL's 150kW/liter Hydrogen ICE | Professional Motorsport World (www.pmw-magazine.com)

Hydrogen may not be flavor of the month for car makers, either in fuel cell or ICE form. Despite this, one area in which it will almost certainly play a key role in decarbonization is racing. The heat of competition is where AVL, best known for its test benches, measurement devices, simulation tools and a long history of engine...

“Massive new industry:”Fortescue opens 2GW factory to build its own hydrogen electrolysers (reneweconomy.com.au)

Andrew Forrest’s iron ore and energy giant Fortescue Metals has officially opened its 2GW hydrogen electrolyser factory in Gladstone, Queensland, using in-house technology that it says heralds a massive new manufacturing industry for Australia.

Tokyo bets big on hydrogen with moves to boost commercial fuel cell vehicles (mainichi.jp)

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is doubling its budget for hydrogen-related initiatives from fiscal 2024, seeing them as key to combating climate change. While previously supporting fuel cell vehicle (FCV) purchases and the establishment of hydrogen fueling stations, the focus is shifting to promote the adoption of hydrogen...

Roll embossing: New system revolutionizes production of bipolar plates (www.fraunhofer.de)

Climate-friendly fuel cell systems, which are set to power machines such as vehicles in the future, are still rare and expensive these days. There are several reasons for this, including the complex and costly process used to produce bipolar plates — a key component in electrolyzers and fuel cells, which are needed for many...

India’s green hydrogen push presents a $125 billion investment opportunity by 2030: Avendus Capital (www.pv-magazine-india.com)

Avendus Capital’s latest report on green hydrogen estimates cumulative investments of $125 billion by 2030, across the value chain spanning electrolyzer production, renewable energy generation, and green hydrogen and green ammonia production in India.

New platinum-based hydrogen fuel cell as cheap to make as conventional car engine (www.miningweekly.com)

The brand-new platinum-catalysed hydrogen fuel cell system that has just been released for passenger cars reveals that fuel cells can be as cheap to manufacture as internal combustion engines (ICEs), UK company Intelligent Energy has highlighted in a release to Mining Weekly. The company’s patented system has been designed to...

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