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Should MUDs evolve to attract new players, or stick to their past to keep the current ones? (

I have played Armageddon MUD for over a decade and have noticed a rising sentiment within the community that can only be described as reactionary. Whenever a change to the game is proposed, a change that would in theory address the game's balancing issues or make the game more fair for newer players, a group of old players rise...

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Welcome to Atharia (

Welcome to Atharia. A world where magic is commonplace and there are 4 known kingdoms. The mortals angered one of the Gods, Larthin, who decides to take ‘time’ from each mortal as retaliation and some of the mortals strive to appease him. There is a fanatic religious cult that works against the mortals. There is royalty,...

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Greetings new MUD community!

Hello everyone. I’m glad to see an alternative to the subreddit. Unless my settings are somehow wrong, I believe this is the first post here. I don’t play muds all that often as I’ve been busy doing other things, but one of these days I’ll hop back in and get it figured out, starting with mudlet. (Heh, I’ve been saying...

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