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guyrocket, in Albion - Second Branch (Brân and Branwen) [Medieval Metal] [2021]
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That's a nice mellow metal song. Is all medieval metal that way?

Albion - "Gaudete"


Somewhat. Try "Falconer". They have a sound a bit like this.

mihnt, (edited ) in Being - Arcane Academic [Progressive Metal, Djent] [2013]

This is one of those bands that I wish had more music out. The Walkaway was such a dicktease. It was a great song but there were rumors there was more coming out and nothing ever did. Love every track they’ve ever put out, but I want more.

(What happened to Holocene?!)

EDIT: OP’s link to the album isn’t right. Correct link here: thebandbeing.bandcamp.com/album/anthropocene

A link to their most recently released single

Mbourgon, in Dallian - Satori [Symphonic Metal, Death Metal] [2018]

Thanks, OP! Just came across this, and found this from a review on angry metal guy:

(I’m now listening to the whole album - that’s a great track!)

“…Automata sounds exactly as steampunk death metal should: bombastic, dark and adventurous. “As Within, So Without” through “Vãsanã (वासना)” represent an astounding run of high-quality tracks, and “The Swine Dialectic” is a top-notch banger. If you don’t mind an epic album with some minor dings in the sheet metal, pick Automata. I can guarantee there is nothing else out there like it. –TheKenWord”

troyunrau, in Deafcult - Ame Solitaire [Shoegaze, Noise Pop] [2023]
@troyunrau@lemmy.ca avatar

I would like a version of this with the guitars pulled :)

littlebluespark, in Dark Numbers - Shallows [Stoner Metal, Progressive Metal] [2019]
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From the Upper Left Coast, no less?

southsamurai, in Cthuluminati - A Thin Line [Progressive Black Metal] [2019]
@southsamurai@sh.itjust.works avatar


feedum_sneedson, in Die Woodys - Fichtl's Lied [folk music] [1984]

weep woop

avater, in Die Woodys - Fichtl's Lied [folk music] [1984]
@avater@lemmy.world avatar

just to make it clear. Even as a german I have no fucking idea what is going on in this music video.

Tylerdurdon, in Die Woodys - Fichtl's Lied [folk music] [1984]

I’m going to make love to this later and it will be glorious.


Why do you think that man has a smile on his face?


I did it. Music blasting, wife in complete confusion, mission accomplished (aircraft carrier sign in the background, marching band plays).


FYI ChatGPT refuses to render that image.

southsamurai, in Borealis - Forgotten Forever [Power Metal, Progressive Metal] [2011]
@southsamurai@sh.itjust.works avatar

That’s most excellent!

Rolando, in [†Я▲СΣS ❍F GΗ❍5†5 - ÁNA! ŢÛ NO EŔÈŠ ĽÁ MÈĴÔŔ (Ţhê pąįŋ įŝ Ĥāŗðěŕ) [Witch House] [2016]

Far out stuff, I’ve got to learn more about Witch House.


@Rolando https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLetUYbqLQA

This is the highest-rated Witch House album on RYM.

It's also Electropop.

Alter_Id, in JaJaTao - Spring [Grunge, Noise Rock] [2016]
Alter_Id avatar

Holy fuck; this is phenomenal!

Varyk, in Ali-color - 月に寄せる子守唄 [Classical Crossover] [2018]

I can’t find any information on the band, do you know anything about them?


No idea. Here's the bandcamp link: https://ali-color.bandcamp.com/album/-


How’d you find them? There’s obscure and oooobscure, haha. Thanks for sharing


I'm pretty good at this lol. I know what I like, and I use sites like rateyourmusic lol


Rad, I appreciate you spelunking the the tune catacombs

Varyk, in The Amazing Devil - Marbles [Baroque Pop] [2020]

Christ their voices are beautiful, especially harmonizing together.

And pretty funny lyrics

Jakdracula, in The Bitter and Sick and Die Alones - Hell [Dark Folk, Post-Rock] [2020]
@Jakdracula@lemmy.world avatar

I liked that.

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