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@leodurruti Ho avuto la fortuna di vedere i Birds in Row per caso al La Maroquinerie a Parigi nell'inverno 2017. Bomba totale!

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@leodurruti Secondo me, se posso permettermi di consigliarti, la cosa più fica che hanno fatto i Birds in Row, ê l' EP "Personal war". Dacci un ascolto!

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In a week and a day from now, if the employees of the Deutsche Bahn decide so (aka: no strikes, heh), I will be seeing live again to the amazing Serena Cherry with her equally amazing band, Svalbard.

Svalbard "Eternal Spirit"

by @loewe

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So, there is no album yet and no EP in 2023 but three single releases by our @ascendency and it does fit into @DXMacGuffin choice for a special category of the (from @derthomas and @Kitty). It’s the one "left me wanting more". I’m hoping there will be an album on the horizon for this band in 2024.

Here are the three 2023 singles:

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What a way to start the @HailsandAles's 2023 with the category set by @Kitty "Best Female Lead"

I have, indeed, listened to plenty of female lead metal bands this year, and I feel naming just one is leaving so many more behind. But if I have to pick one, that's for sure:

🏆 Serena Cherry, front woman of Svalbard.

Hear her shout about being a front woman in the metal media.

Svalbard "Click Bait"

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Hello Fediverse, we're excited to announce that we just released our new track, "SUNDOWN"! Check it out on Bandcamp:

Or choose your favorite platform:

Mixed and mastered by @dereisenhofer. Enjoy! 🌇

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I have heard their name before. And honestly, my first reaction was kind of rejection. In a country with a band called "Viva Suecia", find another called "Viva Belgrado", honestly, sounds cheap and tacky.

However, today I dared to listen to their music and it is everything but cheap! In fact, I very much like their sound.

This is my today's proposal for (by @AqiDraco)

Viva Belgrado "Báltica"

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Somehow I’m just not getting it right with the contributions for @Banur. I’m hoping it’s still totally fine, I’m using it generously on all days but Saturday.

An early or first for me, here’s a band from Braunschweig, Germany.

Abandoned In Destiny ~ System Failure

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Hey Fediverse, we just released our new track, "Doom Crows"! Check it out on Bandcamp:

Or choose your favorite platform:

Mixed and mastered by @dereisenhofer. Enjoy! 🤘


Oh, @Kitty, guess which band I am submitting for your
??? 😀 ???

Here’s a band that has caught my attention this week and I’m going to pimp them to any hashtag I can. @ascendency are also represented on the Fediverse along with their talented guitarist @bestiaexmachina and producer @dereisenhofer

This is their latest Single, released in June 2023

Ascendency ~ Still Alive

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I just bought this album on Bandcamp:

Escape from Future Palace

There is something about their style that I really like.

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@jxrxme "Was macht ihr?" - "Alles"

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@thomas Praktisch, dann kann sich jeder Fan sein Lieblingsgenre aussuchen!

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Oh nice - Future Palace are on Bandcamp!

I'm listening to their 2022 album "Run" and I'm still impressed by the sheer number of catchy tracks on it!

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Bought the album!

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