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Maybe just a lukewarm (see what I did there?!) take this time: I don't want to see a hard-R Star Wars horror movie or anything focused on an unrepentant Imperial or Sith.

None of that is on-brand for Star Wars in any way. Yes, yes, "it's a setting," but it's also a style and a tone. Andor was pushing it a little, but fundamentally it was about finding hope and meaning, and being something better than your darkest temptations want you to be. Or, barring that, about sacrifice. I can handle some...

And SPEAKING of Revenge of the Sith, it's not much better than AOTC.

It suffers from much of the same stilted dialogue, unnatural editing choices, chemistry-less acting, and violating of the "show don't tell" principle as AOTC. We were just ready for it, looking forward to certain plot events, and denouement is going to be more satisfying than the middle chapter. There are also a few very...

Excerpt from THE ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE Novelization of Revenge of the Sith (

Read it. Just read it. Purple prose blending into faux Hemingway masculine terseness and back again, shallow asides that are tonally off from any of the movies, including ROTS, and beating you over the head with the relationship that AOTC failed to show us. It's trying so very hard, and it's just not good....

The trade federation-- the fediverse welcomes you!

To those that have migrated from Reddit or are brand new to communities like these, I just wanted to let everyone know that this is a community. I am listed as the "owner" but we can all post articles (the equivalent of a post on reddit), as well as microblogs (which are kind of like an extended comment section for the entire...

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