This is total bullshit, I live in the state not pictured and I know tons of trans people who are openly accepted by the community


That’s great. I’m really glad to hear it. It’s not that they don’t exist. It’s that they are subject to violence under the law.


waves from behind enemy lines hiiii


It’s much more nuanced than that, different parts of some states act very differently from the rest.

Take Colorado for example: the same state that was the first (along with Washington) to legalize recreational weed, but it’s also where Boebert came from.


Yeah this map would have much smaller areas. If you broke it down into safe counties or something


Idk, it would just look different. There are also trans friendly places within the omitted states (e.g. Austin, Texas)


I think it would prob be a population density map. Higher populations like cities tend to be better at accepting people (massively generalizing)

ZeffSyde, (edited )

Apparently, Utah can be added to this. Though they vote overwhelmingly Republican they are surprisingly supportive of lgbtq rights , at least according to a video I saw yesterday.

I think it was called Why is Utah Weird? I think Bobbybroccoli did it.

Anyone from Utah with a different experience, please correct me so I don’t spread any more disinformation.

Edit: Just read down about 30 comments and apparently I was gaslit by a YouTube video. Whoduhthunk?

paultimate14, (edited )

That would have been from the channel ~~Half as Interesting for anyone… Interested. ~~ Wendover Productions. My bad - Half as Interesting is front he same people, but shorter-form content.

ReveredOxygen, avatar

Close, but it was actually on Wendover


Oh thanks I forget they’re technically two separate channels.


Yeah no… They have bathroom bills that require you to have appropriate sex change documents. It’s one of the spots bathroom gestapo check your papers. Also trans care for youth has been banned and 4 anti trans bills have passed in the 1st quarter of 2024…Utah ain’t safe gov’ner.


The video was well researched and overall a very good description of life in salt lake, less so in other counties like st George. As he said in the video 80% of the population resides in “the valley”, and he didn’t really concern himself with the rest of the state. I also wouldn’t choose to live in Provo or Spanish Fork as a queer person despite them being in the valley, but I wouldn’t consider them dangerous or actively hide it there.


Can somebody give me a better explanation of how NH keeps ending up red on these maps? As a trans person who’s lived in both NH and VT for very large parts of my life, I’ve found that they’re really, really similar when it comes to trans rights. Hell, NH is one of the few states to cover laser hair removal and electrolysis for facial hair under medicaid for trans people. Vermont doesn’t even cover that and has repeatedly shot down any attempts to add it.
Also even though both states cover breast augmentation for trans people, Vermont refuses to cover it for me because I have a deformity and require a slightly different procedure which they go out of their way to explicitly exclude, whereas in NH that procedure is explicitly also covered.

I’m assuming there’s something deeper and more sinister going on in NH if it’s red even despite that. I wouldn’t doubt it tbh. I can’t move back there because they intentionally illegally shut off people’s disability benefits hoping they just won’t bother to appeal the decision, so I’m not blind to how awful the state can be.


Only thing I could find were laws that were introduced, but none that passed, listed on anti-trans legislation trackers. But that doesn’t seem like enough reason given how easily outliers can introduce bills that have no chance of actually passing. Here’s some recent news related to anti-trans legislation in NH:…


I really wish my friends and family would understand this. This is something that I have to worry about, all of the time. It causes me constant and immense stress.

“I would not be welcome here if they knew.” - this is what I have to be aware of, all of the time. I do volunteer work and often drive out to rural areas - stopping at gas stations where they’d leer at me if I wore a mask inside 2 years ago… - am I safe if I get pulled over?

I’ve sat at workplace trainings and heard the things that they think about people like me - debating on if there’s a way that I can say something that won’t call attention to myself. I turn on the news or scroll through Facebook and see an endless stream of debates on whether or not I should exist.

All I want is to inject myself with testosterone (which my insurance does not pay for). I want my drivers license to say M. I wanted, and paid for, a mastectomy. Testosterone makes me strong enough to carry folding tables for homeless shelters. It helps me turn my anger into energy. It helps me exist.

I don’t understand why that bothers people so much. No one gave a shit ten years ago. My Pentecostal family were happy to call me their son. Trans people are just a convenient boogey man as part of a long term backlash strategy against gay and women’s rights.


am I safe if I get pulled over?

Honestly, that seems a big concern for my mom about me and I’m not sure if she even thinks I’m trans. Its just things like me growing my hair out that make her worried about more less favorable treatment if I were to get pulled over. My mom is an extremely butch lesbian, so I’m sure she’s had her own experiences but she hasn’t said much along those lines.


All LGBT are safe and welcomed in Oregon and Massachusetts, my two home states in my life :)

I love living in blue states that value people and their rights


Unfortunately, not all of our states are safe. While the population centers are mostly ok, there are plenty of places that are not safe. I had an acquaintance (gay) describe Eastern Washington as “fine as long as I don’t act too gay”.


Yes you’re sadly absolutely right. I live in Oregon these days and the PDX area is quite nice but if you go south east, it is like you describe with eastern WA.

Piece of shits have to have their bigoted safe-spaces i guess


What did NH do?


NH is a “Live free or die” kind of state….dying seems to be what they are doing these days because they sure as fuck are not living free….


I appreciate the response, but can you give specifics? I would have figured NH would have committed to the whole “leave me alone” vibe, but it sounds like not. Have they been passing anti-trans legislation or something similar?


Not in that sense, but that they are absent on this list. They also have not legalized weed like the rest of the northeast.

I like to poke at their state slogan :)


I don’t believe anything has made it into law but anti trans legislation has passed in the House recently.…/nh-house-passes-bill-t……/new-hampshire-rally-gender-affirming-c…

They’re also trying to ban trans girls from playing sports.

Sununu strikes me as big enough of a dipshit to sign legislation like this into law, too.


I’m sorry, but honestly this reads like someone who lives in a bit of a bubble. Essentially every state has bigger cities filled with LGBT people who live there fine.

stebo02, (edited ) avatar

Fine or not it’s still nice to not have a government that might take away more of your rights every other day.


I agree, sadly basically every state is going for your rights, just different ones.

Kolanaki, (edited ) avatar

Let’s be honest: Is there anything worth visiting in those missing states, anyway? Sure, Disney World is in Florida, but have you ever been to Florida? It sucks. Hot and humid as shit. Rains every single day at about 5pm. Gators and Floridians everywhere… Even the magic of Disney doesn’t outweigh all that.


Cajun food is great. Basically, southern food in general is good. You can’t get boiled peanuts up north. Besides food? Not really.


Do you know how easy it is making boiled peanuts?

Its literally just peanuts boiled in salty water forever

Super easy in a slowcooker or even a regular pot

You can have them whenever and wherever you want


Note: the above is talking about raw peanuts, which are very hard to find up north. Doing this to a bag of roasted peanuts will make you very sad.


Ok fair point. Raw peanuts arent too hard to find here down south. There is a farmers market grocery store by me that i can get them delivered from

I did try it with roasted peanuts the first time and like… it technically worked but raw peanuts turn out way better

Kolanaki, (edited ) avatar

Cant get boiled peanuts up north

Canned or fresh? Because I can buy them canned. I wouldn’t but the option is there!

But I do agree the food is good. Southern and Cajun both. Also Creole.


I’ve done canned. They fill a hole that I miss, but fresh is special.


Minnesota State fair. Boiled peanuts were added in 2022.


BigBananaDealer, avatar

southern bbq


I mean… Dave Anderson’s Old Southern BBQ is called southern… Won some awards.

To be fair, I have only had BBQ in Texas and Memphis, so grain of salt.

Else you have black market st. Paul - wouldn’t call it “southern” when it’s -10 degrees and they are smoking up some pork, but damn good smoked BBQ.

BigBananaDealer, avatar

my buddys been to an old southern bbq restaurant a handful of times. he says its either the best bbq youve ever had or the driest shit on earth 😂 and its not even a different location


Yeah Famous Dave seems to have lost a step since he sold his namesake…


But then you have to be in the Midwest…


Well, but you have an international airport close by, a major mall, rent’s in the mail, and you can always find a parking space. Women out number the men two to one and there’s parks and zoos and… Shhh.


Eh Maryland, and Baltimore in particular has everything from grits to chowders. If you’re thinking about a crawfish boil/stew/gumbo, they have those too, and the superior crab version.


I agree the crab is better, but not the Cajun food. I’ve lived in Alabama and NoVA and there’s a large difference. I’ve also lived in southern VA and SC, and they’re all different. Each have benefits, but real Cajun is special.


Ah well we’ll have to disagree then. I grew up in Maryland and for my money the food is the best in the world.


I don’t believe that any food is the best in the world. Everywhere does something better than somewhere else. That’s what makes the world great.


Parks. Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, the Everglades, that sort of thing. Some truly spectacular nature.


Atlanta has cool stuff like conventions. Savannah’s city center part is a nice place. Ohio has some really big events. I can’t think of any other reasons to go


Friends and Family?


There’s Disney California.


it’s the better one given how shit FL is these days and they don’t got a Disney California Adventure Park either


Wyoming and Montana have absolutely amazing mountains. I say that as someone who lives in the third best mountains state. They have mountains as good as ours but without as many people in them.

Alaska is simply amazing, one of the best places I’ve ever been in the summer. I can’t wait to go again.

Otherwise nah fuck that shit


Spent a cumulative 5 or 6 hours driving in Florida. I saw orange groves, retirement communities, trailer parks, and barren highway. THAT’S IT. Hell, I was hungry coming off the plane and decided to pick something up on the way to where I was going 90 minutes away. I did not see a single food place. That’s unheard of in civilized states.


Fuck even the most barren bi ways usually have a deli in the local store or whatever.


National parks in many of them.


Yeah, Utah has Arches, Canyonlands, Zion; Wyoming has Yellowstone and Devil’s Tower, Montana has Glacier… And I know I’m leaving out a ton. I hate Utah’s theocracy, but the landscapes are mesmerizing. Everyone should get to see those wonders without fearing a lynching.


It sucks but those other states don’t matter. Culinary wastelands full of poorly run operations. They had some nature but they paved it over.

Dozzi92, avatar

Shit, I’m as lucky as they come, straight white male, and I don’t want to visit any of the missing states, except for Savannah, Georgia, which is just a nice time.

Upstate NY probably not so Trans friendly either, but always gets lumped in with NYC. It’s really a wasteland outside of maybe the finger lakes region. Saratoga/Lake George are all right too.


Upstate NY is also pretty pointless. You get to the TPZ bridge and best turn around.


For all the fucked up shit in the South, the food is amazing.


It is pure diabetes and heart disease


Culinary wastelands? Cajun/Creole cuisine is some of the best this country offers. Barbecue. Fried chicken. Come on now.


Cajun is A level, but let’s not pretend the south has a monopoly on BBQ and Fried Chicken in the same way as Louisiana and Cajun. And when it comes to southern seafood, Maryland is right there on the map.


Fine. You get one city and the rest is wasteland. Now lie to my face and tell me that your flyover state small town has options beyond traditional diner and pizza.


Those are probably true but ‘left behind’ people make bad choices at the ballot box. We kind of had this in the UK where all the poorest constituencies in the North of England voted for brexit.


Like chicken and egg. Do bad voters give you bad policy or does bad policy give you bad voters? It is morbidly fascinating to watch people who have so little figuring out ways to have even less.


People may not like the weather in Chicago, but it’s not that bad, the summers are generally pleasant, winters are tolerable if you dress appropriately, we have a nice lake nearby, four seasons, and the people here are sane, practical midwesterners. Why are people going to Arizona with decreasing available water, where the Republicans want to pass hunting migrants for sport (…/arizona-bill-shoot-kill-migrants-pr… ) if they cross your property? Why are they going to build tens of billions of dollars of semiconductor fabs in Phoenix (…/d0fe3dda-7ea4-4d37-9564-71a129b9002f ) in a place with declining water? Are the tax breaks really worth it?

cosmicrookie, avatar

I think you missed the trans part

Zorsith, avatar

Honestly, Chicago (and more recently, Minnesota) has been on my list as places to consider moving to. I’ve never lived in an actual “city” city before but suburban Ohio is getting real fuckin old, and the bigoted, bible-thumping MAGA types are only getting more brazen as time goes on.

I don’t know why we, as a species, are so determined to inhabit a place that functionally should not be inhabited (Deserts). Not like we don’t have PLENTY of empty space in the USA.


The Arizona GOP is batshit insane and they’re slowly losing their grip on the state because of it. The only reason Sinema was there to block the federal minimum wage law was because she ran a very progressive campaign. (And the state held a grudge so hard she’s not even trying for another term) Katie Hobbs is governor now and Adrian Fontes is the SoS. They aren’t going to swing back anytime soon and those insane bills are not going to make it past the governor’s veto.

That said, just like anywhere in the west, be aware that much of the rural area is fueling that radical GOP branch. But Phoenix metro area, Tucson metro area, Flagstaff, Camp Verde, Winslow, Prescott, and Williams were fine when I live there ~5 years ago. Except Sedona. Everyone wants to go to Sedona to see the red rocks. You will be seeing them from your car in the eternal traffic jam that is Sedona. Go to the Grand Canyon instead, it’s better anyways.


I live in a dark blue state, in-laws in a light blue state, the rest of my family in a state not pictured. I haven’t seen them in probably half a decade, and then only for a funeral. I have niece/nephews that only know me and my husband as the people that ship them gifts in the mail.


I’m in NC and I feel pretty safe


Certain cities like Chapel Hill or Durham on the piedmont are quite tolerant. But go into the coastal area and foothills and you might need to be careful.


God forbid they elect Mark Robinson as governor, then you have state level oppression again.

At an event in Greenville, Robinson said people who “are confused” about their gender should “find a corner outside somewhere to go” to the bathroom.

I lived in Chapel Hill during the 2016 election. The one silver lining to that Election Day was voting Pat McCrory out of office after his own bathroom bill nonsense.

camr_on, avatar

I think Charlotte, Wilmington, Asheville, etc are likely to be fine. I think it goes for many of the states on the map too, is rural NC going to be that different from like, upstate NY or rural Virginia?


I’m in Wilmington


That can be said for many of the states on this map.


Exactly, this is many states, like TN. Some of the southern parts of TN are insanely racist (like Polk County). Went to a halloween party in that area once when I i was in uni (will never go back to that fuckin state willingly) and I brought two black dudes who were my best buds and shit popped off pretty quick simply because black people had the nerve to show up.

Fucking gross.


I may not be trans, but I’m brown, this helps too.

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