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Australia looks to Japan for collaboration with AUKUS on defense tech (

While ruling out Tokyo’s participation in the centerpiece project for AUKUS to deliver nuclear-powered submarines to Canberra, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Richard Marles said Australia wants to “work more closely with Japan” on technological developments, acknowledging that the Asian nation is a “place of...

"Regardless of what you think of Mr Assange, justice is not being done in this case:" Federal MPs pass motion urging US and UK to allow Julian Assange's return to Australia (

The 52-year-old Assange is wanted in the US for espionage, and faces 18 charges related to the publication of a range of highly classified information relating to the US-led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq....

"Australian banks massive beneficiaries of the pull back from China:" country's top institution CBA lures funds despite profit expected to fall (

For investors fleeing China’s stuttering market amid a prolonged property crisis and looking for safe, liquid places to put their money, Australian banks, and in particular CBA as the largest and most well known, are an easy pick, said Matthew Haupt, a portfolio manager at Wilson Asset Management.

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