Weird, did that nook use to be a dumb waiter?


Food you find in an apocalypse game


It’s an offering for whatever lives in that hole.

@FlyingSquid@lemmy.world avatar

There’s a new, shiny kitchen upstairs which stays new and shiny as this one degrades. It’s the Kitchen of Dorian Gray.


Looks like a couple of used, dusty sponges, weird sponge clothes to me. I’m more worried about: Everything else.


Gotta say… the comments about it being in the basement have gotta be correct. No windows… weird layout like too many appliances crammed into any available spots.. the creepy wall hole for… idek. And the beams that 100% Stubs your toe with every midnight snack mission…

And those magnets yo…


None of this feels right, at all

Something sinister lives here

@flan@hexbear.net avatar

Least terrifying basement apartment


Feng shuin’t


Is that a bed ?


Whats with the little gimp nook behind the fridge? The spiders in there are probably so big they have names.

@mihor@lemmy.ml avatar

Friend had cellar spiders in his bathtub in college. Of course they all had appropriate (i.e. stupid) names.


My last house was infested with them, and not through lack of trying to get rid.

It was an old stone house and cold damp corners were everywhere.

I woke up with one of the leggy fuckers carrying an egg sac on my face and decided to move out there and then.

@mihor@lemmy.ml avatar

They bring luck, the spiders. I like them.

@FlyingSquid@lemmy.world avatar

Wait… does that mean your friend never bathed so the spiders would live?

@mihor@lemmy.ml avatar

Yes and yes.


When I was a kid my parents had a shower in the basement. It’s normal for my area, a lot of outdoor manual laborers back in the day so having a shower in the basement meant you could come home after work and not drag the stink and filth of work into the house. I didn’t do outdoor manual labor but I worked in restaurants, which brings with it its own stink and filth, and I also often got home at like 3am, so I used the basement shower om an effort to keep the house clean and not wake everyone else up. This meant that I had to establish something I called the Basement Spider Detente. We had tons of spiders down there, and I try to be respectful of everyone’s right to be alive absent any unwarranted aggression. The deal we reached was as follows: the entire basement and garage belonged to the spiders. They were free to roam, hunt, and generally spide however they saw fit. The shower was off-limits, though, and the penalty for coming within jumping distance of my naked bits was summary execution. I like to think that somewhere near Pittsburgh is a genetic line of cellar spiders that differ from the rest of their species in being extremely hydrophobic. I hope their line succeeds and confounds biologists in the centuries after I go to wherever it is we all must one day go.


I love your verbification of “spide” — and your respect of our eight-legged allies.


Cellar spiders have more relative square footage in their loft than we do in our entire apartments


gimp nook

I don’t know when I’ll get to use it but I’m stealing it.

@Default_Defect@midwest.social avatar

I was trying to think of the words to describe that area and you came up with something much better than I could have.

Kittybeer, (edited )

I think those are terribly placed clipboards with sheets of paper on them.


Maybe but in either case that most definitely isn’t bread.

@gridleaf@lemmy.world avatar

This has strong “student housing in someone’s basement” vibes.

@Kolanaki@yiffit.net avatar

Looks like it might be converted from a restaurant kitchen, with the supports and the tiles used.


I finally blocked you because I can’t stand seeing your obnoxious username in every post

@Kolanaki@yiffit.net avatar

And you felt the need to tell me because…?

rem26_art avatar

This feels like 3D objects that loaded inside of another object in a video game or something


You’ve no-clipped into the backrooms.

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