A Community Resource for Disability & Accesibility

The likes of the BBC, Guardian, and Daily Mail are set to have their own disinformation used against them [click through to listen to the article] (www.thecanary.co)

A campaign group will be targeting UK media outlets during global ME Awareness Day – calling out what it calls the corporate media’s systemic “mis-and-disinformation” relating to this chronic illness....

Disability Day of Mourning – Remembering the Disabled Murdered by Caregivers (disability-memorial.org)

Every year on March 1st, the disability community comes together to remember the victims of filicide – people with disabilities killed by their family members. Vigils are held on the Day of Mourning in cities around the world....

Post Office Horizon software originally aimed at claimants (www.benefitsandwork.co.uk)

The Horizon software at the centre of the current Post Office scandal was originally designed to save money and reduce fraud in connection with benefits and pension payments. Even though the Benefits Agency dropped the software, there are disturbing parallels between the way sub-postmasters were, and claimants still are,...

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