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Unveiling the Melodic Tapestry: Exploring the Soul of Musix Clan (www.musixclan.com)

Welcome, dear music aficionados, to Musix Clan, your sanctuary in the realm of melodies, rhythms, and poetic verses. Here, within the digital expanse of our song lyrics website, lies a treasure trove of lyrical narratives waiting to be unraveled. Today, let us embark on a journey through the resonant corridors of musical...

When Things Were Rotten (www.imdb.com)

Over the weekend I watched the first episode of the Mel Brooks version of a Robin Hood TV series. I was surprised with how much of that first episode, alone, made it into the movie “Robin Hood: Men in Tights.” There was a lot of jokes and bits that didn’t really land to my modern sensibilities, but to my mid-40’s self,...

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