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uphillbothways, in The Office Reboot In The Works, Original US Showrunner Returning
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Cash grab or return to office propaganda? Why not both.

Firipu, in Please explain how removing access to shows saves money?
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I’m not a specialist and I’m just guessing: licensing fees and streaming fees to the actors etc? Every view costs them a tiny bit of money. I guess over time it adds up. And from Disney’s pov those shows don’t bring in new subs or anything, so they only cost them money?

Please correct me if I’m wrong.


My guess is that any fees or residuals are based on a time to stream, not a number of views.

If residuals were only paid per view, you could have an underperforming show on and not really care that it underperforms. However, if you are paying per month, an underperforming show is not going to make the streamer money.


The streamers are very protective of viewership numbers and even the show’s producers can’t get access to that information. So all the payment formulas are based on subscribers, not viewers. A show that nobody is watching is too expensive to carry.

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This makes more sense if true.

@GlassHalfHopeful@beehaw.org avatar

I figure it has to be along these lines, but I’m hoping for something concrete because it still doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Once published, I imagine a great many show and movies, especially older ones, bring in very limited money.

I see your screen name and automatically think of Star Trek Prodigy, another show all my kids agreed on. These are a rarity. And then CBS decides to just make it poof? (Although I think I heard enough backlash might mean it stays after all?)

I wish I could understand the specifics of this. I’m getting burnt out by these companies and understand why so many folks are just going back to pirating content.


Maybe the shows you mention do not cost much to stream that’s why they keep them.

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Media executives in general can't be trusted to act in anyone's interest, even their own. Why did Game of Thrones get rushed out the door when the writers were approved for twice as many episodes and 3x as much budget as they used? Why did Witcher go from a universally beloved series to a dumpster fire based strictly on the ego of the directors? Why did Netflix drop all the shows anyone wanted to watch and is now full of first party garbage and literally nothing left that people want to see?

Some of the answers to these questions must make sense in some perspective, but I'll be damned if I know what that is. Each of these seems like they had very simple solutions that were ignored.

@GlassHalfHopeful@beehaw.org avatar



You said it faster and more succinctly than I did! Hah!

TaygetaDuck, in Best Prequels?

“Prometheus” is an amazing prequel to the “Alien” franchise.


Yeah I feel like it got a lot of hate when it came out because people didn’t get it. I really loved it, but then again I still like Alien 3 and Resurrection soooo…


For me it kinda de-mystifies the Alien. I just pretend it never existed to keep having fun with the first 4 films.


I enjoyed it a lot!

skellener, in Amazon Prime Video to include ads starting Jan 29
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Will be cancelling.

agegamon, (edited ) in Amazon Prime Video to include ads starting Jan 29

Fuck Amazon. I cancelled amazon prime years ago when the facts came out on how much damage they were doing to us and to our environment. I use it as little as possible now, and I’d certainly never consider using their steaming services. I’m forced by some 3rd-party companies to use AWS, since many sites exclusively host their content on them. But, that’s as far as I’ll go.

Pretty much every amazon employee is strangled by the fucking neck and kept on as little pay as will avoid federal lawsuits. I’m not going to be any more complict in this total monopoly if I can help it.

thebuoyancyofcitrus, in Amazon Prime Video to include ads starting Jan 29

I’ve been getting spammed with podcast ads lately, telling me I should switch to Amazon for podcasts bc it is ad free. Then the fast, fine print portion at the end says “some content may include ads”.

Fuck all of that.

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Not to defend Amazon, but my assumption there would be that they're covering themselves for podcasts that include sponsored ad reads in the podcast (ie, not inserted by amazon themselves). If it's anything other than that, it seems like misadvertising.

Kwakigra, in Melissa Barrera Dropped From ‘Scream VII’ After Social Media Posts Amid Israel-Hamas War
frog, in ‘The Marvels’ Meltdown: Disney MCU Posts Lowest B.O. Opening Ever At $47M — What Went Wrong

While it may not necessarily be “superhero fatigue”, it could well be correct to say it’s “Marvel fatigue”. It’s not like Disney haven’t been pumping out content for the franchise in enormous quantities, to the point that even those who don’t really follow the franchise are aware that it’s absolutely massive and there’s a lot of content you have to consume if you want to actually know what’s going on. This is always a problem with big franchises: either you have to consume all of it (which means you get tired of it quicker), or you have to skip some and then be confused later when suddenly there’s a character or enemy or event or whatever that you’re supposed to know all about, but you don’t because you didn’t watch that other series/film.

Superheroes aren’t my favourite genre, but I like to dabble every now and then, and there are some superhero TV series and films that I have genuinely loved. But frankly at this point I wouldn’t even know where to start with Marvel because there’s literally too much of it. Keeping up with a franchise shouldn’t be a full time job. But Disney is essentially assuming that everybody has time to watch everything it pumps out for its franchises, but somehow simultaneously never go “you know what, I’ve watched a lot of this lately, I’m in the mood for something else.” The more stuff becomes required viewing, the more of the audience you lose due to people just not having enough time.

People could well be experiencing some Marvel fatigue without feeling superhero fatigue, just like I feel a little Star Wars fatigue while still being interested in other sci-fi. Disney want a monopoly on entertainment, but they also don’t want to risk spending money on a wide variety of franchises in case some of them make a loss, because the short term losses on a few failed experiments are more important than the long term gains of creating something new that endures. So all they do is recycle the same stuff over and over, oblivious to the fact that audiences won’t just keep buying the same stuff over and over. Marvel, Star Wars, remakes of animated films from 30-80 years ago… Disney won’t take risks anymore, so they’ve over-saturated their own market with repetitive products that consumers are losing interest in.

shamus avatar

I think you've hit the nail on the head here. I think a lot of people haven't got back into going to the cinema since COVID which adds to the problem of not having the energy to see everything. My inertia for getting out to the cinema is much worse than it used to be, which seems to be the same with my social group. Collectively that makes it much more likely that as a group someone will be the voice of "anyone fancy a cinema trip".

@wizardbeard@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

There’s not a lot being released anymore that gains a lot from seeing it in a theater vs watching at home. The quality difference isn’t significant enough to effect the experience with most films.


Yep, that’s definitely a factor. If people are going to the cinema less, then they’re going to prioritise films that they really, really want to see, rather than just anything that looks like it might be fun. The economic issues contribute to this too, because who’s going to spend money they don’t have on a film that might be good but is also likely to be extremely mediocre? And there’s also the fact that behaviour in cinemas is… not great these days, which creates an incentive for people who want to enjoy a film instead of, you know, throwing crap and screaming and assaulting the staff, to just stay home.

And when you add onto that the issue I identified with the quantity of content, if you’re a couple of years behind on the franchise, but a TV series you haven’t got around to yet is required viewing for a film in the cinema, then you’re not going to rush to go see it the very first weekend. What you might do instead is stream it or buy the Blu-ray a couple of years from now, when you’ve caught up on X, Y, and Z you need to watch first so the film makes sense, but then your purchase doesn’t show up in the sales figures until 2-3 years in the future. And by that point, Disney have already decided the film was a failure.

yeti, in Fallout TV Show Release Date Revealed for Prime Video

April 12, 2024. Bad title OP

indigojasper, in Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis asked judge for leniency in Danny Masterson's rape sentencing
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Maybe an unpopular opinion and definitely not to minimize the raping of women, but when the Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio got only 22 years for literal seditious conspiracy, it just feels a little unbalanced. Two women over trying to overthrow a whole country? Why aren't the numbers of these sentences switched?

Can any lawyers explain?


Good god you people.


I think a problem in your logic is the number of charges each person received. I dont know either case so keep that in mind while reading this.


Also the proud boy informed, so got a lighter sentence

indigojasper avatar

Ah okay that makes sense


It’s a fool’s errand to try to make sense of the US justice system. One of the main problems is that there are so many laws, each with their own individual sentencing guidelines or suggested financial penalties for breaking them. The police are in charge of enforcing the laws (and ruining random people’s lives as a little treat), the courts are occasionally in charge of making sure that the laws comport with the constitution, and the legislators in a given area make laws for their area. But nobody is in charge of sorting everything and making sure that all of the laws on the books make sense with each other. Or that the sentencing guidelines are sane and reflect a certain set of values. It’s a fucking mess.

So, when you have a case like serial rapist Danny Masterson, you can’t really compare it with a case for anti-masturbation, brown white supremacist Enrique Tarrio. Different sets of people with different goals and beliefs wrote the laws against rape and sedition, and nobody has ever taken the time to make sure they are in the right places on the punishment scale.

indigojasper avatar

Damn, thanks for explaining. Really does sound like a fool's errand to understand such a fractured mess.

PenguinJuice, in 10 Celebrities Who Just Had To Make Transphobic Comments

Who cares?

HubertManne avatar

I agree. Don't allow jobs or bussinesses or public institutions to discriminate against a group but follks are going to have opinions and thats fine.

FfaerieOxide avatar

Not if they're bad and harmful opinions it's not.

It's not "fine" for anyone to be transphobic.

HubertManne avatar

Its fine for me. Not everyones going to agree on whats normal or cool. The important thing is they recognized everyones right to be who they want to be regardless of what they personally think. They are still fine to be who they be. Im never going to understand why all sorts of people are they way they are relative to me but all the same they have the right to be it. Its still going to seem weird to me and im not going to be celebrating with the subculture. I have my own subcultures I hang in and I don't want others to have to like them. Heck I don't even want general folks to. But they should respect my right to be part of them. Heck I don't even care about those who would make fun of them or me. Its there loss as far as im concerned and for other folks stuff its maybe my loss. Anyway its just important folks are not discriminated against with jobs, businesses, and government. I totally understand bette middlers thing. If tommorrow 50% of male ceos got a sex change for some reason it would not mean that woman finally broke the glass ceiling.

FfaerieOxide avatar

People being transphobic shouldn't be fine for you.


Thinking something is weird as fuck doesn't make you a phobic.

FfaerieOxide, (edited )
FfaerieOxide avatar

No, your rearing is what probably makes you a phobic and you should work on it.


I don't know what rearing is.

FfaerieOxide avatar

Clearly, neither did your parents.🥁


Wow, its almost as if you know you're incorrect so you resorted to attacking my parents character. Nice! Thanks for proving me correct.

FfaerieOxide avatar

Nah, it's almost as if that burn was too sick to not lay down on you.

You walking right into that one doesn't make you not not phobic, it just means your phobic and easily insulted.


Hmm. Your critical thinking and comprehension skills are not compatible with my ability to have a logical conversation based on facts with you.

I wish you the best on your journey to better mental health.

FfaerieOxide avatar

If you're leaving, that certainly would be best for me.

HubertManne avatar

Look. No matter how annoying the anyone who thinks differently from me crowd is phobic im still going to be for non discrimination of groups including trans. But that does not mean im going to be cool with anything thats thrown out as be like this or be labled phobic. Womens rights are as important as gay rights or black rights or trans rights or heck even white rights. Human rights are important. Im never going to be like being trans or gay is normal. But people can be trans or gay and that is fine. I don't get the appeal but its their life to live. Similarly folks in that group may not get the straight lifesyle and see it as wierd. That would not make them straightphobic.

FfaerieOxide avatar

or heck even white rights

Nah, this isn't it.
"White" is an artificially created racial caste in group defined by and predicated on anti-Black violence. It is not a category which should exist, much less one which needs specific rights.

That would not make them straightphobic.

Straight is not an oppressed class.


Bro you are a dangerously angry and pathetic person. Please seek help. I'll pray for you.

You are never going to change anyone's mind by acting like an ignorant, rabid clown.

FfaerieOxide avatar

Aww, I thought you were leaving?

So much for wishing me the best.


You're like a train crash. It's hard to look away.

FfaerieOxide avatar

So your parents didn't teach you how to be a decent person or to follow through on your promises.

Not entirely their fault, of course. You were probably beastly to raise.


You assume a tremendous amount of information based on absolutely nothing. I promised you something? I don't recall. Additionally, you're still baselessly throwing around the word phobic as if it has any meaning at this point. Once again, your critical thinking skills and comprehension are insultingly under par. You walking around as if you're "owning" people by making up pretend statements about how their parents raised them is hysterical and hard to look away from. At this point your character and public meltdown is too entertaining to not "put a token in the jukebox."

FfaerieOxide, (edited )
FfaerieOxide avatar


Well I can't help you have had a better childhood, I can only keep telling you not to be transphobic.

lol, you changed your entire above comment from a single word to whatever that is? To be honest I love that about kbin, too; no edit marker.


Once again, thinking something is weird af does not make you a phobic. You're damaging your own movement by spouting that nonsense.

FfaerieOxide avatar

Once again you're being a transphobe. You should really stop that.


Stop thinking for myself?

FfaerieOxide avatar

It's an gerund I can recommend your ceasing.


I'll continue thinking for myself.

FfaerieOxide avatar

ok? Not sure what you want from me.


Keep having a meltdown that people have differing opinions. It's fun to watch.

FfaerieOxide avatar

I'm not the one who keeps replying to my faggot ass.

I just told you not to be a transphobe. You keep coming back crying about that.


You're not a "faggot ass". You're a human being with opinions, dreams and ideas. Just because you believe something differently does not make you any better or worse than me.

Conversely, just because I don't understand and think something is weird, does not make me a transphobe. This is the point I am trying to make.

FfaerieOxide avatar

Oh, no. I am a faggot, and an annoying one at that.

I know what I am, just like I know othering an oppressed group by calling them "weird as fuck" is in fact phobic.

I'm not going to tell you a bad thing is a good thing so again, I don't know what you want from me.


I suppose that's where we differ. I am neurodivergent myself and people say I am weird as fuck. I am proud to be different. You should be too. You can't win people over who think things are weird by calling them names and disqualifying their opinions.

We need to stop with the thought police stuff. There is nothing anyone is ever going to do that's going to make 100% of the people be 100% with every opinion. But that's the important part of life. Otherwise, you'd be just like everyone else.

FfaerieOxide avatar

Calling myself weird as fuck is a bit like calling myself a faggot.

And like faggot it's still pejorative when done by an out group.


As long as they aren't interfering with your pursuit of happiness it should be water under the bridge.

FfaerieOxide avatar

You sure are big on telling marginalized groups you aren't in how they should deal with their marginalization, huh?


We're all human and know what it's like to be human. No one gets a special pass, no matter their self ascribed label.

FfaerieOxide avatar

That sounds like what someone from an insulated oppressive class would say. 🤔


You're really dedicated to your victim complex. Thanks for inviting me to your pity party.

FfaerieOxide avatar

Much like your peers growing up, I haven't invited you to shit.

You should really work on being a less terrible person.


If you're as bad at everything else as you are at making "burns", it's no wonder you cling to identity as a personality trait.

FfaerieOxide avatar

Wow, you sure are desperate to "not be owned" by some random faggot on the internet. Why do yo keep coming back for more?

Just stop dong transphobic things, it will be fine.


I don't recall being transphobic. Sorry to burst your overeager bubble.

FfaerieOxide avatar

Then you need to work on your memory as well as not being a transphobe.

HubertManne avatar

that does not matter. We make laws for certain classes to protect from the majority but that does not mean an individual can't be one way or another even with a majority. White and black are certainly not categories of any real meaning being they both comprise all sorts of ethnic groups. Heck there is very little difference between humans in general but we love our categorization.

LinkOpensChest_wav, in 10 Celebrities Who Just Had To Make Transphobic Comments
@LinkOpensChest_wav@beehaw.org avatar


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  • just_squanch_it,

    Ever hear of Institut für Sexualwissenschaft(Institute for the Science of Sexuality)?

    The founder had described transgender in the 1880s and performed the first document surgical transition in the 1920s!

    It might be more visible and talked about now, but this shit is not new


    It would probably be a lot more well understood and normalized in society by now if not for literally Hitler.


    And, ya know, abrahamic religions

    HopeOfTheGunblade avatar

    Yup. The people calling it weird and new and experimental now are exactly the sort of people who burned the fucking data and murdered the researchers and patients.


    It’s not transphobia in general. It’s a misunderstanding of the sudden language shift that trans rights activists created. It doesn’t fit with traditional language and was sudden shift that only existed in niche online spaces.

    I’m somewhat convinced that Russian troll farms started it around the time the first bathroom bill came about from some right wing think tank.

    Trans activists are just bad at messaging and explaining their position. Many are downright hostile to begin with if you are a standard cis person.

    @LinkOpensChest_wav@beehaw.org avatar

    What “sudden language shift”? There’s nothing new or difficult about it.

    And what? It is objectively transphobic. I think people like yourself should be silenced, but if there’s one thing certain about transphobe defenders, it is that you lot never shut the fuck up.

    I’m not trans btw, I’m not even a good person, I’m just not a colossal waste of oxygen



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  • Gaywallet,
    @Gaywallet@beehaw.org avatar

    Help me to understand how this is not a disingenuous comment. I only skimmed the article but I completely fail to see where a ‘sudden language shift’ comes into play. There are quite literally slurs in this article.


    Sure, these reactions aren’t happening in a vacuum and the author of the article tells people to shut up if they don’t understand trans activism or the attempt at shifting language in the case of Middler. I won’t defend all of these people because I’m not aware of everything they’ve said.

    In the case of Chappelle, he’s just capitalizing on the political climate. There’s nothing wrong with criticism and that goes back to what I said prior and my criticism of this author. That activists will attack anybody who doesn’t understand their entire world immediately.

    The trans rights movement took off during 2016 and the NC bathroom bill. A bill designed to cause conflict along political lines leading up to the election. At the same time I noticed a shift in rhetoric and it was almost like some obscure corner of Tumblr just went on a rampage across the internet with new talking points about more than two genders, wierd pronouns etc. Many people are not going to understand that kind of thing, especially older people.

    Of course this anti-trans rhetoric comes from the far right, but trans activists and people pretending to be them don’t make it easy to see where they’re coming from.

    If we look at the gay rights movement, it was much different. Trans people do deserve to be angry about what is happening to them in the untied states, but at the same time if they want to be more widely accepted they need more clear messaging and they need to accept that people don’t understand even the most basic principles of what makes someone trans.

    You can’t just shut people out and shout them down when they don’t know what you’re talking about because then they will discard your entire position wholesale.

    Of course there are bad faith actors on the right who will pretend to want to ‘debate’ that’s not who I’m talking about. It’s the people in the middle who would accept you if only you would accept them even with their faults.


    they need to accept that people don’t understand even the most basic principles of what makes someone trans.

    I remember talking to someone complaining about an article supportive of underage people transitioning, and the main thing he was outraged about was based on, he didn’t understand that people have different concepts for gender and sex, and so he honestly thought that the article must be talking about bottom surgery and that was the only thing the words it was using could mean. It wasn’t just disingenuous rhetoric, he actually misunderstood and accepted being corrected on that.


    he didn’t understand that people have different concepts for gender and sex

    Traditionally these words are/were used interchangeably and getting people to re-learn words is difficult, but an important part of getting people to accept trans people.

    @Gaywallet@beehaw.org avatar

    I won’t defend all of these people because I’m not aware of everything they’ve said.

    Your comment seemed rather like a defense, yet now you’re saying you’re not aware of what they’ve said? Why did you come in here trying to defend them?

    I see that you’re trying to make a point about language, but it really doesn’t help for you to be defending these people while you make it.

    at the same time if they want to be more widely accepted they need more clear messaging and they need to accept that people don’t understand even the most basic principles of what makes someone trans.

    This sounds dangerously close to tone policing

    You can’t just shut people out and shout them down when they don’t know what you’re talking about because then they will discard your entire position wholesale.

    I mean, maybe they aren’t trying to reach the people they’re shouting at? It’s kind of hard to be civil to the very people who are quite literally threatening your life. I also think it’s kind of fucked up to be telling trans people that they need to convince others of their humanity? Why are we putting such a burden on the people who are being marginalized by society?


    It wasn’t a defense because I can’t tell you from what place these people were coming from or how much or little they thought through their statements and how much they do or don’t understand about being trans. It’s worth exploring where these people are coming from if you want to change the publics perception of Trans people. You accusing me of being in defense of transphobia is exactly what I’m talking about. Many of these people were lamenting the sudden new wave of political correctness that they didn’t understand. Telling them to shut up doesn’t get them on your side. “You get more flies with honey.”

    Trans people are fighting against a multi-billion dollar advertising campaign against them. They’re simply a convenient Boogeyman for the far right. It’s a very niche to be trans, so unfortunately, advocating for yourself comes with the territory just like any other minority group that has fought to be more widely accepted.

    @Gaywallet@beehaw.org avatar

    You accusing me of being in defense of transphobia

    You entered this thread to say “it’s not transphobia” and that it was just “shifting language”. This was in response to someone who said it was transphobia. Furthermore when called out on this, you then said you’re not aware of what they said. How am I supposed to interpret this as anything but a defense?

    Telling them to shut up doesn’t get them on your side.

    I apologize if it ever came off that way, but my intent was not to tell you to be quiet. My intent was to ask you questions about your stance.


    I said I’m not aware of everything that was said by each of these individuals, I did read the article which does tell critics to shut up and lacks direct quotes to each incident.

    As far as I’m aware, transphobia has a very specific meaning. It gets used very loosely as “those who disagree” or those who don’t understand what we’re talking about.
    Conservatives want activists to push regular people away. When you do that, then you become isolated. Unfortunately, you’re stuck playing their game.

    Gaywallet, (edited )
    @Gaywallet@beehaw.org avatar

    It’s not always about playing their game or saying what will appeal to them. We are especially a safe space for minorities, including trans people, and it’s not particularly welcoming when you defend people called out for transphobia. If you want to discuss the merits of having discussions with people who need to learn that’s an entirely different conversation.

    It probably isn’t your intent, but it really seems like you’re repeatedly trying to drive home the point that trans people are unreasonable and it’s not particularly appreciated by myself or others on this instance. I’m going to have to ask you to stop this line of reasoning and avoid discussing it on this instance in the future.

    Rhodin, in Please explain how removing access to shows saves money?
    Rhodin avatar

    Your best bet is to vote with your wallet. Can’t get Willow on Disney+? Then, Disney+ doesn’t get your money. I’ve been buying more physical media and downloading again like I’ve gone back in time 20 years.

    @GlassHalfHopeful@beehaw.org avatar

    Not physical media again. Haha. We got rid of all our DVDs to trim down on all the…stuff. No more stuffffff.

    But it’s that or someone hosts it, which costs money and circle around again…


    FWIW getting one of those disc suitcases can hold hundreds of dvds without taking up much space at all. If you rip backups, you can store it somewhere out of the way without too much clutter. Plus it's a very stable backup for the digital files.


    A single consumer hard drive can hold several thousand DVDs. With newer codecs you can get much much better quality at smaller file sizes, too.

    I consider this by far the best experience in terms of quality and performance. Unfortunately, the only way to live this dream is to pirate everything, or spend a lot of time ripping your own discs (which might not be legal anyway thanks to bullshit DRM cracking laws).

    @GlassHalfHopeful@beehaw.org avatar

    And this is so true. Both the ripping your own content and then the DRM implications of it all. And all so frustrating.

    And here I just want to buy things. And keep them. In my preferred format. Forever. The end.


    4TB USB Drive. You're welcome.

    AidsAcrossAmerica avatar

    4tb? Is this storage for ants?


    30TB unraid or bust!

    @snowbell@beehaw.org avatar

    Pshhh, those are rookie numbers ;P

    Neato avatar

    Bring back the giant disc cases! 100 discs in a single soft-sided case takes up less room than a shelf of DVDs. Now all your friends can flip through to decide what they want, just like in college! /old

    @GlassHalfHopeful@beehaw.org avatar

    Please no. Even after ripping all my music, I still have a one foot thick ream of CDs that I wish I could part with but my partner would murder me over.


    Or everyone hosts it and shares the costs, aka piracy.

    vettnerk, (edited ) in Why Bill Watterson Vanished

    Saved you a click: Not really that mysterious or surprising. He was burnt out


    Thanks. Taking clicks away from the American conservative is a public service

    storksforlegs, in Disney to Crack Down on Password-Sharing Too
    @storksforlegs@beehaw.org avatar

    Disney keeps losing value… In light of what they’ve said about the striking creators, this know this wont be passed along to the people making the content. Even if they treated their people well, what new content do they have that Im willing to pay such huge hikes for?

    Also for a service primarily aimed at families and kids (who will consume disney content wherever they go away from their “home isp” a lot) this seems especially dickish. I predict a big backlash.

    @scrubbles@poptalk.scrubbles.tech avatar

    Families who kids go to college, who have kids who can’t afford Disney on their own, whatever. Sadly Netflix did it and people signed up and gladly opened their wallets and gave over their money. If people cancelled all together they could actually make a statement, but people are stupid. A person is smart but people are stupid.


    In my case, sharing Netflix with family members by paying the extra fee is still cheaper than paying the full price by ourselves. We split the full price of the Netflix subscription, including the extra fee, so we end up paying less than the full subscription price. I do it mostly because some of my kids’ shows are only on Netflix. We also split the Disney+ and Spotify bills, to everybody’s benefit. Is that smart, since I’m saving money? Or stupid because I’m not helping some armchair crusade against big bad Disney/Netflix?


    You are well within your rights to pay for that since it fits your family’s needs. But, describing it as saving money glosses over that it’s a result of a change in the terms of service. Netflix used to gloat about not caring that people were password sharing. They backtracked on that pretty hard.

    I cancelled Netflix after they cracked down on password sharing because I’m a home of 1 screen. If the only option for 4k viewing is a 4-screen subscription that I can’t share, then that’s a ripoff as far as I’m concerned. If they’d offered a cheaper 4k, 1-screen subscription option I would have considered sticking with that. Ultimately, I probably would have cancelled as soon as the strikes happened just to support the creators, but that would be a separate decision from the password sharing stuff.


    I agree with everything you’re saying. I was more answering to the comment above calling people stupid without any sort of context for why one could possibly choose to pay for these services.


    Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Cheers :)

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