warroza, Polish
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Masto mnie pyta co mi chodzi po głowie. Ano to.



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@warroza @muzykametalowa

Buntownicy z Brazylii \m/

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Musisz naoliwić bo strasznie skrzypi. xD


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🎵 Territory
🎶 War For...?

I don't even know this music website @mirlo yet, but there are good crust punk songs and albums on it. The noise in the evening that I need to calm down and that without any user tracking (I don't see anything in this regard).

🎸 https://tny.lv/kDeek

@punk #hardcore #crust #war #crustpunk #punk #hardcorepunk #mirlo #crustpunk #territory #hardmusic #warfor

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👆 ...because the #URL above on @mirlo contains a ... unfortunately I couldn't post the link usable here on #Mastodon. That's why the link shortener for once, but not one that #tracking you. You can see which one, why and alternatives in the #Fediverse link:

:mastodon: [GER] https://chaos.social/@kubikpixel/109387229302819393

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@kubikpixel fuck yeah! good crusty dirt! 😈

@mirlo @punk

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DJ Mad Dog – Duplicate #np #hardcore

That kick is just soooo ridiculously fucking delicious. 🤤

Thanks again @Huubje for the recommend.

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@phryk pfff before this change of course I was certain the scene and the music would die. If you don't evolve you die out. Uptempo should be taken behind the shed and be put out of it's inbreeding induced misery.

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@Huubje Eh, I like uptempo, but much of it suffers the same problem much of hardcore and other harder genres like Schranz have already suffered for a long time: an inability to properly integrate melody.

The same old pattern of <1 minute hard drum patterns><30 seconds melody><1 minute hard drum patterns> is the bane of hard electronic music IMO.

Part of the reason I like melodious frenchcore so much. :P

dominjaniec, Polish
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@muzykametalowa znów wspomnienie młodości się mnie wkręciło i słucham w zapętleniu: Comeback Kid - Broadcasting...


#hardcore #hardcore_punk #ComebackKid

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Art of Fighters – Artwork #np #hardcore #gabber

Essential genre listening. 👌

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@phryk how did you guess <3

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@Huubje Similar approach – modern production + classic sensibilities :P

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Canadian dollar sale! Basically all my album prices were left as-is numerically, but switched from USD to CAD, meaning everything is around 25% off right now, just in time for next week's . I need to figure out how to switch currencies on and but I might instead do discount codes or something. Anyway here's the link: https://djomnimaga.bandcamp.com/album/dream-of-omnimaga

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ChristianMauelshagen, German
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Documentaire over de voortdurende/'nieuwe' #gabber kultuur (Dutch)


#hardcore #terrorcore #house #music

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Dr. Peacock and Le Bask at Ground Zero Festival 2022 (Bussloo, Netherlands)


#music #multigroove

gbraad, (edited )
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Ground Zero holds many memories for me. I attended the first edition as my brother knows Multigroove and the organizer Ilja very well. It is very close to my hometown of Apeldoorn, at a recreational area with a lake called Bussloo. As a child, we often went there to swim. That 'day' we raved, all ... night... long!

The ambient forest was impressive to me... but also entering the Tunnel of Terror was an interesting event; #wow

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So, THIS shreds. Band is called '92. They're from Long Beach. Their self-titled EP comes out February 23. It's hardcore, kinda - their one guitarist is wearing a Helmet shirt in their photo on Bandcamp. I hear the Helmet, and there's some RATM and other great stuff in there. The RIFFAGE. Linking both to this video and their Bandcamp below it.



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@jake4480 I think I’ve only seen H20 once, maybe? SOIA were the first HC band that I was super into. I wore out the “Built to Last” CD.

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@irafcummings hahaa HELL yeah that's a great one! Yeah, it was weird, I mean H20 was cool, I didn't like, LOVE em or anything but they seemed to pop up all the time - like the Bosstones. They're okay, but they were just at EVERY Warped, if you went, you'd see em! 😂

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Dune – Million Miles From Home

Dune made a very peculiar type of softer hardcore. Not quite UK hardcore, not happy hardcore, definitely not dutch hardcore… nevertheless, they made some quite influential rave classics like Hardcore Vibes and Can't Stop Raving.

If you're into electronic dance music but haven't been around for it in the 90s, Dune is an easy recommendation.

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@phryk a million miles from home is like four times the distance to the moon, so even us pathetic humans can get you home if you can wait a half a year or something. 😜

@phryk@mastodon.social avatar

@jasper Still not quite far enough to go chill with JWST… :thinkhappy:

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I can't express enough respect for
I didn't like all her taste in music, but she remained and true to her feelings about music
She represented for anyone who (iho) turned out art she could relate to and ensured she made a difference for those artists
And kept on bangin' out tunes when others would have quit already

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