I watch a lot of speedruns and challenge runs etc (for games in general, not just Hollow Knight), but I don’t usually watch a lot of straight, blind playthrough videos. But the algorithm pointed me at Symbalily’s playthrough, and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a really great balance of relatable, insightful (apparently she has worked in the industry), and endearing. Her ongoing playthrough of Tears of the Kingdom has been pretty good too.


I haven't actually watched any content creators, but I've watched my friends play the game!

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Skurry is crazy and I love them for it. Also fireborn for being way too good at the game, and personally while not a HK channel RTGame's first playthrough was great to watch too.


Never seen RTGame's stuff before, I'll check them out


yep skurry’s content is great. Their voice is also so soothing, I put their videos on to help me fall asleep lol.

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I enjoyed MFPallytime, and don't forget the various challenge runs on the other Dan's channel

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