Hi everyone! I'm Detha, a new member of Beige Party-goers with from , .

I'm currently in my late-20s and a — I speak three languages fluently: , , and . I've also been learning , currently trying to memorise Hiragana and Katakana letters.

I work in as a high school , teaching . I'm married to a fellow teacher, but he teaches primary English.

I love playing , despite me being quite bad at it lol. Some of my all-time favourites include , , and . I play and as well. I also like being a backseat and watch other people play games (mostly my husband and YouTubers). My favourite video game genres are , , and .

Other than that, I love reading a lot. Currently I'm making it my mission to read older mangas from my childhood, like and . I like reading in general, just not "actual books" haha — my attention span can't handle it.

The music that I listen to are mostly the loud stuff, but my favourite genres are , , and EDMs like and . I actually have a of on my left forearm!

I guess that's what I can think of for my for now. I have a lot more scattered interests though, so you'll be seeing more of it on my account.

Thank you to @theropologist for accepting my request to join this instance, and nice to meet you all! Beige-bless :bb:

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