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Hundreds of Palestine supporters protest Israeli real estate event at New Jersey synagogue (

Hundreds of people marched through the suburb of Teaneck, New Jersey, on Sunday, in protest of a real estate fair held in the Keter Torah synagogue that featured an Israeli company pitching properties in Israel and the occupied West Bank....

Even Mentioning “Occupation” at the Oscars Is Antisemitic, Some Jewish Hollywood Figures Say (

“The use of words like ‘occupation’ to describe an indigenous Jewish people defending a homeland that dates back thousands of years and has been recognized as a state by the United Nations, distorts history” gets the prize for the most oblivious statement I’ve seen all week.

Here’s what Pramila Patten’s UN report on Oct 7 sexual violence actually said (

The UN report on sexual violence on October 7 has found no evidence of systematic rape by Hamas or any other Palestinian group, despite widespread media reporting to the contrary. But there are deeper problems with the report’s credibility....

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