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After 2 years of weekly meetings with the MPE working group, many discussions, heated debates, over 60 revisions, ... the MIDI 2.0 Profile for MPE is finally available for download from the new MIDI Association website!

#mpe #midi #expression #linnstrument #animoog

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@stevenray it can be rolled out via firmware updates if manufacturers want to support it

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@gbevin great to know, Geert. Thanks a lot.

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ShowMIDI for iOS is now available for free in the App Store:

All the other platforms are available on GitHub, including the full source code:

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ShowMIDI 0.5.0 is out, you're gonna love this update!

MIDI data never looked this good!

Thanks to non-stop work during this long weekend, I managed to get an epic amount of features in. I'm really proud of the new UI and support for themes with a built-in editor.

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@gbevin It looks really neat. Based on your experience, would you recommend JUCE for these kinds of projects?

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