Mintyytea, (edited )

Yeah I think some people have been making posts today about their tools to bring some posts over…I can try to find it. I didn’t look at it very much yet though

Okay here is the thread from today:


It’s a little difficult to denote what is a “useful” post or not a “useful” post to a bot.


Within the api used for scraping you can specify keywords and it will scrape based on this, but it would be a bit difficult to come up with a comprehensive list. A thought is that you can run the script and intercept all the posts prior to posting on here and manually prune through the list and upload those that you deem worthy. The script is advertised to fill the gap between lemme and Reddit which would be what we would want to do. It doesn’t make sense to migrate over but still have to rely on Reddit for some posts that the end user deems useful but you don’t and so it wasn’t scraped


Yeah, but keywords don’t really help. Because like you said, usefulness depends a lot on the user. At the end of the day it is a lot of manual effort. However, I’m okay with slowly doing so to help kick-start a community here. It will take a long time to build a large enough community to be self sufficient here

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