Both sides are genocidal, war crime committing, religious zealots it’s just that Israel has the upper-hand due to support from western nations (largely due to Christian zionists in those western countries) while Palestine is largely supported and funded by Islamic zionists from middle eastern countries.


Ahh yes, let me pick one genocidal piece of shit to support so as to ensure I am not viewed as smug


Ahh yes


let me pick one genocidal piece of shit to support so as to ensure I am not viewed as smug

Yes, you could at the least acknowledge depriving hundreds of thousands of people of food and water in the world’s largest operational concentration camp after decades of starving them slowly and sometimes shooting them is something worse than what the other side is doing, but the status quo suits you fine in your little happy bubble world. You got yours!


Clearly you didn’t read my other replies in this thread where I expressed concern for the innocent people stuck between two warring regimes. Nowhere do I support the status quo, the atrocities being committed by Israel especially in the west bank / Gaza, nor do I ignore the open air prison that Palestinians have been forced into since the 1940s - but feel free to continue putting words in my mouth

UlyssesT, (edited )

expressed concern

It was smothered in your smug “both sides” grandstanding.

Nowhere do I support the status quo

Chanting “both sides” while refusing to acknowledge that one side is doing something significantly worse is supporting the status quo. 🤡

but feel free to continue putting words in my mouth

I don’t need to. You’re spraying out euphoric Reddit New Atheist bullshit like a ruptured septic tank. 💩


You are equating a Settler Occupation force heavily funded and armed by the Western Imperialists to a Native Peoples fighting for their liberation and right to existence. There are no “people stuck in the middle.” There are only Israeli Settlers and Palestinian Natives. This false narrative of “people stuck in the middle” only amplifies bourgeois humanist tendencies to obstruct the Palestinian liberation struggle and aid the Zionist cause of occupying the Palestinian lands, in the name of “peace.” If your worldview is so narrow to think that solely the lack of firefights between the 2 sides is Peace then it is exemplary of your Eurocentric ignorance.

For decades Israel massacred Palestinians, forced them out of their lands, burnt their houses, confined them to open air prisons and gave free way to Yankee and European settlers to live without any proof of their rights on the land they settle in. Where was the peace?

You are playing with fire by peddling the israeli conspiracy narrative of Islamic Invaders, or “Zionists” in your words. If you want peace in the Levant then there is only one way to achieve it - The total destruction of the Zionist Entity.

The hamas is not committing genocide. The hamas is rightfully punishing Settlers whose father and forefathers committed genocide on the Palestinians. Who themselves live off the rightful native lands of the Palestinians. If the settlers want peace then they should go back to their homes in the US and Europe.

CyberGhost, (edited )
@CyberGhost@lemmygrad.ml avatar

You can’t play the both sides card here when it is documented that the Israelis are the settler colonial regime mass genociding Palestinians since they arrived. Or do you say “both sides were bad” when the Europeans genocided native Americans? You would probably say “They were funded by tribal zealots” too. That is an imperialist mentality.


That too is a bit of revisionist history and if you extend the timeline back a bit you’ll see both parties have semi-legitimate claims to the area (hell, Israelis have been there for a thousand years before Palestine ever existed and before Islam came into existence around ~600ad) and both are religious nuts hellbent on destroying one another. I just feel bad for the innocent civilians stuck between two genocidal, warring factions of religious fanatics. Anyone who tries to claim one side here is more legitimate than the other or is more depraved than the other is just ignoring reality. Obviously Palestine is the “underdog” here but it doesn’t mean they aren’t committing war crimes en masse

@CyberGhost@lemmygrad.ml avatar

No, Israelis haven’t been there for thousands of years. Many of the settlers who live there now don’t even have ancestry from Israel but are European converts. And, anyway, you don’t get dibs on a land after you left it for thousands of years. That is the land of Palestinians who have been there for thousands of years. This is not even a discussion. This is not about religion. This is about native people being robbed of their land and killed for the ambition of the imperial core.

“Committing war crimes on mass” Sure sure… someone defends themselves and tries to get their land back and you play the both sides cards. You are obviously being disingenuous here.

Alexmitter avatar

you don’t get dibs on a land after you left it for thousands of years.

You may want to explain why those people had to leave this land, tankie.

@CyberGhost@lemmygrad.ml avatar

Whatever the reason was, it was thousands of years ago and nobody alive in Palestine is at fault of any of that.

Edit: The Roman Empire kicked them out. So, why don’t they go and invade Italy instead?


This is 100% about the disease that is religion. And by your argument, Native Americans have no claims to land because they have been pushed off their ancestral land and have been gone for a long time - or have they not hit the imaginary line in the sand where it’s been long enough that they have “forfeited” their claim?

@CyberGhost@lemmygrad.ml avatar

No, this is 100% the disease of imperialism. Imperialist powers wanted to get rid of Jews from their territory by sending them away. Zionism was created by Germany and England, and it has since been financed by the West.

And no, native Americans are still alive and the land that they’ve lost is recorded. There are natives alive today who remember the land that was taken from them. This didn’t happen thousands of years ago. Stop with your bad faith ridiculous comparisons.


That’s great but can you just answer this ?

Is it ok in your sense to kill civilians because they invaded your country ?

A really simple question.


Completely irrelevant to the discussion and a superfluous question to start.

@CyberGhost@lemmygrad.ml avatar

A colonial occupying settler force are not civilians.


So that’s a yes.

@CyberGhost@lemmygrad.ml avatar

No because appartheid settlers are not civilians, they are part of a military regime. If you don’t want to be a casualty on a liberation army, then don’t settle on their land.


Wow, speed running to otherization and dehumanization of those you don’t like. Fucking tankies being nazis as per usual. It’s like horseshoe theory in real time and shows you care more about ideological motivations than the despicable acts being committed so long as they align with you politically (which is funny because both sides here are authoritarian, theocratic regimes)

@CyberGhost@lemmygrad.ml avatar

I bet that you also cried for southerners being killed in the civil war or when slaves killed their masters or when Haitians killed the French or when any oppressed kills their oppressors. Typical imperialist westoid minimizing the struggles of the oppressors and equating liberational violence to imperial violence. And he compares that to Nazis, wow 🤣. I am going to stop because you are a loss cause.



which is funny

Is it even possible for smuglords like you to not use the “it’s funny that/I like it that/I love it that/it’s interesting that” Redditor format?

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