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Well, kudos to the libertarians for actually showing that some of them actually believe in the things that their party stands for.

Even they are smart enough to understand that Trump is a fucking wannabe fascist dictator.


At least some of them understand a vote for this asshole means everyone not him, loses their rights.

Everyone of us who lives in the United States and quite honestly the world, will lose the bill of rights immediately once this fuck stain wins.

Say something bad about him, and you are a threat to him politically he legit will send seal team six at you if he has the power to do so.

Once that question was asked and his lawyer said “Yes, it’s a legitimate action of the office,” it entered his mind.


It entered his mind before that when he instructed his lawyers to state that he should be allowed to send Seal Team 6 after his political opponents. They are his lawyers speaking on his behalf.


They all need to be dragged out and made an example of.


Damn Libertarians, this is making me sort of respect you again. I mean, you’re still all trash… but it moved the needle.

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No no, they’re just upset he’s going to take their rights. The moment they get a chance, they’ll vote for someone who is willing to take yours. Don’t feel pity or respect, they did it to themselves.


Libertarians are just conservatives who like weed.


They aren’t conservatives, either.

tsonfeir, avatar

Oh yes they are.

cogman, (edited )

I’ve met more than a few libertarians that view an essential role of the government is banning books that mention gay people.

A lot of libertarians are just Republicans mad the Republican party isn’t fascist enough. Their “small government” ideals often include government functions like making sure everyone worships Jesus.

FFS, I’ve seen idiots proudly waving the libertarian flag AND a thin blue line flag.


Basically they just think the government exists to give them what they want while not making them pay for anything they don’t. Hence why so many of the kids who got indoctrinated in the 90s (seriously… look up the mess that was MTV’s TRL) resulted in “libertarians are just republicans who like weed”.

That said, libertarianism is an inherently conservative political stance as it so heavily emphasizes “the free market” and “low taxes and low government spending”.


Basically yes.

Most libertarians are both profoundly selfish and woefully uninformed about history, theory of government, etc. proud ancaps (which is the loud majority) are dumbasses that swallowed koch propaganda. “I got mine” is the real libertarian credo.


To paraphrase the great dril:

You do not, under any circumstances, “Gotta hand it to the libertarians”

They are morons who want basically all the same things the republican fascists do. They just want it to happen by magic rather than increasing government overreach and oppression.


Yes, plotting to take over there world and leave everyone alone

Clearly we want a theocratic dictatorship the social conservatives want


They want it to happen through corporate control, because it’s not control if it’s business, it’s just good business

JimSamtanko, (edited )

I’ve always said that libertarians are just conservatives that are too cowardly to commit to the bit, your definition is SO much better.

Varyk, (edited )

Haha, thanks, this quote is great.

I went through a few months talking to self-defined libertarians after the modern resurgence who couldn’t explain what the difference between libertarianism and anarchism was once anarchism was sociologically defined for them.

Usually they couldn’t define the difference between libertarianism and the current system they lived inside.

“No, see, instead of having public school, you would just like get together with your neighbors and friends everyone would pay some money to some teacher you all selected and vetted, and then all the kids would go to that guy’s house and learn from them. But like just your community.”

So less efficient public school?

“No, it’s like if instead of firemen, you just got together with your neighbors and you all employed like a few firemen and your group could pay into this fund that-”

Right, less efficient civil service.

“But you could control the group better!”

So like a private club that has to individually manufacturer and manage all of the needs of your neighborhood?

“No, just like a group that contributes money to the services they need. It’s just way better than taxes.”

Those are taxes.

'but you can have guuuns!"

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I like the ones who say that roads should be privatized and if you have potholes, you and the neighbors should get together to pay to get them filled in.

Which, of course, a libertarian neighbor in this ideal world of theirs would refuse to do.


It’s like an HOA but for everything


Except it doesn’t even cover everyone in the neighborhood, so you’re living among half a dozen HOAs on each block that feel no obligation to respect or assist their immediate community.


Well he has continuously shown himself incapable of taking a hint, so while it is music to my ears it wont stop him


Relevant YouTube link if you don’t want to visit the Xitter site in the article

It was a weird noise. It was definitely boos in there, but it was also cheers. A soupy kind of rumble with cheers on top

He said “I’m a Libertarian now” which - was so bald-faced even the cheering crowd took a beat to go “wtf”. I’m sure the RNC isn’t planning to hand over their cash anytime soon.

He said they should vote for him for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED- and it just got . . . louder? Like not cheery but just louder?

But they pissed him off so he said “oh, unless you want to lose. You want to lose, don’t [vote for me]. Yeah just keep getting your 3% every time” which - lol.

Demented Rapist Meets The Libertarians is about exactly right.


Considering there were probably a large group of people who showed up just to see Trump, and that it is more awkward to boo than it is to clap, I think that was actually a pretty decent showing.

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I take back everything I’ve ever said about libertarians being Republican assholes who like to smoke weed.

They’re just assholes who like to smoke weed.


Are they also libs

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Libertarians are just sovcit republicans right?


Half of them are just Republican-lites who like to smoke pot, but yeah the other half are the anti-tax, anti-government brigade.


It’s a very large umbrella. I don’t know anyone that actually respects sovcits. I know a lot of people that lost their shit over this Trump bullshit.


Nowadays? Pretty much


That Venn diagram is pretty much a perfect circle, yes.


It is surprising because many fascists took power in the libertarian party since 2016.

But the people cheering him should absolutely be shamed out of the libertarian party.

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